[before_listing id=320 images= youtube=null] We are ready to do it, we want to move this spring and we are looking for folks to go in on buying some land in Wisconsin in zone 4, so in the southwest and up near bayfield. I made a posting in the forum with links to some properties in particular that we have been looking at. We are hoping for 5-6 more people/families who can throw in 10,000$ each so we can get a plot big enough to give each of us around 5 acres. Basically we don’t want a mortgage and we don’t want to be in it alone, but we also don’t have a super specific or exclusive ideology that we need people to subscribe to. We are 26, we have a 1.5 year old daughter and would like to have another kid relatively soon. We have a dog and cats and chickens and a father-in-law. We are willing to rough it. I do not care too much about the actual “grid” itself, if there is power at the site, we would totally use it to build our house and infrastructure until we got our own power source set up. We are nice, a little radical politically, hardworking. We don’t have a lot of money. I am going to school to eventually be a midwife.
Also, I have previously not responded to people who commented because I didn’t know that they had, I sort of expected an e-mail notification and so I’m sorry for the poor internet manners.[landbuddy_listing id=320 youtube=null]

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