I am a 39 yr old single mother looking to go off grid with my 2 children ages 12 and 14.  I do many crafts that I sell and give away to friends.  I love to garden and can.  We all love to fish.  Haven’t done any hunting yet but both kids are good shots after some practice (we live in town so no shooting lately).  I want to be self sufficient and not worry about where I will get the money for rent and electric. I’d love solar and wind power! I love gardening and can clean fish, venison and poultry.  I want to get back to the basics and back to trading and bartering when I can.  I do lots of crafts and am very hardworking.  My daughter loves animals and is good with working with them and my son is good at helping to build things.  If anyone knows of anywhere in Iowa that is off-grid, or any way to get some land to go off grid, I would appreciate a heads up. I would be willing to move depending on region and how much it would be to do so. I am looking for other families to connect with and possibly start our own sustainable farm eventually.  I don’t want to move very far away for awhile since my mom isn’t doing the best and I want to be near her. Thanks all and hugs!

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11 Responses to “looking to go off grid with my 2 teenage children”

  1. dmblackstock

    Hi, I was wanting to know if you have found a community/farm to live on. I am also looking to go off grid, just starting the search and I am looking for “possibilities. I live in Central Iowa. I haven’t found much around here yet. I also love to do crafts and would love to sell some of my work.

  2. Tony

    What part of iowa? I know of a place.

  3. steve

    just wondered if ur in Australia or not????

  4. John Robenault

    Don’t do it! “Off the grid” living is not for teens! They will soon realize the fact that there are no friends nearby. Teens need support from other teens or they will become depressed and turn to illegal methods of entertainment. Also, there will be no jobs there for them. They will never learn the important principles of independent living.

    • WrethaOffGrid

      I have a differing opinion John, now SOME teens may be that way, spoiled misbehaving teens is what comes to mind, there are some teens who would love to live that way, I WISH my parents had done something like that when I was a teen (or even earlier), I would say that teens would be more exposed to illegal methods of “entertainment” living in town around lots of other people… I suspect this person knows their teens and what to expect, they might be heading off future problems by getting them into a more wholesome environment…. just my 2 cents. :)


  5. Mike Johanson

    Have some property between Osceola and Chariton. No zoning .
    3rd of an acre. Still big enough to fit 4 familys/domiciles.
    Looking for people who want to make use of it to benefit everyone who wants to live on it.

  6. Terre Rouge Creek Farm

    We have a thriving fish farm and a small farming community established. And have room and board positions available for the right people. Gardens, greenhouses, goats, donkeys, dogs, 17 ponds, looking for the right small family to join us here, we are in southern Arkansas, if interested let us know, email is ‘flahertyfish@centurytel.net’

  7. Stuart Hastie

    DRAGONFARMGIRL I think I may have a solution to help you guys make the move off grid. Please get in contact with me at ‘stuarthastie@hotmail.co.uk’ so we can talk. I look forward to hearing from you.

  8. steve

    looking here in Australia for off gridder family out past Kingaroy way. non smokers a must.

  9. BobbyKorona

    Good morning to all….saw your post….. Have 10 acre off grid soon to be farm…..1 acre fish pond stocked 2 years ago they are happy fish , wild cough …no hybrids… no sexing … no supplemental dog food or other processed fish food …. no frost can grow 3 crops a year…. solar powered. rain water harvesting , working on vertical wind systems , wood gas production for generators , solar still for gray water , large solar collector oven to cook healthy bread , geo thermal heating and cooling with my pond water , algae production for fish food and eventually human food , and this is just my “A” list

    Need serious off gridder to help with hatchery , organic garden , and setting a free range chicken mini farm for eggs … all comments welcome … 32175w@gmail.com …… Bob …… :)

  10. paladin1861

    I’m a single Dad with a 14 year old Daughter. I’m also a former Military Veteran. We’re looking to Team up with another Family to go off grid with.
    If you’re interested, my email address is paladin1776@unseen.is
    unseen.is is the most secure email website I’ve come across to communicate.