Hello My name is keith I am 23 I am looking into going off the grid. I am looking for others to join me to setup community of off grid people. We would farm as much of are own food as possible and live in tiny homes to earth ships the ideas are endless. I am looking for someone with land that i could use or we could work out the details maybe crop sharing or work on land in trade or buy or rent if you or anyone you know may like this idea please give me email to c101_keith@hotmail.com give me details about your ideas if you can help or would like to join thanks very much

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2 Responses to “Looking for land or foot in the door”

  1. BobbyKorona

    Hello Keith… I have 10 acres of land, North of Daytona Beach , Florida …. see a lot of post about people wanting to escape off grid …. what I am offering is an opportunity to test your dream/plan like get your feet wet before you swim across the Atlantic ocean ….. land is just one part of the puzzle, shelter, water and food need to be solved in the first day….one acre 200ft x 200ft of raw land what you want to do is up to you… no power, no water, no food, no WI-fi, no shelter, no toilet, ….. keep in mind in the state of Florida there are NO owner built homes or even an owner built one room shack… even an outhouse “sill legal” requires a permit, sight plan with setbacks and health inspections, Off-grid communities sounds grate 100 years ago, but this is 2016, the closest you might find is a rustic camp ground.

    So you will have access to a one acre “lot” for your test week or test month after that need a little reading of the Florida Statutes to find a loophole to make it legal….. if still interested get you tent, food, water, for one week come on down and have fun. Rent is free the first week, after that, labor exchange 4hrs a week… will re-post this, so if others want to be your neighbor they can contact me …. bob32175@gmail.com … ask all your questions first before you pack your van, don’t want any surprises …… take care and good luck … Bob … :)

  2. BobbyKorona

    Hello Keith….. what is your location …. from Bob32175@aol.com .. have land and always need help…will send you an email tonight … stay warm