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[before_listing id=413 images= youtube=null] Hello, my name is Val I’m from New York City. I’m looking for people here in New York who would like to go off the grid within the next 2 years. It’s been very hard to find anyone especially in this huge busy city. I’m very much into solar power, wind power, hyro-power, gardening/farming, primitive living, and many more but sadly I’m very limited to what I can do since I live in a building with no back yard or anything . Every morning that I get up for work I feel as if I don’t belong into this society, my heart isn’t made for this concrete jungle. I’ve felt like this for many years and I think I need to do this for myself. I know its a lot of hard work but I see myself enjoying it and waking up every morning taking that first morning breath of fresh clean air stepping on to the grass covered with dew, oh man lol I see it all! I do not have a car so if your within the tri-state area that’ll be wonderful. If not maybe we can arrange something. I’m looking to take 2 years or so of organized planning before I/we make a move. I like things to go smoothly and know what ill do before I do it. Also any advice would be great, I’m new to the site and love stories =].

P.S.- I always reply back
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23 Responses to “Looking for people who would like to spend 2 years planning everything out”

  1. ValPal

    Hey Arnold, I Emailed you twice.

  2. c_arnold

    Hi, I’m interested. I sent you an email already. Hopefully, you’ll reply. Stay well.

  3. jordan

    i was thinking about going to the amazons, canada, argentina looking for a place to live off grid, i am a bushcraft, i know how to live in the wild, i study natural medicines, i am a musician, vegetarian & a spiritual person, i want to get our from nyc so bad before something bad happens, contact me so we could talk about getting a group together i really want to do this in the next few months

  4. Zod

    much planning, not enough action. (nyc2012)

    Txt 205 301 2355

  5. ValPal

    Oh wow, didn’t know I’d get so many comments. Good-luck to everyone who is on their way to going off the grid, sounds like your a few steps ahead of me. I still have a lot of work to do before I can buy any land and what not. Sad to say it seems like it’ll be a bit longer then 2 years for me but I still haven’t given up, my heart and mind are set for such a journey. For those of you who live in the New York City area I’d love to meet up and share ideas and what not. For those of you who don’t I’d love to hear your thought, ideas, advice, etc. My main Email Address is

  6. sunandsea

    Hi everyone,
    my family and i are looking to move off grid. we have two young children and want them to grow up “free”. living in williamsport pa now but are willing to relocate for an off grid community. my husband and i are both military vet and know what it’s like to rough it, he’s a forester now and I’m a outdoor rec manager. we’re just looking to enjoy live and share with like minded people. I’m also looking to start a community base home school. open to any advice, suggestion or interested parties,

  7. b.fitz

    what up everybody? Names Brian, I am a 23 year old light skin dominican fella that lives in the suburbs of the North-east (Tri-state) looking to live off the grid within the next 2 years..i have 2 semesters left of college, I might as well finish. But Im sick of this society and how the economy runs everything. So much Greed, War, and Hate. I believe that this world is in for a huge change very soon and I just want to be ready. I need to get in contact with the right people who can help get me started and lead me in the right direction towards pursuing this goal. Im all about peace love and fairness. Real easy to get along with and i’m looking to take the next step. I eat very little amount of meat, i rather be a vegetarian love rice n beans and all veggies really..and would like live in a community that grows their own food and has a fresh water source. very important. Thanks for reading this and for future support.

    Feel free to contact me

  8. Marilynn

    Hi Val

    I, too, am in the 2 year planning phase. Sorry I am not in the New York area though. Just got a 4.5 acre lot on the water with a southern exposure this past summer. We are now at the stage of finding some courses to learn about passive solar design and doing the homework to find out what our energy load would be in the house. Your morning coffee vision is uncannily close to mine!

  9. al

    Live your dream but 2 years or two decades of planning can only anticipate the present knowns. Only doing the thing will tell you what the unknowns are. I lived in NYC til I was 16, in 1970, when my father bought a farm. The future for me seems to have less dewy grass and more cactus and tumble weed. Prepare your mind and spirit and the necessity will fall into place

  10. Robert

    I’m willing!

  11. J

    Hi Val!

    I’ve been painstakingly planning our off-grid home for 2 years now and am currently a year from construction of what will be my family’s new home. I have done lots of research as per the best environment to locate in, and have chosen a very rural jungle location. When planning our home I have found many sources for both solar and wind power generation, as well as sustainable water storage/catchment and “other” sustainable resources. I want my family to be somewhere that is better suited for their health and mental growth, and suburban America no longer seems a good place to raise a family.

    All that being said, I will offer at least ahint as to what we are planning.

    The area we are locating to has the resources I was searching for in a self-sustainable lifestyle. There is much local wildlife to hunt, many varieties of birds, pigs, goats, etc. are found in numbers around our lot, and can be hunted easily with either a firearm or bow. As per agriculture- I have purchased our lot in a rainfall zone that gets around 120″ per year in rainfall, this will keep our crops irrigated as well as keeping our rainwater catchment tanks full. To maintain a sustainable living I will, of course, need income of some sort, my training in the automotive field will allow me to stay gainfully busy with side jobs repairing vehicles and small equipment for private parties. If you are interested in information as per our green lifestyle change, you can email me at dartmanx5 @

  12. lloki1967

    hello, my name is jade and im in the nw suburbs of chicago. i have been doing alot of planning in the last 6 months and buying outdoor survival gear that i could carry by myself. i am definately interested in any and all ideas and even joining a group.

  13. Robert

    Caroline we should talk. I live in Mosinee, WI and would be able to rent. I collect and breed rare heirloom plants from WI past 100+ years. Mostly vegetables and grains.

  14. Caroline

    I have 5 acres in WI. Land is isolated – 5 acres off of dirt road.Just a few minutes by back roads to Lake Superior and beautiful rivers. 20 miles from Town – 5 miles from a small village.

    Land has a house (3 bdrm – turn of the century) very old and in poor condition. Cabin on the property also in poor condition. Both buildings were moved onto the land by me.

    Land has water (well) – holding tank – and power and 5 acre road easement but the culvert that crosses a small runoff creek needs replacement.

    I would be willing to bankroll (a reasonable amount) – using cash for repairs to the road and house to get it liveable.

    On-going I would work with the individuals to fund additional improvements with a limited amount per month to contribute to the cause.

    I’m retired but working some and all of that additional income would go to that land and house.

    I have a life and home in WA but would like to see someone living on this beautiful land in WI. My only demand is that the land be maintained as a certified wild life refuge – no pesticides or herbacides.

    I would be willing to provide a 5 year lease rent – free until the group could come up with a plan to make some income. Great property to grow produce – bees, honey, etc. Especially covered garden boxes (solar – open and closing with temperature gradients,) to produce herbs to sell in Duluth – Superior area. (100K population)
    Future lease options of 10 – 20 years would be for minimal rent to cover taxes.

    The house needs a foundation, roof and lots of TLC. People who want to take this on need to understand that there is work involved in building a drea. With the right group – this property could become a great organic farm for anyone who wants to live off-grid but would need dedication and much work and TLC.

    I have house plans that I drafted many years ago that set the house up with a wood burning outside (Hasha) – hot water base board heating system. Wisconsin forest, plants and ecosystem and the weather is very much like Maine.

    The plans included building a cord wood base Green house (the windows for the green house are all stored in the cabin – or were – not sure what is left there.) Also I drafted plans for an addition (bedroom that attaches to the green house, laundry room, bathroom and mud room using cordwood construction (high R-value) for cold climate. This area has a wood mill at the end of the road – log ends for the building of any cordwood structures.

    If you are interested or know someone who would be interested, I would like to get this started next spring. Or some work could be done this fall.

  15. Couchman


    Very interested in your post. I’m in Philadelphia I am planning on doing the same thing, immediately I wanted to take the leap right away, but have realized it is also going to take me a year or two to plan. Please email me at I would love to hear from you and discuss plans, exchange ideas etc. :)


  16. Neil

    Hey Val,
    We have two 5 acre sites in SW NH that we have already started developing into an off grid (mostly) farm in the hopes of being self sufficient or close to it at some point in the future. We are actually looking for one to three people to join us in the project and can provide housing. It is in the preliminary stages now but it may be something you’d be interested in.

  17. Tender

    Val, I am in Florida.

  18. Joe G

    Hey Val,
    I’m also in NYC and have always toyed with the idea of doing an off grid project. Don’t know if I can jump into a 2 year plan immediately, but might be worth talking more. Let me know if you are up for a get together.

  19. ValPal

    Very cool project I wish you the best of luck, are winters super cold in Maine? I’ve heard in the spring it’s really beautiful up there.

  20. Tracy Gayton

    Take a look at this project, in the formation stage, to be located in central Maine. It relies on the intrinsic features of a compact, car-free village to be more sustainable. It is designed to be a framework and provide fertile ground for individuals and groups to bring their own ideas to the space. A “mosaic of sub-cultures”. Things are evolving with the project, but wc are interested in especially collaborating with groups of 20 or so households that would form a “block” in the village.

  21. ValPal

    It’s a great strategy especially if you are organized and look at all of the aspects of going off the grid. =] Where are you from ?

  22. Tender

    That is a good idea. I am not in New York but that is my strategy.