Like the rest of you, I have a drive, a Need, to GTFO of the rat race, slow down, and actually LIVE life, and not be burdened by bills piling up, rent/mortgage payments, or having the best of the best electronic devices. I’ve been everything from a business owner and living quite the good life, to down in the dumps, close to homelessness. I can’t bring myself to squat under a bridge, and beg people for money. I’d rather go out, make a place, live off the land, and in that time I have, craft, or find other ways to make a bit of money to survive on. (Really helps with a partner or 2, i.e why I’m here).

So a bit about me, my plan, goals, etc. My name is Kayan, I’m 33, will be 34 in April, 6’5 and decently built Scotsman, not in 100% shape, though, I know living off the land will bring it all back. I don’t have any ties to any set location, though Washington/PNW is calling my name and its close enough to me (I’m in Portland, OR) that with my plan (below) I can make it somewhere up here. My skills include lots of crafting skills from wood working, apprentice blacksmithing, a bit of carpentry, just a jack of trades I guess. I also have probably every survival manual or educational book from planting, building, explosives, just a whole ton of things. All of this is on my tablet, which even in the wilderness, will come with me (I have a way to charge it). So if I don’t know if, or if whoever I find doesn’t, my tablet will.

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Now, I’m not starting with a lot of gear, i.e, hoping I can find someone who has the other half. Looking to have axe, hatchet, saw, good knife with cooking utensils pot/pan, etc, sharp stone, tent (might go tarp, love lean-to’s), mummy sleeping bag, military grade portable wood burning stove, 30 day meal bucket (stretch that to 60 days because…), 5lb bucket potato flakes, and various other foods, which without hunting at all is nearly 90 days food total, personal first aid kit, LifeStraw x2, paracord, emergency crank radio w/ flashlight and even a USB charger (i.e, tablet charger) few other items, all in all, right about $800 ish. (and, I’ll be at like…. 130lb ish on my back)

Now, what I’m looking for is a partner(s), someone who has a drive to get things done, learn, and share knowledge with. I’m quite a nice guy actually, friendly, and I compromise. I am really needing someone who can fill in the rest of the items I’m forgetting/missing, or if you already have the item, and think “we” need something else, that’s bloody perfect, I want to go out with all of the proper items. Here’s the MAIN thing… Someone who has a gun for hunting. I just don’t have it in my budget for one, and so far living in the USA for nearly 20 years, I haven’t needed one, though I’m a good shot.

As of right now, I’ve just been pricing everything, figuring out what I need to live off the land, even if I don’t find someone. I’m actually selling my car (little 93′ mazda) and the last of my main electronic items, since I won’t need them. (I have till the 21st of MARCH to decide where I’m going point blank, since I’m selling my car by the 23rd, if I have to drive somewhere to meet you/you have the best spot, now is the time) Since I haven’t bought any items as of yet, this is the Perfect time to get ahold of me, and plan things. I’m looking to do this by about the 1st of April at the latest. (Quick jest of it, I’m caught up with roomies, don’t want to pay another month rent, bills, etc) So this is my last hoorah so to speak.

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Well, if you’ve made it to the end, and this sounds like something you’d like to do, please message me here. Good luck to everyone in their travels!

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