Hi, I have a 3,2h olive land located in the bed of the valley. Surrounded by bushes and pine forest, nicely closed by two rivers which are all year round full of water. I want to share this land with someone, because I will be off for most of the summer working away and the garden and other things need attention all year round. This is a hard land, for now not even basic facilities, and there is a huge amount of work to do, but the place is so gorgeous that rewards it all. I’m not looking for party people, there is nothing around, really, so it easy to get bored here. I’m against drugs, meat, racism and plastic but I’m not crazy fundamental about other things. I do not like respectless people though. I have many ideas what to build here to be as much self-sufficient as is possible it would be nice to share enthusiasm with someone who knows a bit about this. If you are looking for long term or seasonal place to be, to park your van or to put your yurt/tepee/whatever don’t hesitate to contact me. I can’t attach photos here, but I can e-mail them. Cheers

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17 Responses to “Looking for people to share the land with//long term cooperation”

  1. Andres salcedo

    My wife, daughter and i are ready to leave the cacophony of the modern plastic world behind, and live a sustainable life through toil and hard work. Please tell me more.

  2. Joao Teixeira

    Can you contact me please , i am very interested .

  3. Alan

    Where is land please ?

  4. Marie J Harrington

    59..5 pups..1 crazy cat…no one want us..husband died in February left me small pension. Cant afford to live anywhere in California… Lived off grid for years.. Am a chef/gardener… Would like to share my skills and loyalty

  5. Nachelle

    Hello. I am a 23 year old girl in Arizona. I don’t have parents or family. I grew up alone and I’m still alone. I would love to come work with you and work hard so that I could feel like I have purpose and belong somewhere. I don’t like drugs, and I do not like the modern world or the drama in it. For a long time, I have been wanting to let go of everything and live a simple hard working life in nature. I am very strong and physically fit. I can cook, garden, and I have the patience to learn whatever you have to teach me. Please email or text me at 9284880802

  6. Kenneth

    Hey I’m homeless I don’t do drugs just don’t know how to deal with assholes and stress, I am a good worker… Please contact me kennethlawrence74@gmail.com

  7. Khalid9

    Hello, have recently been very intrested in such type of living. i am a 21 year old guy 80 kg 175cm on the athletic side since i use to be into body building. live in dubai atm with family and have ability to travel preferably EU over farther places. I like some points that you mentioned but have more i would like to know. if you can shoot me an email because i have alot more questiongs. Khalidnujaidi@gmail.com

  8. August

    I have been looking into off grid living for years, It is a lot of work, I know I have the skills and the problem solving abilities to work around the issues involved. I mostly want to earn my keep while helping others live a free lifestyle, without them sacrificing too much. I am a forager, cooker, builder, and a great listener. I grew up in a construction family, I can build anything, yes even though I’m a woman (you probably aren’t sexist but some people are). I can also crochet fabric from blankets to clothing. I can build furniture as well as upholster it. I sew by hand or machine, I also am good with basic medical knowledge as well as basic herbal medicine (plants such as food or medicinal use I truly am a forager) to fulfill most needs like, mild pain, stomach aches, and headaches. I also am about to complete my psychology degree, I can help people psychologically adjust to their new environment but also find their pride in what they do, changing from on the grid to off the grid, no matter the research beforehand can lead to doubt in oneself, I can consult anyone and help them find themselves within whatever system you put in place. I am an asset who merely doesn’t want to live on the grid, but also wants to help others live off the grid as well. Other than a couple hours here or there to myself id want to give everything I have to other, that is what makes me happy. In my studies and throughout life I truly believe people would be happiest off the grid so long as they find joy in their contributions and I’d be able to contribute physically and emotionally.

    • Vee

      Hi August, You sound lovely and very in tune with yourself. I’m wondering if you have found that off the grid place? Your comments really made me chuckle because besides the psychology degree, we are very similar. Maybe we could become pen pals? I would really like that, if that is something you can do. Look forward to meeting you. Vee

  9. Harrie

    Hi whereabouts is the land located. Me and my husband would love to live off grid, we have a little boy we are also against plastic and try to be as self sustainable as possible

  10. Gregor

    Hi im interested if you can email me and we can chat that would be great. gregbraniff1987@outlook.com

  11. Margo

    Looking to join an Off- Gris Community.

  12. Mike

    Hey my name is Mike..im looking for a place in the us to live off grid..im 34 years old, i know a very little about gardening but enthusiastic enough to learn, im handy with building and creating , i can cook a decent meal and overall kind hearted, respectful and trustworthy. Iv lived the conventional city life in atlanta but now wise enough to know its not for me. Id like to connect with like minded individuals living off grid or looking to start an off grid project. Let me know where you are located and a little bit about yourself..thank you

    • Szeket

      Hi Mike, I’m in south Europe, so far away ;) Good luck with your plans!

  13. Richard

    I might be very interested in this. Can you tell me a littleore about it. Where is it located

  14. Natalie Smith

    Hi, ware abouts is your land? Are you looking into creating a small sustainable permiculture family/site? Were currently in a small village in the UK but we’re looking at going off-grid, in a tiny house built by ourselves ☮️☯️