I am 41 and will be moving to my property on the Big Island of Hawaii. The property is about an half acre and is raw land jungle like. I am planning the move sometime in January 2015. I am looking for a buddy who would be interested in joining me on this adventure and together we can create a sustainable paradise. My skills are in plumbing and electrical and some skills in carpentry. Would be nice to have someone who has strong skills in carpentry. I would like to create a nice simple shelter using the natural resources on the property. Willing to share the land in exchange for the help. The climate is perfect all year round and most anything grows in the area.
Looking for someone with a peaceful nature and someone who enjoys a peace and quiet type of lifestyle.
If this seems like something you would be a great candidate for, you can leave your email here and we can discuss further…

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18 Responses to “Looking for an Off-Grid Buddy”

  1. parallexmike

    You posted this and you never replied to anyone’s questions. Now that everyone else is interested it seems that are no longer interested. But that happens often on this site “post and go”

  2. Los

    If you’re still looking…

    I’m a former USAF Electrician, served a total of 8yrs. Born in Jan, 1986. I’ve lived on Oahu for 6 years before I joined. I do a bit of my own home gardening. I’ve been a raw vegan for about 2(?) years now. My passion is all around self sustainment with a bit of knoweldge and books (survival, herbal, self sus.) on the subject. I’m quite skilled in many areas with room to learn for more. I’m more on the spiritual side. I sun gaze, walk barefoot on the earth as much as possible, meditate and have a few instruments that I have yet to master. I don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke. I plan on making an herbal garden, for healing of course with (tea’s, oils, hygiene care, etc). I have a litle bit of cash saved and currently live in San Antonio, TX and am willing to travel. If I seem compatible or if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email any time.


  3. JeremyB

    My girlfriend and I currently live in st. Louis Missouri. I grew up in a small town in the boot heel of Missouri, called piedmont. We raised chickens, ducks, geese, and a few goats. In addition, we had a small garden. Which we had more as a hobby, the fresh vegetables were just a bonus. Also my grandparents own a dairy farm in northern Minnesota, where I spent a few summers. My girlfriend doesn’t have the farming/livestock experience I do, but she was raised in the sticks. She is a bit of a tomboy, and isn’t scared to get her hands dirty.

    My orginal plans were to buy a piece of property, and live off it. To get to the point where I was 90%+ self-reliant. To grow and harvest my own crops, raise and breed my own chickens for eggs and meat, Trap small and hunt larger game, gather what natural resources were around, and fish if possible…

    We have been saving for awhile to accomplish this dream, we have been able to put back about 12k. So obviously buying property isn’t an option at the moment. But would have enough to get the basics. because of my job in construction I do have alot of hand tools, and have been collecting odd and end things to make this dream happen…

    And once our12k runs out we will b totally tapped out… Is there a means for us to make some money? To buy odd and end thibgs we cant make ourselves. We are both very hard working and very dedicated to the goal of this lifestyle. my orginal plans don’t include electric or running water. We would like to just live off the land as much as possible.

    How do things sound so far? Do we sound like the type of people u are looking for?

    please email back jeremydillard224@gmail.com

  4. Paul

    Hey, I am a carpenter by trade, looking for an off grid project….

  5. onelove69

    Hey there any luck yet? I lived on Oahu briefly

  6. Linda

    I do edible garden design with the idea of building food forests. I see there are many who have responded to you and understand that you would like another carpenter type. Have you considered having a few people who could cover many different necessary skills? I would love to further talk with you about this.

  7. Espiritus

    I would love to talk with you about this prospect and your plans. I am looking for someone who is actively planning to live remotely, completely grid-free, and would love to talk about a possible partnership.

  8. Ron Busch

    50 years young 13 years military very ready to give this life up and help someone else start NEW

  9. weston

    im only 19 but i am very interested my dad has been teaching me carpentry since i was very little and i very much so wish to be OFF THE GRID

  10. Mark Mikeska

    I’m a retired Marine. I have tons of survival skills. I am a first rate hunter and fisherman. I also can build anything. I have built 3 houses myself from the ground up. I am proficient in all phases of construction. It has always been my dream to live off the grid in the western mountains. But Hawaii would do just fine. Shoot me an e- mail to find out more. Thank Tou

  11. Chris

    Yeah man i can build anything out of wood i would love to do this! For some reason the daily life dosent appeal to me. And the bitching and complaining of everyone around me gets on my nerves

  12. Ragna Jakobsen

    I’m a Danish woman.59 years.
    Easygoing, strong and I love to be in the nature.
    Please write me, if you are interested to live with more people. all the best from Ragna Jakobsen, Skanderborg, Denmark.

  13. Cesar

    Oh yeah I live in the Bronx NY, it’s a struggle.. But I guess living in NY makes you money hungry.. I’m not looking for that.

  14. Cesar Fuentes

    I’m only 20. Pretty much broke, looking for a way out. I don’t wanna live with money or under anyone’s control. I love construction, haven’t done much, but I’m learning, fast and my work I try to make it as perfect as I can. Moving to Hawaii would probably be only in a dream for me and to live off the grid I want to show people they shouldn’t be living any other way but they way we’re supposed. As earthlings just living a right life.. If I can’t go with you, hearing back would be nice to just discuss your plan and maybe it can put me on for when I’m actually ready to move off grid.. Enjoy your day, one love!

  15. parallexmike

    What are the property taxes on your land in Hawaii? Are you willing to raise livestock? Are your male or female? Is your property close enough to the water so I can do some fishing? Is the property adjacent to you also for sale? Several more questions but I will wait to see if you reply to these first.

  16. Looking

    Is there still land for sale next to the land you have?

  17. Jaylyn

    hey new buddy…lets get out of here and have fun together