I have been learning more about finding ways to live off the grid. I would like to find a place where I can set up a small home with my partner and pets. We would like a place with lots of space without neighbors close by. We both have anxiety issues but we are open to meeting others with the same views we have about life and nature. What would be idea would be a large plot of land that we can divide up equally between all members of our community. If anyone would like to contact us about forming a community like this we would like to hear from you. 

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14 Responses to “Looking for like minded others”

  1. Ruby slippers

    This all seems wonderful however strenuous in organization. How does one select the right group to connect with? I’m a single female and this is a serious life changing commitment. If there were bios of people that might be helpful or a template for community living that persons could relate to that might streamline this laboring process….just saying!

  2. airintake25

    Hi there im single 48 yrs old male with building and mechanic skills want out of city life very stressful need help in living off grid though but could build just about anything and fix.Dont have lots of money but highly skilld in building structures and repairing just about anything.Willing to be part of your community.Not strong on survival skills but fast learner.Tired of big goverment have a good job but ready to leave city life. Thanks Sal airintake25@gmail.com

  3. Alan_K

    Geographically, I’m leaning more towards Oregon, the higher elevation areas. I, like Deborah, want this to happen, just not so keen on trying it solo. So, for now, Just trying to figure out the who, what, where, when, why & how.

    Have a list of ideas & technologies that I’d like to test out.

    So, If anyone is game for some unconventional conversation…. I’d love to hear from you.

    Take Care


    E-Mail: Alan_Koziol@outlook.com

  4. rjmoore028

    I am looking for 9 (Nine) others who share my desire to create a money free off grid community. This is open to anyone in the human race (No closed minded individuals in any respect will be tolerated – This must be for such a community to thrive.) The Ten of us will be the representatives who will design and implement all the goals of our community. The first thing we will need it to find the right location for our community to develop in. My initial idea for community funding would be to have our own gardens, as well as growing hemp, and cannabis to create products for our community as well as those around us. If you are interested please contact me here. I am on a new social network https://www.minds.com and my user name is rjmoore028 there, looking to do this in the USA

  5. Dovely

    What country, if US, what state are you looking in? I am looking to move from my tiny urban farm to out in the country. I’m in NC. I am toying with the idea of a larger place with space for others of like mind.

  6. Simon

    What country ate you in, and where do you want to set up you off grid community

  7. Jan

    Hi Deborah, Olivia and Tiffany, I am seeking the same with my husband and pets… looking for a great area in a mountain range far from Black Flies (NE states), away from Tornado Alley, away from major earthquake Fault lines, and certainly far enough away from Volcanoes (Washington state, Oregon, Alaska, NC).. so where does that leave us? Not sure because I am also looking for elevations above 4,000 ft. above sea level. And would be great to find a large parcel with tree cover, but open field not far from water source, like year-round running creek, or lake, etc.,; but ideally with an existing well and possibly Septic system already setup. This is my dream, to find this with other like-minded people, who are also Christians as well. And then start farming/ gardening with also having livestock. So not sure if anyone here is thinking along these lines like me, but if so, would love to hear back from you.

  8. donna

    I am also interested in doing this. Geographically, where would you like to settle?

  9. CharlesP22

    forgot to spell check

  10. CharlesP22

    I love to help start and become part of a commune… I love colorado… love the real land…
    I like Olivia like to be alone with nature… you can contact me @ cepapageorge@gmail.com

  11. BobbyKorona

    8/22/2016 hello from sunny Florida ….contact me …. bob32175@aol.com …. have land in East central Florida … you may never get approval for a community in the state of Florida … they are looking for taxing units that will produce over $1,000.00 in property taxes each year….. my 88sq/ft house on 10acres with the wild raised Aquaculture site … is less than $500.00 ….. might have some one acre plots available for the right-minded off-grider………. LGBT friendly …… have a grate day… Bob …. :)

  12. Tif

    Am also interested in finding a way to do this!

  13. Olivia

    i’ve also been looking for an off-grid community & i would love to join in on this. I love and appreciate life & nature and i love being alone with my thoughts. i find it so difficult to appreciate nature to its fullest when there are so many distractions (technology, people, etc.)

  14. deborah lewandowski

    Very interested! Looking for the same thing just don’t want to do it alone .please contact me