I am 28 and have money to invest in the dream of living off grid, a strong back to build with and the desire to do so. What I don’t have is anyone to join me. I don’t care for tree hugging or religious mumbo jumbo, I’m just looking for other skilled people, young or old, who wish to get out of the rat race.

I have spent the last 5 years of my life working the the oil patch in a dirty, industrial, fast paced, high stress lifestyle, and I want out!

I would like to build an Earthship style house(s) with private living areas and communal eating/social areas. Few chickens and goats and ponds for farming fish. With a cash crop to sell to cover taxes, upgrades and anything we are unable to produce ourselves.

I have mainly been looking for land in northern Ontario, this area seems to be the most realistic when it comes to cost for size. I am very skilled with chainsaws so clearing of wooded areas would be no problem.

If anyone is interested please contact me.

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6 Responses to “Looking for like minded people to go off grid. 2016”

  1. Paul

    Im located in NOVA SCOTIA and looking for others to share in the fruits of homesteading, email if interested.

  2. freedomnetwork

    hi, dont know if you are still looking for like minded group for land up North in Ontario; if you are consider joining us;
    can find more info on fb Boreal Forest Village or even email me freedomnetwork@hotmail.ca, my name Lucie

  3. Denise

    I thought i was the only one who was feeling this shift among co-living spaces. I think it’s a great idea to create hub for people who want to be out. Living in London, UK over 15 years, right in the middle of the finance district and just cant wait to be out and about enjoying moments people people who care/share common interests.

    I also am looking into investing on a large plot/self build eco houses with communal areas – somewhere in mediterranean coast.

  4. Adam

    I plan on buying land near kapuskasing ontario. Would like other people to join me.
    Email for details.

  5. Russ

    Hi if you are thinking about northern Ontario than you may also be interested in the Northwest Territories I’m off grid just above northern Alberta border. Instead of purchasing land lease it . Save your money for buildings

  6. BobbyKorona

    Hi from Sunny Florida…. if no one contacts you … and you want to perfect your skills (no money required) … I have been raising wild cough Tilapia for the last 5 years off grid…. also need a lot of chickens to grow agile for feed … right now building my bunk house for apprentice student farmers …. have all the licenses for selling wholesale and retail … there are 3 major farmers markets within 20 miles plus zoned for road side stand….mix all this with Agerotourism…. bottom line have some acreage on the southern border … contact me … bob32175@aol.com .. take care… Bob