I’m 20 years old, male and I really don’t know what to do as I don’t fit in modern society. I feel like my place is not here. Now I live in Québec and I’d like to live off grid anywhere in Canada but I don’t have a lot of money to buy land so I would like someone to help me buy land or find someone who already have land and want people to live with. My goal is to be as independent from society as I can. So if you want to go off grid too or if you are looking for someone let me know. 

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6 Responses to “Looking for people to live off grid”

  1. Betty Ore

    Just been so overwhelmed with everything that has been going on in this world just want to be away from society so over trying to change my life seeking God and it’s to do in the city I’m 48i don’t have much but I diffently will do my part with what ever it is I my to do I’m a black female and I just want to do what it right which in making Jesus my savior eat sleep drink hear feel as I was him and he was I I’m truly desperately seeking christ can’t do it where I live I’m please crying out trying to daimy soul and be around u sinful people …. God bless you.. looking forward from hearing from you

    • kevin

      response to ms or mrs. betty ore
      i know of a community that is seeking to pull out of society one foot at a time…
      they make homes for orphans & widows, married couples, any state.
      music every night with their children, and they have a few farm animals for healthy eggs and milk/yogurt and to teach children to be good future parents by learning to care for them first.
      anyway, it’s a home with a heart, hope you read this, Ms. Ore,
      sincerely kevin –
      gad [at] saphar [dot] net

  2. dot houston

    Hi I am near you would you like to talk about it. I have 35 acres unorganized and looking for people.

    • Meg Speez

      Hi Dot! Where is your land? I am a person you are looking for. I desire to be amongst like-minded ppl as well. To help create. I have been traveling in search of this opportunity. I built a Studio apt. in a box truck, giving up 90% of my possessions to live off grid. I can travel to you & assist in any way necessary. 7342499936

    • Mile Richards

      Hi Dot. I am also interested of you have room on your land for another set of hard working hands. I have recently lost the remainder of my family and I’m just so lost. I am hoping to find the solitude I desperately need to find the happiness in my life. I have so much to offer and just need a spot to get started for a while. Please let me know if we could talk. Thanks. The sooner the better for me. Hope to hear from you. Take care.

    • jason lucas

      Hi Dot could you tell me where your land is please and we can chat via email please.