I have approximately 10 acres of mixed land (forest and pasture) completely off the grid in Savannah, TN.  The land used to be agricultural (it was part of a very large farm).  I reside on the land in a travel trailer parked inside an 60 x 40 barn.

I am looking for like-minded individuals who share an interest in living off grid.  There is a year round creek that runs through the property, plenty of trees growing up the side of the hill in the back, and lots of acreage that used to be both pasture and farmland.

There is room on the property for a few like-minded individuals who are interested in off grid living.  The land (a portion) is for rent, however, I am open to other trades/offers/partial rent/ etc.  Rent is $200 a month and you may live off the grid without any interaction with me (in other words, you can “do your own thing” in regards to sustainable living or we can work with each other for alternative arrangements and perhaps cooperative “farming” or other skills.

The year round creek splits this property approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of the way back and has year round flow, so you can pull clean, fresh water for all your needs.  Winters here are generally mild (but we did have a few weeks of really cold weather this past winter).

I am open to campers/tenters/RVers/portable buildings/or DIY small houses on the property, if you are handy.  There is also a local flea market about 15 minutes away that encourages local produce.  What I am NOT interested in are people who drink, do drugs or party.  I’m not a teetotaler, just not interested in having neighbors who get their highs from overdoing it on alternative substances.

While the property is “remote”, it is only 15 minutes outside of the town of Savannah.  Savannah is home to Walmart, Lowe’s, farmer co-ops and Tractor Supply.  We have several vets, a library, elementary and high school, and there is a vocational school in the next town.  Despite all these amenities, Savannah is a small town with excellent southern hospitality and a welcoming community.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!  I also have more pictures.

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28 Responses to “Looking to go off grid without having to buy property?”

  1. Edward50

    I am interested in your community and can offer electrical, carpentry, cabinetry, solar, plumbing, HVAC, holistic, Sheetrock, and a few other experiences. I live in Jacksonville, Fl and hate it here. Its dirty and is making me sick. I need to get myself right again. If you are still looking for people, please let me know.
    Thank You

  2. Rick

    Are you still looking for people? If so email me. crippledcouple8893@gmail.com

  3. Kyle

    Young man in my 20s fed up with society want to be in the woods living off the land farming builiding a small shelter and hunting an fishing have survival gear and tools ready to go

  4. Dr Robert Vernon

    I have a large parcel available in part or all for a off grider or family who wish to have privacy and be able to really live off grid. the land has a pond, trees and grasses for animals and great for growing food. A community well nearby. It has a small cabin with other structures some furnishing with a woodburning stove. If interested contact me by email forever_vn at yahoo dot com and we can chat about the other amenities. Long term or short term lease available for the right off grid person or family.

  5. Matthew

    I’m sad this post is from 3 years ago. But if you’re still interested and have space I am highly motivated. Have plenty of skills from farming, carpentry, and electrical. All around handy man. Extremely interested in growing crops and making it a mutually beneficial situation for all of us. Please contact me and we can talk details gundie92@gmail.com put “off grid” in the subject line or call me @ 2162806308 and leave a message if I don’t answer on the first try and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks matt

  6. James

    Please contact me if you still have space available. Im highly interested.

  7. Hayden Frank

    Please email haydenfrank97@gmail.com to contact me

  8. Hayden Frank

    I am interested in this opportunity. I am looking for the most basic living possible for myself. (One nice tent, no interaction with anyone, limited society based interactions.) I have a dog who is my only needed companion. I could pay the rent or work part time to make up for rent as I have construction experience.

  9. robert monk

    Very interested in otg living retired airborne ranger grew up on a farm in GA licensed general contractor also licensed mechanic can weld I can do just about anything. I am not a drunk or druggie. Please if you have any room left I am definitely interested. Please call me at 405-443-7856 anytime day or night. Thanks for your time and for what your doing

  10. victoria

    Would like more information. My family and I are interested in going off grid, we have been talking about an off grid nneighborhood. 8505161064.

  11. Lynn

    I am wondering if you are accepting people still? You can reach me by e-mail at reapersnightmare@gmail.com

  12. Lynn

    Are you still looking for people to join you? I would like to know more, please call me 865-216-6212 Currently I am in Knoxville area, wanting to relocate. Lynn

  13. Kuumba Kelley

    I am young, healthy, Strong, and passionate. My skills in the back country are just begging to blossom, and would love to live and help any off the grid life stile.

  14. joe

    I’m 59 years I’m going thru the big D I’m a carpenter by trade but can do more. I’m an old country fell with a lot of knowledge. After 30 years getting dump hurts I need work and fellow ship to get thru it and go on. I have all kinds of tools that could be used. Give me a re-call.

  15. NicoleK

    Hey there-

    Would love to see pictures and hear more details. I’m interested in a situation where I can work in exchange for living accommodations. Very fit, educated, resourceful mature female.
    Will also be interested in working a part time job for income, as it sounds as if you’re close enough to town for this to be a possibility. Let’s talk!

  16. Scott


    I’m a 37 yr old male seeking an off-grid opportunity. I would be tenting and preferrably, we would work together on the land to implement farming, livestock, irrigation, building projects, etc. I managed a farm in Colorado last year and have much experience with livestock, irrigation, etc. and am also a carpenter by trade. Please contact me so we can discuss the opportunity further. Thank you for your time.


  17. Brandon

    me and my wife are looking to go off the grid asap. I’m 25 and she is 22. Were hard workers, were in recovery, and we both believe that if we stay connected to this sinking ship, were going to go down with it. We live hand to mouth. We just cannot adapt and conform to the superficial slave labor system that is forced upon us all the very day we become adults and leave the safety of our parents home. We can offer many character references, and can pay up to 300 a month. Although we really aren’t interested in becoming isolationists, only separatists, and truly desire to fund a group of like minded individuals to cohabitate with. PLEASE GET AHOLD OF US. we are desperate to make this change my number is 2173813173 you can reach me anytime.

  18. patti

    Can you please give me more information on the housing? Looking for off-grid living + rent– This would be a 60 yr. old couple who are very energetic still– need peace & quiet– a lifetime of work — please reply– we need this honestly– Non drinkers, smokers, druggers– not a part of our lives~~ thanks~

  19. Tiny House Encampment

    I’m down for that! Just the kind of situation I am interested in. Please email me with directions and contact information. marxnutz@yahoo.com

  20. James

    i am very interested is there still space on the property

  21. mike

    Hey I am likeminded and would enjoy hearing more about your idea local agriculture, idea, talking bout potentially setting something up feel free to email me at mikcad17@yahoo.com I am a 22 year old have been a boyscott but will be taking survivalist courses to refresh and learn more about living off the grid and earth. Will also be wating till about tax season too save up abit more too pay for a couple months rent and get materials, would also be interested in working either locally or for yourself on land afterwards too continue too live on land

  22. Lisa

    Interested in learning more about the property. Would very much like to see pictures.

  23. srhcmh92

    I also am interested for myself and family, what is your power source and do allow pets and farm animals?

  24. Marla

    I am very interested in more information. My family and I are looking rto find an off the grid place to park our RV and start farming and working for each other. Please contact me at midishari@gmail.com

  25. Rogann

    I’m interested in learning more. do you have email address?

  26. Jami

    What are you using as a power source?