I want to move out west and I’m looking for a like minded person to share knowledge and experiences with. I might live in Nc but I don’t want to stay here. Funds are low right now that’s why summer of 2017 I plan to make my way out west and start training myself to the elements.

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12 Responses to “Looking to go off-grid by summer of 17, need a partner”

  1. Ed

    I am ready to do this I have a small income so I could do this full time. Been a contractor building for a long time also owned my own dairy farm till 2000 tired of this rat race !!

  2. Dennis

    I have been wanting to get out of the rat race myself for some time now. I live on the south side of Indianapolis. I’m to the point where I’d rather work to make a nice off grid small community with like minded people than working to help the fat cats get new BMWs.

  3. Amber

    I’ve been thinking of off the grid living since my divorce. No kids, living with my parents, saving as much money as I possibly can. I let ex keep the house; it was a relief to get my name off that ridiculously high mortgage.
    I’m in the southeastern Wisconsin area now. I’m learning a lot from you guys. You are so inspiring!

  4. Cody

    Im living off grid now in southern california, I have a 33ft travel trailer with a 800 watt solar system, atmospheric water generator that makes 10 gallons of clean drinking water per day, long range wifi antenna that picks up free wifi signal for 2 miles, streaming android blackbox for all the free cable tv and movies in theaters, low energy 6 watt lightbulbs, mini 20 watt 1080 hd pojector for watching free movies outdoors on the side of the trailer while sitting by the fire, and a nice battery bank for storing all my the free power. I dont pay a dime for rent ever, Im 29 years old so I enjoy parking by the beaches, in tje forests and next to amuswment parks and casinos. I set up at festivals, swapmeets and street fairs and sell electronics I import from china. I can afford to pay up to $5000 in rent per month with the products I sell but why would I want to tie myself down to one spot in a normal looking white walled house when I can travel in my self sustained custom built rv and enjoy life instead. I creat and use my own water, my own electricity and dont leave a very big carbon footprint at the same time. I contantlt learn new things, and see new things, I eat food grown from real farmers bought at farmers markets and believe fully in natural alternatives to medicine. If you want help getting started going off grid let me know, I enjoy helping others shed all there bills away and free themswlves from the conventional way of living.

  5. marie

    what a great idea i’m been looking for someone to partner up with ….but the good ones have died or have other plans…this would be great!

  6. ronald lindsay

    working on a school bus,for grid free living,and peace of mind, like to have a partner.

  7. lesa

    so sick of the world looking to get back to drama free life in the woods simple life again . get back in touch with me

  8. Beard Dave

    Montana, I’ve got to say is high on my list but it’s all about location.

  9. steve

    I’ve been looking into it, Montana? low taxes plenty of land.

  10. PJ_and_AK

    Been considering the same…. Looking more West (aka warmer climate) AZ, NM.

    Land & location are my priorities. As far as the build goes…. that I can adapt to.

  11. Chris

    Let’s do it

  12. CARRIE W

    Been wanting to do the same thing for a while now.


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