We are a group of USMC and US ARMY Veterans currently in the process of starting a self sustained community for Veterans. We currently have land negotiations with multiple local residents and Farmers. Have access to a 100 acre area with a spring fed pond, mountain stream and 20 acres of fields for crops and livestock. Looking for Veterans only with strong survival and tactical skills and real world experience.

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18 Responses to “Looking for Veterans”

  1. desyrae krause

    Wow, what happened to this project? Well, I’ve got 20 acres heavily wooded on a mountain top in Weitchpec California that I need to use part of for wildlife rehab, but I need a few good human residents first who want to pick their own spot, build their own cabin, and just be around. If you want to live off grid and learn to help orphaned and injured wildlife, we need your help right now, come settle here. Call or text 530-623-0376.

  2. Joseph Tretta

    I am a 24 year veteran of Marine Corps and Army. Looking to escape the rat race and looking for like minded people to start a new life.

  3. Keven C. Mccloud

    I am a us army veteran retired in 2008. My wife and our 2 dogs would love to join this community effort. Thank you for thinking of veterans. Please contact us through email at Psych0u812@gmail if you are still looking for others to join community. We are VERY interested and have many skills that could assist in this project. Thank you for your time.

  4. Mike

    Whats required, is it permanent or bug out location?

  5. Martinez56

    Army Veteran , with various skills , kind of jack of all trades , I can also hunt, fish,trap . Hard worker . Recently started to self teach Black smithing . I would like to know more info !

  6. Ara

    I am a combat veteran with real world experience. My wife is an experienced organic farmer and seed saver, who lived on an off-grid homestead. Your proposed community is something that we are both highly interested in and looking for.

  7. john c.gaston

    iam a navy veteran,58 years old,very interested in off grid community.i have extensive knowledge in home building,contruction,mechanical,and plants of any type.would love to know more about your operation.currently living in montana,but willing to relocate.

  8. Martin Germain

    Hello I’m Martin, I did 6 years in the army corps of engineers where I learned how to build everything from the ground up. In my civilian life I did a lot of different construction projects. I can do a lot of cool stuff. My only problem is I’m so sick of the rat race. I have been wanting to do this my whole life. I need peace and freedom. I am semi retired and have an income. Please consider me and thanks.

  9. Linda

    OK I am a retired cook. I come with my own income and wish to cook and drive for a off grid homestead. Spent 4 yrs in Army as electronic tech a million yrs ago. I am looking for a short term gig only. 3 or so months.
    Your post did not give even a country of origin. If you are on west side of US please let me know if you are in need of tasty meals.

    Me. Liberal, married, pot smoking, solitary, strong moral compass.

  10. David

    Had anyone even received an email or joined this Facebook group? I tried contacting through email and Facebook with no response? Any way of contacting him would be appreciated thanks in advance.

  11. TheHumbleMan2010

    Hey Jayson,

    Would like some more information on this. I sent an email not sure if you received it or not but feel free to email me at any time.

  12. David Moore

    Hey Jayson,

    Tried sending you an email not sure if it went to you or not. Was interested in what you have going on here and wanted to acquire a little more information. Feel free to email me at any time I will have a quick response.

  13. Veteran

    Good evening. I’m a 8yr OIF OEF Veteran. Was trained as a rigger 92r Intel 97b and marksmanship instructor 11b also certified in combat casualty care( CLS). This is the type of home I’m looking for as the city life is not for me. I have nothing but my gear truck and dog Siberian Husky. Please fill free to contact me ASAP with any questions or comments you have for myself. Debo

  14. Jayson Carte

    Hello everyone! I’ll attempt this post a second time. I’ve been working on an off-grid (modern amenity) community plan since getting out of the Army in ’02 that was originally intended for friends and family only, but as I’m finding so many more people are looking to do this type of thing, I thought I’d open it up to everyone. We’re quite close to “go” after all these years. The plan consists of many interesting bits and pieces pulled from a myriad of different fields I’ve studied and professions I’ve held, which include: Architecture, Sustainable Design, building codes, law, accounting, agriculture, aquaculture, information systems, and physics to name a few. Being part of the project means a healthy, sustainably designed and built home, built by all of us but financed mostly by you. It means natural, chemical and GMO free food, with all animals treated humanely. It means pitching in a few hours a week for the various projects or businesses bringing money into the community for your equal share in all profits. It means living by people who care about each other. It means relieving yourself from the rat-race we all seem to be searching for a way out of. This project is not the only of its kind, having just recently come across several other small to medium organizations in various stages of doing almost the same exact thing. Come be a part of something different, yet familiar.

    Our organization mission is this: “Our purpose is to further the technology, systems, and societal integration of sustainable practices in a closed-loop, self-sustaining system designed to profit, while increasing the health of the environment and all of it’s inhabitants.

    I have a closed group on Facebook as a method to share information and keep in contact, as well as a drive file with the plans and data. You can look me up on Facebook and send me a message so I can add you, or my email is my last name, then a “.”, then my first name@gmail.com

  15. Jayson Carte

    Hello everyone! Glad to see some recent posts in here! I’ve been working on an off-grid project for 15 years now and it’s finally reached the point of go. I had originally planned this for only family and friends, but in starting to see so many people these days are having the same thoughts, I thought we would open up to everyone. I have a pretty detailed plan pulling from the many disciplines I’ve studied and/or learned professionally. I’d love to speak with anyone who is interested in sustainable living and cutting out of the rat-race. Look me up on Facebook as I’ve started a group for people like us to easily keep in touch. My email, if you don’t have Facebook, is my: lastname.firstname@gmail.com

  16. Alana

    Dear Christopher,
    Is there a way (email?) to contact you? I am not the person(s) who posted this original ad but I may have a set up that you might be interested in. You can email me @ drawsoutsidethelines@yahoo.com
    Thank you for your service!

  17. Chris

    USMC 13-17
    I am very interested. Where is the location expected to be?

  18. Christopher Rivers

    Hello, I am a 52 yr old male, Native American ex-navy personal. I am gathering the things to go off-grid by the fall of 2018. I have only been stocking my spare room for the last 6 mo’s, but it is crammed packed with: doors, windows, hinges, start-up 500W solar system, nails, screws…and just about anything else I can get my hands on. I am not sure if I qualified to be responding to your ad. For the words, ” tactical skills” in your ad kind of confuses me a bit. I am not looking to move into the Alamo or a hate group. And I am not gung-ho for our government as I once was. But I still would protect this land of ours and it’s people with my last ding breath. But no, I have not been trained tactically.
    From 1997-2005, I have backpacked well over 13,000 miles across the mountain ranges of the United States with my dog, Woody (R.I.P. Woody). I now have a 10 mo old Plott Hound Dobermen Mix who weighs about 80lb’s. I am the kind of person who can not live without a dog. Alder goes ever where with me. I am his care giver and he is my child.
    Survival in the wild isn’t a hardship to me fore I enjoy it. Not sure what you mean by, “Real World experience” unless you mean, “tactically” then my answer would be no. I have been looking to buy a very small plot of land in the lower 48’s, but have yet to find a place. If by chance you would like to know more about me or Alder, please feel free to let us know.
    Respectfully Christopher Rivers