My name is William,  im looking for somewhere I could work off grid/ Homesteading.. possibly in exchange for accommodation and food. Im from London UK . I have lots of experience in cooking , building,  home improvements and some hospitality industry based work. 

I was in construction in my past and also done a large amount home refurbishment both inside and outside.

I have been off grid in Mattawan in Canada for the last few months learning Bushcraft and some hospitality skills. I am really intrested in living in a self sufficient and natural way.

I was a fully trained Chef in my first few jobs and Im skilled in a good few cuisines.

I really want to learn trapping and some hunting skills to add to my Bushcraft knowledge.

I am fit and healthy and as far as any dietary requirements I dont have none. Im not a fussy person in alot of aspects in life.

Im currently in Ontario and I am willing to travel within Canada. If you need or know of sombody thats could do with an extra pair of hands please message me.

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