I am a 39 yr old single mother looking to go off grid with my 2 children ages 12 and 14.  I do many crafts that I sell and give away to friends.  I love to garden and can.  We all love to fish.  Haven’t done any hunting yet but both kids are good shots after some practice (we live in town so no shooting lately).  I want to be self sufficient and not worry about where I will get the money for rent and electric. I’d love solar and wind power! I love gardening and can clean fish, venison and poultry.  I want to get back to the basics and back to trading and bartering when I can.  I do lots of crafts and am very hardworking.  My daughter loves animals and is good with working with them and my son is good at helping to build things.  If anyone knows of anywhere in Iowa that is off-grid, or any way to get some land to go off grid, I would appreciate a heads up. I would be willing to move depending on region and how much it would be to do so. I am looking for other families to connect with and possibly start our own sustainable farm eventually.  I don’t want to move very far away for awhile since my mom isn’t doing the best and I want to be near her. Thanks all and hugs!

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