I am a 56 yr old woman with off grud land in southwest Texas.I would like to GO off grid and use land for myself and others wanting off-grid living.this is something I Do not want to try alone.I am searching for a few people that are creative team spirited not afraid of working for the off grid lifestyle.Would like this land to be a tiny off grid community.Be advised this is as is.raw land No amenities.want stable non troublemakers.want a cohesive group that can help their neighbor and feel good about being off grid but not alone. Would like to discuss any details with interested folks.ASAP!


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37 Responses to “Looking for landbuddies in Texas”

  1. MHguy1

    Hi, I am anchor/reporter Marvin Hurst at KENS 5 (CBS) in San Antonio. After our winter storm, the idea of living off the grid is sounding good to a lot of people. I’d love to feature someone who is doing just that. Are you or do you know someone who is? I’d love to set up a chat with them about the possibility of being featured in a special report for television. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. Reach out to me ASAP at mhurst@kens5.com or 210-254-2814.

  2. April Lee

    Hi, I am interested in living in a off-grid community. Could you please email me the details on land and everything else if possible? Hope to hear from you soon。

  3. Katherine

    Hi, love your idea! My husband and I are interested in going off the grid and have been researching to find out the details of homesteading. He knows more than me because he grew up farming. We too know that a united group is the key to good success!Hope to hear from you.

  4. Paul Slonaker

    I have been thinking about this for quite some time now and I am about ready to get off the fence. Your idea sounds good, but I would like to know where this will be…not a general area, but an exact area…something not more than 40 miles from a town or grocery store. I think I want to be out in the toolies away from traffic, but I also want something that has no building restrictions so that I can build me a small place to live. Do you have any idea how deep you have to go to get water. I dont care too much about electricity as I plan to get myself a wind mill and some solar panels. I have been looking at a few places in Brewster County, but my other concern is the possibility of having to deal with illegals passing thru.

  5. Monica n.

    I’m looking for change and want to join a loving community. I’ve been very interested in living off grid and I’m very interested. Please contact me asap

  6. Shon

    Hello I am interested and would love to speak with you more about this opportunity. I want to live off grid in a community that helps each other and brings our many talents and resources together to provide long term living off-grid.

  7. Sandi

    My Husband and I talk of this lifestyle very often. We live in South Texas and yearning to get away from society as well. Can I get an update and details please. Thank you.

  8. bruce hill

    I to own a 20 acre plot of land in sw texas and would like to talk as to where you are at perhaps close enough to each other

  9. Stephen Ak

    I would love more information. Thank you.

  10. Martin Germain

    Please consider me. 9287157748. Let’s talk. Martin

  11. Martin Germain

    Please call me I’m 50 and semi retired with a pension. I feel just like you, I’m done with society. Single and my kids are grown. I feel like I have lost my purpose since my son left the nest and I have been wanting to go offgrid for 20years. I wanna help and be free. Please consider me. 928 715 7748 thanks for your time.

  12. Mgrrmain

    I’m Martin, xmilitary corps of engineers for 6 years. Experienced in most construction projects. I am 56 and very active. Have been wanting to do this for 20 years but was raiseing my son. Well he left the nest 2years ago and I’m having a hard time finding my place and my purpose in this world. I work very hard and also am a heavy equipment operator. I will bust my butt to be an asset. 928-715-7748 please consider me, I will not let you down. Thanks for your time.

  13. Joshua

    Hi I am looking to do the same you can email me @ joshlaplace90@gmail.com.

  14. Sharon McEntire

    Please contact me. I am 70 years old and would like very much to talk with you. Very interested in getting out in a community and off grid. I am in Whitney, TX.
    Thanks, Sharon (254-479-6941}

  15. Andrew Harris

    Are you still wanting to start a community if so email me or call me will leave contract info at the end. I have a wide variety of skills and have been doing extensive study of living off grid and have made quite a few trial runs in a variety of environments and climates. I was alone was the only down fall I spent some time in Alaska both summer and winter (2months each) northern California Oregon and Washington (2months each) Florida and gulf coast area (also 2 months each) and the southwest arizona New Mexico (2months) I spent about a month in the bad lands of South Dakota I know how to trap animals for food and how to dry meat for jerky I know how to build a variety of different shelters if interested:
    email: Ascars308@yahoo.com
    call: 208 889 7512

  16. mike b

    forgot to mention in my last post. i’m currently in north Texas, and would love to come help out. Not looking for drama, only looking for some peace, and to help the community.

    • Candi Smith

      I am currently in Northeast Texas, however I just purchased 20 acres in Southwest Texas and I’m very interested in joining up with like-minded individuals and helping each other out. ☺️

      • Anet Navarro

        Hello beautiful soul! I am so so sooo happy I found your post! I am a 19 year old female who loves to create all forms of art . I have self educated myself in many areas and am willing to offer any services in my capabilities ! Im a big believer that we can achieve anything through team work 😊❤ feel free to contact me at 2103225716 or navarro.anet@gmail.com

  17. mike b

    i’m very interested. 48 male. please email me or leave a message at 7195695929.

  18. Bob

    I am a retiring firefighter/paramedic with trade experience. My wife and I are potentially interested. I have been studying off the grid options. I have family in Texas. Feel free to contact me.

  19. Mary

    If you are still accepting people for this off grid community please let me know I’m a physical therapist my husband passed two years ago my family is non existent I have two girls 7 and 9 will be homeschooled I can also teach if needed. I was raised off grid and have some resources I’m 31 years old. An also a healer my family severely needs this. Can cook from scratch, garden, sew could be essential please call 512 if you found 56 and 8 then 54 and 94. Ready now

  20. Lynn Gauthreaux

    53 yr old looking for this opportunity to learn and grow with others. My spirit has been calling and I would love to know more. Just moved back to Austin! 512-294-6652

  21. Brian Jones

    This is what I have been looking for. Would love to talk more. 36 year old male, survival training, constantly adding knowledge of sustainable lifestyle. Jack of all trades 9402579851 leave message please

  22. kim stewart

    this sounds like the project I was thinking about. Glad youre getting this rolling.
    I need to escape the city EMFs electromagnetic fields, i.e. cell towers.
    57 y.o. semi retired optometrist.

    806 543 1448 cell phone. I dont carry cell phone w/me; I answer missed calls, messages promptly


  23. C black

    Call me asap 210 text 385 first 8433 please

  24. C black

    Hi. I’m interested in talking. 2 call 1 me 0 please. 38 text first 5 please 843 thank 3 you.

  25. Kevin Crane

    Moveon1 I really would in love to know more I’m ready..989-332-8864 if you can text me or find me on FB..Kevin James crane Saginaw Michigan

  26. Ryan Burk

    My wife and I would love this. I am a chef and gardener and my wife can do so much.

  27. Carl Gibson

    I am a semi retired veteran, and live off grid. I’ve been doing this alone for 5 years now. It would be nice to have some people to do it with and help each other out. I have survival skills, and other useful skills .

  28. Ricky Haynes

    I’m very interested my family lives in Texas and are ready to leave everything behind and go off the grid. I have landscaping farming carpentry and plumbing experience and some electrical experience.

  29. Sean

    I have been looking I to the option of living off grid but lack the land to do so. I live in Texas and am looking for a small group willing to work together if someone can provide the land.

  30. ASJK

    Like the sounds of the potential of what you have to work with. I, myself am hoping to go down the “RAW” land road, when my time comes, unfortunately, I will be in Massachusetts for an undetermined time. I could manage October 2017, but I’m not sure if financially that would work.

    Anyways, the reason for the reply, I have my entire build mapped out/designed, just no place to currently put it :( Would love to have the chance to help someone get off… until my time comes around.

    Take Care, Good Luck,
    Hope to hear from you.


  31. John Lindquist

    Hi,sound like a good project,
    I would entertain sharing my own experiences with a fellow Texan.
    I have been OFF THE GRID since 1985,I now live in North Austin,traveled heavily till gas got high.
    I have now settled down in a nice spot between Plugerville and Austin
    I’ll try to answer any questions

    • Hi Cindy 55 have abilities in a few things like solar things my phone number is 409-502-4677 can build and have a tiny bit of knowledge of solar

      Hope to hear from you soon

      • 2817366738 is new number

        This is Cindy my new number is 281 736-6738

      • 2817366738 is new number

        This is Cindy my new number is 281 736-6738 I’m 55 I’m very interested in off-grid living in Texas