I’m male age 24 looking to go off grid.. I understand this is very challenging and not many people can do it alone. I’m to join a small off grid Community or even just one family that I can join.  I’m a very good worker  and I learn very fast. I have basic knowledge of plumbing, electrician, heating/cooling, carpentry, gardening. Also I am very interested in generating free power out of wind,  water,  natural gas …  Honestly not sure what I’m looking for on here because one way or another I’ll make it happen.

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8 Responses to “Looking for landbuddy”

  1. daveoff-grid

    Andrew sorry I didn’t see you post tell now and ik what you mean something seems sketchy about this site .. Also not sure I would want to repair a house .. Im thinking I would rather build my structures. And most will be under ground.

  2. daveoff-grid

    I’m from USA Ohio sorry I forgot to say..

  3. aly

    Hey, where are you? I’m 22, my gf is 22, and my bf is 46. We have two dogs and live in Fl and want to move to another state and go off grid.

    Email me if youre interested or want to know more.

  4. daveoff-grid

    Guatemala sounds really nice but I probably should stay in the states only because I wouldn’t know my “rights” down there.. Let alone your laws.

  5. Pam Barcroft

    Have you considered Guatemala?? Sovereign land ownership, tremendous tax advantages, no cold weather! :)

  6. Pam Barcroft

    have you considered Guatemala? Sovereign land rights, trusts for low tax shelters.

  7. Andrew Cressy

    If you do decide to contact me its probably better to email me a cressya59@gmail.com as I’m not sure how reliable this site is.

  8. Andrew Cressy

    Hello David,
    I just read your post and thought I would put an idea past you.
    Been looking to move off-grid for some time now. Actually looking to get a few people (3 or 4) together to purchase a house in Bulgaria with a good bit of land for growing food. The house will need a good amount of work no doubt.
    Looking to eventually disconnect the house from the grid by getting solar panels etc… whatever is required. Not sure if you would end up totally off-grid but very close. I’ve visited Bulgaria a couple of times now, stayed at a friend of a friends farm and seen how people have made this happen. It takes hard work but the results are incredible. Real happy people…
    Anyway I’m 36 and from the UK (wasn’t sure where you are based). I am a painter and decorator, a life long musician and currently studying a degree online for making some cash over there and flexibility.
    Let me know what you think…