Hello I am looking for land or people to help me come together and get land to start eco village or tiny home village. I would like to go off grid as in build my own house and collect my own food even running water. But yet still have wifi to stay connect to the world to see whats going on. I want to form a small family of friends and workers who want to work for what we want and not have to pay anything or trade. Could be 100% debt fee for rest your lifes and not worrie about bills. I am looking for hard workers and people looking to start. Also looking for people with land or money to fund the project we would all have our own little piece of land. I am hoping for 1-5 acres per family. If this sounds like something you would like to try or help out plz email me at c101_keith@hotmail.com

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6 Responses to “Looking for land and others”

  1. Julie


    Can I ask where exactly in Northwestern U.S. are you wanting to move to?

  2. anonymous 32 jears old male

    my e mail is Y-now@gmail.com

    greets, & one love for nature, humanyty and animals (vegitarian)

  3. anonymous 32 jears old male

    i haw knowledge of cleaning water and (small) knowledge of building

  4. anonymous 32 jears old male

    iam also looking for a queit place in Holland.

    to make a new beginning. i have done not much wrong in my live but still. i see how the worlds going under and all becouse of money..

    i dont have much, but wat i have i like to share. everybody who wanto start something in Holland. maybe camping place or something like that please write me a mail!

  5. keit6871

    would you care to talk more

  6. cthays2000

    Hi, I am like minded, love the outdoors, and have strengths in solar, rainwater, electricity, carpentry. I would like to move to northwestern U.S.