I am 28 and have money to invest in the dream of living off grid, a strong back to build with and the desire to do so. What I don’t have is anyone to join me. I don’t care for tree hugging or religious mumbo jumbo, I’m just looking for other skilled people, young or old, who wish to get out of the rat race.

I have spent the last 5 years of my life working the the oil patch in a dirty, industrial, fast paced, high stress lifestyle, and I want out!

I would like to build an Earthship style house(s) with private living areas and communal eating/social areas. Few chickens and goats and ponds for farming fish. With a cash crop to sell to cover taxes, upgrades and anything we are unable to produce ourselves.

I have mainly been looking for land in northern Ontario, this area seems to be the most realistic when it comes to cost for size. I am very skilled with chainsaws so clearing of wooded areas would be no problem.

If anyone is interested please contact me.

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