[before_listing id=320 images= youtube=null] We are ready to do it, we want to move this spring and we are looking for folks to go in on buying some land in Wisconsin in zone 4, so in the southwest and up near bayfield. I made a posting in the forum with links to some properties in particular that we have been looking at. We are hoping for 5-6 more people/families who can throw in 10,000$ each so we can get a plot big enough to give each of us around 5 acres. Basically we don’t want a mortgage and we don’t want to be in it alone, but we also don’t have a super specific or exclusive ideology that we need people to subscribe to. We are 26, we have a 1.5 year old daughter and would like to have another kid relatively soon. We have a dog and cats and chickens and a father-in-law. We are willing to rough it. I do not care too much about the actual “grid” itself, if there is power at the site, we would totally use it to build our house and infrastructure until we got our own power source set up. We are nice, a little radical politically, hardworking. We don’t have a lot of money. I am going to school to eventually be a midwife.
Also, I have previously not responded to people who commented because I didn’t know that they had, I sort of expected an e-mail notification and so I’m sorry for the poor internet manners.[landbuddy_listing id=320 youtube=null]

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18 Responses to “looking for people to go in on buying land in Wisconsin”

  1. Rachael

    Hey everyone, it is very surprising to me when I get another update that someone has responded to this post, but it happens! I just thought I would give folks an update about where we’re at now. We realized that we would not be able to afford to buy land and that even if we did, we wouldn’t have money to build a house and a life unless we also had a car and jobs, which is what we’re trying to get away from. Even if we managed to swing all of that, where’s the community?! We decided to move to an established ecovillage, Dancing Rabbit, to pursue our dreams. We built a yurt that we lived in the first year and a half and this past summer we built a strawbale house with a friend. We are off-grid, we only have enough power for an LED light and the radio and charging power tools. We haul water. We got some livestock this year, 4 goats, 3 sheep, mini donkey, 60 chickens and 60 muscovies, most of which we are in the process of processing now that it is fall.
    I would really encourage folks to look into visiting established communities if you are serious about living a radically simple lifestyle. It is SO hard to do it on your own, and expensive. It is plenty hard enough to build a house and figure out an income stream, set up an off grid kitchen, etc and that is with running water at the road (a few blocks away) and the common house for showers and laundry and people who can offer both advice and assistance.
    The other thing is being low-impact. At Dancing Rabbit our average consumption of electricity, gasoline, water, etc. are all %10 of what the average American consumes. I was afraid that if we moved off-grid but needed a job and therefore car (I know they don’t HAVE to go together) that our impact would be even higher than it was when we were in town.
    anyway, that’s where we’re at. Thanks for caring!

    • Mary Johnson

      I live in a small town in North Central Wisconsin. I bought 5 acres in 2000 for 14,000.00 cash. I am not off grid yet but working towards it. The property to the right of me is for sale. 9. Something acres. Been for sale for a long time now. Been hoping someone would buy it and have close to my mind set on living off the land . It is all wooded as my land was. I did selective cutting and sold the lumber to help pay for my septic and well. I have to work full time to support my self until my retirement (5 more years to go) mean while been planting fruit trees, raising rabbits and chickens, garden and learning about local plants that are o.k. to eat. Lots of wild raspberries and black berries in this area and stinking nettle. Anyway..googled off grid people in Wisconsin and this came up.

  2. Marv-WI

    seen this post before, and just wondering you’re progress. doesn’t really fit my choices as far as the 5 acre and communal housing set up, but deffentally like your ideas. I’m in the thought mode of buying 60-80 acres by 2014(mid) like Vannessa & Justin I would do a weekend building plan & 3-5 years go off grid with being self sufficient. would like to meet like minded people that would like 5-10 acres & do more like a community crop/harvest/preserving that benifits all. already started collecting materials/knowledge that I need to do this. I have owned 20 acres in a rural enviroment, raised chickens(75 the biggest flock at one time)
    had a 1/4 acre “garden” and hunt, can, pickle & ferment. just time for me to start over at where I want to be. feel free to contact me anytime if you like minded and want to prep & move forward in the next few years.

  3. Vanessa and Justin

    We are not ready quite yet…we figure we will be in about 5 years. Hopefully you can keep track of people somehow?? Please stay in touch with us and let us know how things are going. We would like to live off the grid, but we know that living in a community has so many advantages versus trying to go off the grid on your own. If you are still looking for people, please stay in touch with us!

  4. RJ

    I’m just outside of Milwaukee, WI and looking into Tiny “Houses” to essentially get around the building codes. Is this something you’re lookingto do with this type of community setup? Send me an email if you are. Godspeed! :)

  5. Samantha Anderson

    My husband and I are a bit older than you. We are looking for a community of off the griders to establish residence with. I am a teacher and he is currently working as a maintance mechanic. We have lived in the Wis- Il area all our life and now want to be self sufficent. We have two children 15 and 12. I am called the hippie tree hugger and he is the one who makes it all work. Please contact us if you are serious because we are.

  6. Kevin Bailey

    My wife I and Live in Olathe,ks She is 28 and I’m 37 with kids 4 and 5 yr old. We are wanting to homestead to. I grew up on a farm so know a little. We don’t have much around $8,000 saved. Anyone else looking to maybe work together to get some land can contact us. We would be interested. I’ve doing alot of reading and taking notes on homesteading. We are also preppers and stocking water and food.

  7. Helen Molina Tobon

    We currently live in northern illinois but are planning on purchasing something by the end of 2012 or sometime 2013. We will have money saved up and I am a teacher, hoping to continue teaching for another 25 yrs or so. We are 40 and 41 and have a 13 yr old . I am familiar with the Bayfield area but am unfamiliar with Wis codes or work opportunities.

  8. Laura

    Hi! I’m very late in finding this conversation… hoping it’s not too late to get some info. My boyfriend and I have been looking into buying land in Wisconsin (south, west). We are interested in off the grid homesteading. We have decided on Wisconsin for the same reasons as stated above (temp. changes etc) Since we are looking to build our home and use earth friendly and free recycled materials, my biggest concerns are the state wide building codes.. Rachael I would love to know what you have decided on, and any other help/info would be great appreciated!!

  9. chris

    Hi I was wondering how things were going and if things are harder than you emagined. I’m 31 and I’m growing very concerned that my family needs to be prepared for what ever may happen. I’m not so dead set on 2012 may or may not be the exact year but I do believe the pendalam is swinging in a direction that we can’t avoid. I hope 2012 doesnt come into reality. But with the research that I have been doing, you would be erigant not to look at the facts. So my mindset that I have put myself in is simple: Hope that it doesnt happen, but be prepared if it does. Honestly what really worries me is not the food, water, shelter, its the masive population of people that are not going to be ready and what they are gooing to do when they run out because it will happen fast. most people and the stores only have enough food for a couple of days. and thats when the riots begin. I dont want to sound crazy or anything but I think you almost need a compound to protect everyone in your group plus your assets, like food, water, crops, animals. Which means you almost have to get toegther with other poeple and come together now to make these preperations. One of the biggest things I think is educating ourselves with the most knowledge that we can. I’m kind of rambling but I would be interested in chating just to get ideas and beliefs on what preperations should be done thanks for reading chris

  10. Lorrie

    Hi. I just stumbled across this. Are you still looking for people?

  11. Britt

    I live in Milwaukee, WI used to live in North Lake, WI which is very small but, it is true that the codes here are very strict and the city gov will be tough to get around. I do wish to live off the grid soon but im not really sure where to start? I dont have money for land but I do have a savings fund for the purchase of land. Right now im reading the book Off the grid by Nick Rosen and its very interesting. feel free to email me anytime :-)

  12. Rachael

    Hi guys, thanks for all the comments! I have spoken with some of you privately but I just wanted to be sure to respond to everyone!
    Karl- thanks for the info, we are aware that it is pretty cold up in Bayfield but we have visited with people who are doing it and have built a house that is sustainable and are growing at least 90% of their own food and the rest is just luxuries, so we think it would work.
    Karl and WARLOC- while it is certianly colder up there right now and Nebraska or even Kansas (where I lived for 4 years) have longer growing seasons, we do believe that climate change is a real and growing threat. A climate change research group based in wisconsin predicts that their growing season will be a month longer within our lifetime and it has been dang near unbearably hot here lately. I know of people who homesteaded for the past 30 years in kansas, completely offgrid with homeschooled children, the whole 9 yards and they are selling their homestead because they think it is getting too hot. Nebraska also has water issues, and Kansas has water issues because of Nebraska’s pollution issues.
    Ian – good luck and happy travels! You are welcome to stop by any time, if we are able to get some land and start doing it.
    Scout – we do not have any intention of splitting the land, I would actually much prefer sort of an intentional community or ecovillage with clustered housing and at least half the land left wild, hopefully more. The designation of around 5 acres per family is more based on a rough estimation of the size of land base required to sustain a given population of people indefinitely, without denuding it or depleting resources faster than they can be replenished.

    As of yet we are still attempting to make connections with people and are looking at a lot of different kinds of options, but we (perhaps not surprisingly!) have not yet assembled a cohesive group of people willing to throw in with a bunch of strangers and hope for the best!

  13. Scout

    My family currently lives in Madison and we are looking for an 0ff the grid cabin (perhaps someday as a place to live full-time). What are your plans? Would you split the land legally so that each buyer owns their acreage?

  14. Ian

    I currently live in Philadelphia, where I have lived all of my life. My girlfriend and I plan on living as nomads in my truck until we find a location that can support us solely for subsistence. We are equipped for wilderness survival and are avid trekkers. We plan on leaving in the spring or summer, and we will be heading through that area as she is originally from the town of Westby.

    I would prefer to sojourn with the intent of living sustainably off the grid, but if this does not manifest be afforded a transfer through whole foods market leadership, which i really wouldn’t prefer.

    We will have our own food stores, but if you were willing to accept our labor for nothing but food your burden would be eased.

  15. WARLOC

    I am from Neb. And just have to ask why go up there? Myself am buying land in Nebraska to go off grid. Actually it might be in Kansas but all the same tons of food running around and great cover to be in. With my family coming from up north and having spent time up there no way would I find happiness up there. But check out our website it can benefit everyone who lives off grid.

  16. karl

    All of wisconsin is zoned. The whole state has tough building codes. There are permits for everything .(like just puting in a driveway ) In both areas you mentioned, expect to put in a mound septic system, if you can even get a permit . Bayfield is 60 to 100 inches of snow and frost from mid sept to mid may. Bayfield is 9500 degree days, and very limited employment oppertunities.

  17. JGherder

    We are on the verge of buying property in the upper Wisconsin area. My husband and I have extensive building knowledge, and understand all the issues and solutions to going off grid. You have indicated that you are interested in property in SW Wisconsin and the Bayfield area. These are extremely different types of property and weather. If you’re interested in communicating, drop me a line at my e-mail address.