I am a 36 year old professional who has seen enough to know that this is not how I’m supposed to live.

If you want city living, I admire and respect you. If you desire small-town country-living, I also admire and respect you. I would prefer to live off the grid, in a small community, with farming of the land and other skills used to feed ourselves.

I am ready to commit to going off the grid in a multitude of places; whether here in the US, up in Canada or potentially over in Europe. I want scenery and am not afraid of long, snowy winters, or long & dry summers.

If you’re interested in going off the grid, or currently live off the grid and would welcome new arrivals, please feel free to reach out with your story. Please describe where you live, what your surrounds include, and if you have some pics, even better. My email is: nick.barron2@aol.com

Many thanks for your time.

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One Response to “Looking for the real life, the one we were promised”

  1. Jahshael1986

    Your email address is not working but I’m open to the idea society is nothing but the walking dead.