I am a 56 yr old woman with off grud land in southwest Texas.I would like to GO off grid and use land for myself and others wanting off-grid living.this is something I Do not want to try alone.I am searching for a few people that are creative team spirited not afraid of working for the off grid lifestyle.Would like this land to be a tiny off grid community.Be advised this is as is.raw land No amenities.want stable non troublemakers.want a cohesive group that can help their neighbor and feel good about being off grid but not alone. Would like to discuss any details with interested folks.ASAP!


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2 Responses to “Looking for landbuddies in Texas”

  1. ASJK

    Like the sounds of the potential of what you have to work with. I, myself am hoping to go down the “RAW” land road, when my time comes, unfortunately, I will be in Massachusetts for an undetermined time. I could manage October 2017, but I’m not sure if financially that would work.

    Anyways, the reason for the reply, I have my entire build mapped out/designed, just no place to currently put it :( Would love to have the chance to help someone get off… until my time comes around.

    Take Care, Good Luck,
    Hope to hear from you.


  2. John Lindquist

    Hi,sound like a good project,
    I would entertain sharing my own experiences with a fellow Texan.
    I have been OFF THE GRID since 1985,I now live in North Austin,traveled heavily till gas got high.
    I have now settled down in a nice spot between Plugerville and Austin
    I’ll try to answer any questions


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