Good day!  This post is a little long winded, but I’d like you all to have a good grasp of what I’m looking for.

(You can skip to the end to catch the quick recap if you need)

So, my position is not where I plan to go off the grid. I would like to get land in Montana, North Dakota, Maine or Wisconsin as they all are relatively sparsely populated. 
I am looking for a small group of people who can pitch in funds to purchase the land and tools, and are able bodied enough to work it. 
The plan will be just about as much going off the grid as it will be about planting and raising a new forest in it. This part is critical, as these plants will be serving as living buildings in their later years using Arborsculpture. (Tree Weaving) I also intend to re-infuse a brand of fungus into the ground so the trees planted will propagate faster. 
This plan will work for anyone who wants to be 100% off the grid, as well as someone who wants to have connection to the grid. (A small cabin will be constructed as the “residence’ of the property, giving it a proper address and allowing electricity and such)
I have essentially this entire plan figured out from the toilets to the buildings to the food. 
—Food will be largely vegetarian based, supplemented by hunting and trapping.

Goats may be potentially brought along to ease this.

The plan may also be funded by the Crowdsource site, kickstarter in order to get more help money wise. 
The land I am looking at currently is at least 100 acres. Large enough to escape anyone who comes looking, but able to be handled, if enough people arrive.

To recap—
-Looking for a small group who are willing to commit time and money to a project to live in and grow a new forest.
-Will be 100% off the grid, save for one or two small cabins.
-Will be in the next 3-5 years, depending on contractual obligations, and funds saved.

-Spirituality, open minds and open hearts welcome.
-Need skills of all sets, hunting, gardening, trapping, building, plant sciences, anything you can give, we will take. Even if only advice.
-If you have ANY questions at all, please contact me and I will happily explain the plan to you in full.

I hope to hear from you soon.


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5 Responses to “Looking to go Off The Grid”

  1. parallexmike

    Really sorry for the long delay, I had no idea you responded to my post. And it’s very difficult to find them on the site after you drift off to another page. In short, I have lots of skills in hydroponics and building, as well as permaculture. I’m from New York and I also have enough money to purchase the land if necessary. But I will need honest work once all the initial funds are depleted, unless someone else is willing to pay property tax. It’s been about two months but I hope to hear from you. I added you as a friend because it seemed as the only way to keep in touch.

  2. Zachary

    Sorry gents, I thought you could contact me via my profile. I am fairly certain that is an option. Indeed it is! I just checked.

    Parallexmike, you can add me or PM me here.
    Gerry, I cannot see your other post. I am not sure what got truncated haha

  3. Zachary Gunderson

    Apologies! I was under the impression that this site had it’s own contacting system, via mail or whatever.
    You can reach me here-

  4. parallexmike

    No contact info included with your post

  5. Gerry

    Not long at all. In fact, I think it got truncated. Try again