I am looking for at least 9 other people who would be interested in creating an Off Grid Community. We can connect and share our ideas online and get the process started. I would like to find a large piece of property in Oregon or Colorado and each of us could help each other build our homes, and get the areas prepared for us to live there. If this idea interests you then please contact me @ rmoore028@outlook.com or rmoore028.rmii@gmail.com please make sure to put “Interested in Off Grid Community” in the subject line so I will know that’s what you are contacting me about.

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4 Responses to “Looking for at least 9 others”

  1. Deanna Burkins

    Hi. I am trying to go off-grid, and looking for a community. I have a few resources and I’m comfortable with my survival skills. Please email me pointed_north@hotmail.com

  2. airintake25

    Hi there im single 48 yrs old male with building and mechanic skills want out of city life very stressful need help in living off grid though but could build just about anything and fix.Dont have lots of money but highly skilld in building structures and repairing just about anything.Willing to be part of your community.Not strong on survival skills but fast learner.Tired of big goverment have a good job but ready to leave city life. Thanks Sal

  3. John D. Gunther

    I currently own two 80 acre parcels NW of Winnemucca, NV. I also have four 5 acre parcels in the San Luis Valley in Colorado as well as a 36 acre parcel that has power in the same valley. I have been on this quest for many years gathering information, training, buying land, setting up 508 NPRC. I currently own and operate a computer business I have owned since 1997. It has been my calling for the past six years to make this happen. I have made contact with others who seem ready to take the plunge. I’m currently working on the last piece of the puzzle; which is having enough funding to start this project and give it enough momentum to be sustainable. Currently I live in north Florida. Please contact me if you feel you led. Have a wonderful week!

  4. Steven Hughes

    I’m interested. I’m 25 and have background in construction. I have a little big of money saved. Not gonna say how much on here. But e-mail me and we can talk more.