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[before_listing id=0 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/5e5de3e3028dfc0b3a39deb7b4890cbb.jpg youtube=null] Heres the Deal, i’m doing this with or without help no later than 12 months from now.

I’m 44 year old white male, soon to be single again, so i figure best time to do what ive been dreaming off for 20 years. i have found a website that has cheap land for sale, from some lot sizes to larger acreages, cheap not being that cheap but very doable, i want to buy at least 5 acres and i can get it just about anywhere i want for less than $4,000 with very low down and low monthly payments. i can do this by myself, but what fun is that, id rather go in with at least one other person, or even 3 or 4, the more people the bigger the land we can buy the cheaper on everyone it is. we split the cost equally between whoeever goes in, im sure we will need to get a lawyer to make it all legal and whatever. but i would love to do this with a few people or a small group. if you do contact me please only serious people. i figure as far as where we buy, we do it on vote or coin toss pin the tail lol whatever.

about me. im 44 and a master carpenter, i know how to build cheap but nice. i have all tools and an old beat up truck that runs great, i have children but none that would be with me. i will be divorced before this takes place. this is something i am very serious about, im a hard working man, and when i start something i give everything i have to it. i am an avid camper, hiker, and bicyclist, i am very laid back very easy to get along with and i dont let alot bother me.

is what id like to find in a partner or partners, is male or female doesnt matter to me, im not looking for a mate. someone who is as serious as i am about this, and with some sort of knowledge about alternative energy, growing food, water conservation, food storage, basically someone with any kind of knowledge would be good, you dont have to know anything, thats why al gore invented the internet, (sarcasm) lol. i dont care what race, color, creed, religion, or whatever you want to believe in, i dont drugs of any kind, and i only drink rarely, i dont want to be in a deal with a drunk or a drug addict, of you smoke a little weed i dont care, as long as its not the most important thing to you in you life.

so if you think this is something you like to do, then email and lets talk, we can exchange numbers then, i dont know if this site will let me leave an email on here so im going to write it, just take out the spaces i put in,

bike chuck67 at gmail dot com

so doent hesitate lets chat about it and go from there, im thinking as for location, kind of south west or west, missouri, nevada, idaho, arizona, new mexico, someplace with a temperment climate, and im not talking desert parts of sw states, but im open to anywhere, i am not tied to any place.

ok thats enough for now, lets talk thanks[landbuddy_listing id=0 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/5e5de3e3028dfc0b3a39deb7b4890cbb.jpg youtube=null]

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39 Responses to “looking for partner in cheap land deal to go off grid”

  1. JoBeth McLain

    I am actively searching for someone or multiple people wanting to have a family of 4 that is hard working to either join you on your land or go in together, & go off grid together. We are very serious about & what to be with others that are serious and hardworking. My email is mclainjo@yahoo.com
    I hope I can find someone to do this with. If you are interested, and would like to know more about us &/ or talk then just email me. Again, Im gonna put my email in a different way, to make sure this site gives it. Its all lower case & close the gaps..
    mclain jo @ yahoo dot com Thank you.. Look forward to getting to know some of you.

  2. Morgan Peaslee

    Hello my family and I are wanting to go off grid somewhere within a 50-80 mile radius from Ozark Missouri. we are good ppl n would want the same to join. i have a little over 10,000 to buy land and all the things one would need to start unless you already have a colonie started then i could use the $$$ to help with other things. I have lots of knowledge in many different areas electrical building houses, CDL ect ect. plz contact me Peaslee85@yahoocom.

  3. Johanna

    Im looking for small community in Tennessee Appalachian area.I’m 36 East Indian female, I have old world medicine knowledge, farming, making ancient tools,speak 8 languages. Thanks for all the information everyone, happy peppering.

  4. Mario

    I been looking into living off the gird tired of the city life i rather smile & work hard to survive to eat & not stress over bills & all the other proble just ready to be free for real I’m a thinker learn fast & good with my hands & people & a lot more ready anytime.

  5. Atomic (Henry) Turttle

    Im interested in Colorado or Arizona

  6. Leah H

    I want to buy some land to homestead with my family but I would like to be near some like minded people and be part of a community that can work together in a disaster or when something goes wrong among us and we can pull together. I dont know how to live in places where there is a lot of snow. I’m hoping for a place to dig a well or has a natural spring. I hope someone can show me where to start looking. kjfriend@juno.com

  7. Travis

    Hi ..I have already purchased land in so. Missouri and started collecting supplies for my return to mother earth. I will be there in about 2 months to start my life fresh and new. The lot I purchased has electric for temporary use and I believe it has internet but not sure on that yet. I am currently looking for anyone interested in helping me with farming as I am not much of a green-thumb but I am a very hard worker and willing to learn how to grow my own food. I have many ideas for green structures and have basic supplies and tool and I also have a lot of construction experience. I would be willing to share the land equally with someone who is willing to come and do there part and help make this successful. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are serious about healthy, clean, off grid living. I am a very spiritual quiet person all i really own is my computer …I am very much a loner but I don’t think I can do this alone. I bought 3.5 acres so there shouldn’t be much problem with privacy when it is needed. Please NO ALCOHOLICS! Tobacco and cannabis are ok but i can not have alcohol around me (recovering). Please contact me @ wizardsguru@gmail.com if you are interested in this. Thank You

  8. chris l. vanworth

    sean….i would write you if you had put an email address, or any kind of contact info in your reply…….

  9. chris l. vanworth

    my wife and i are actively planning, researching and buying tools etc. for a descent into the real deal wilderness. we want to be absolutely free from society, and the need for money period. it is possible and we ARE going to do it. many already have. if anyone who reads this has any info, or wishes to share ideas example…places to go, survival info or wants to befriend like minded individuals, possibly embark on the adventure with us…with meticulous, and thorough planning…please email me at vandamnworth@yahoo.com. we are very very serious about this, so b/s’ers and jokers need not respond. are you just dreaming or do you want to live the dream? we know that living in the wild is a rough but humble life. we are prepared to face challenges and reap what we sow…live and learn, trial and error, and daily hard work do not scare us off from this, so if your serious, you better be mentally and physically prepared for it…if thats you. write me. lets see what developes. we’d prefer a strong couple like ourselves, drug alcohol free (weed, we dont partake at this time but dont care about it one way or the other.) no marital issues, sexual perversions, religious nuts or militant wackos need respond. sincerely chris vanworth

  10. spemcer

    Man, i am down for this come spring, ill have a little money to toss out there maybe $10,000. I am so tired of working tons of hours just to break even, i say screw it im 40 in decent shape and am confident i could pull this off.

  11. Sean

    I have a very remote but viable situation in Costa Rica 20 Acres, lot’s of fruit trees, good soil, on the ocean with amazing fishing. I’m looking for people who are capable, literate, not obsessed with politics, into green building and homesteading, tough but not meatheads. I’m basically a skater artist type who’s all growed up now.
    I’m looking for people who want to chip in for food and help out with basic chores, do some farming etc.
    This is one of the most remote parts of Costa Rica. It’s like a pirate hideout.
    You can write for more information.

  12. jon

    P.s. my e-mail is jonschroeder96@ yahoo.com

  13. jon

    Hey Ayra, Know what you mean. Can’t get excited about anything lately , except for the idea of going off the grid and living off the land.I wake up thinking about it, some days I just feel like loading up my backpack, and start walking. Searching for that spark that makes you feel alive again. I just lost my best friend of 12 years, Bob, my dog. We used to go down to the river and just sit and play for hours. Anyway I’m not real sure how to get in contact with Chuck, and maybe he’s had achange of heart’ but would be interested in trying to get a group together and start living the good life. Anyone that is interested’ please contact me. thanks Jon

  14. sjchandyman

    46 yrs old, worked construction have tools truck knowledge and some money email me

  15. Arya

    Hello everyone I am also very interested in living on lots of land utilizing natural resources, having a farm/garden.. I’m interested in Montana, Oregon, Washington, Colorado.. NW states.. (not too fond of extreme heat/humidity)
    (36 female single no kids (just 2 dogs)
    I don’t have any educational background on homesteading but I have a passion for living this way and am eager to help and learn. I can cook, help build, raise animals.. (very passionate about animals)
    I’m sick of the city life and working in a cubicle on a computer for 10 hours a day just to barely make rent and buy food! Help! :)

    my email is aryakatana@gmail.com

    With love, Arya

  16. Bill

    I’m 27 years old currently working on my masters degree in chemistry. I’d love to get to know some of you people and be in contact. I am looking to move off grid as soon as possible but I want to finish my masters degree first and I am doing it in Chicago. If anybody is looking for an investor who would be willing to help build now and move off grid with you in a couple years I would be interested. I am most interested in the NC, WV area but I would also love the MT,ID area as well. I am very smart and strong and should be able to contribute quite a bit to the community. Feel free to email me at bbrandt85@yahoo.com.

  17. Henry

    I’m a 28 year old guy who is done living for a corrupt system. I love people and I’m willing to do whatever to help all. I all about team work. Im in the nj/ny area. My email is hsantana1884@yahoo.com

  18. bob

    chris are you still working toward your goal im still looking for a place to start as a truck driver i see lots of reasons to be going off grid soon

  19. yaya

    tx girl….wanna hear from you on this….sounds like something that even I could pull off.
    i have the smarts, gumption, will, and a fair share of sense….just not a lot of money.
    could make it a project to have when the oldest goes to college this year. i would bring my daughter with me. it would be the best education of her life, and allow me to fulfill a dream.
    i wonder if there are other deals like this in other states, as i have become partial to the mountains since coming here after hurricanes katrina and rita.
    i learned a lot during the survival times there.

  20. yaya

    chris, you will need about 4 wooded acres to sustainably heat a small off grid home. you should get about half a rick an acre a year. great luck to you.

  21. yaya

    hey all,
    1st, good book to have…country wisdom & know how, and, i still love mother earth news. made fresh homemade butter yesterday in 30 minutes by shaking a large ball jar with heavy cream and a dash of salt. sometimes, i use maple sugar instead of salt. also, google info on straw bale homes….a 350 sq ft can be built in a weekend with all off grid ammenities for around 11,000…if you have 3 or four friends willing to help. would love to be off grid, but i am too broke to go for it cuz of my bills!!!!! ahhhh….that old catch 22!! wanna talk…a.lady.unveiled@gmail.com. have great ideas i want to share. even tho i can not go…booo hooo. by the way i am a total drunk and a a drug head, to boot….naw, just messin with ya!!

  22. BP

    I would love to hear any updates Chuck. This idea is new to me, but the more I read and think about it, the more I want to go for it. Still lots to think about and consider before we make this decision.

  23. Chris

    How it going people? I’m a 25year old male in East Texas. I am looking for fellow young like minded people to join me. I have a few acres of wooded land and about 2 acres of cleared out land which I am currently building a solar cabin on. I am currently doing this by myself but have a friend moving down from Indiana shortly to join me. We are friendly, hard working and determined. I have a private creek and plan on installing a water purification system, solar panels, composting toilets, gardens and having rabbits/chickens/pigs. I am looking for 2 or 3 like minded people to join us in our quest to go off the grid. I am young(25) but have a lot of knowledge about this so please don’t let my age fool you. It would be nice to eventually have a OTG colony but I prefer to start small and go from there. Contact me if interested. deadtofall4487@yahoo.com or txt at two8one 7six1 nine3one7

  24. bob

    i am a 49 yr old truck driver done alot of research on going off the grid think it is very doable have some constructtion back ground along with mechanical back ground and grew up on farm not affraid of work dont do drugs drink only on occasion looking to get with ppl to start a small community type place of like minded ppl not a commune but everyone in own house shelter what ever

  25. britt

    anyone interested in living off the grid, me and my partner (both females in our mid 20s) are looking to do this and the sooner the better.
    email me

    lets make it happen

  26. TARA

    Oh, you fabulous people! I’m so glad I stumbled into this site! I’m ready to go. Either I join up with a group of like-minded people such as yourselves…or I go it alone. Either way, I’m doing it! Please contact me…I’m not sure how all this works (email, connections, etc.).
    Oh, yeah. 35 yr old female…Not a drunk. hehe


  27. Carla Ricca

    I am also interested in living off grid, for any of you that want to discuss possible options. Chuck, your e-mail didn’t work. Anyone wanting to discuss this please e-mail me at c_ricca2000@yahoo.com

  28. Kurt Steiner

    My family and I am looking for off the grid partners who are interested in the Appalachian Mountains. we could share money to get a mountain retreat if you are a family and not drunks or dope addicts or sexual deviants.

  29. LivenHarmony

    Hello fellow off-griders to be:
    I am moving towards creating and building a sustainable off-grid home environment to promote a higher conscious awareness to live in health and harmony with Mother Earth and all living things. I anticipate permaculture, organic gardening, orchards, bee keeping along with solar, Greywater-catch systems, and sawdust toilets…absolutely NO waste only ecofriendly materials.
    For most of my professional life, I have been in education/teaching and hold a Master degree in education with various undergraduate degrees. I have been on the Clean water Council and worked for them back in PA in the 1980s and have always been a conservationist and an environmentalist, hiking much of the Appalachians. I have picked wild blackberries and thimbleberries along the way. I strive to “work” less and “live” more by living simple which reaps the benefits of physical, spiritual and emotional health. To know what it really means to live. I have many creative ideas to earn a profit if need be because when you live think, say and act intentionally from the heart everything flows. Positive energy attracts positive energy and you will be provided for, the universe is a wonderful being of raw, pure energy working in our favor and at times.
    Spiritually, I believe we are all ONE and the Earth and Universe are living organisms in which we are all connected….so do unto others as you would do to yourself. I live INTENTIONALLY and believe that HAPPINESS is measured by your gifts not your possessions. I consider myself a spiritual being CO-CREATING a happy world and a happy world is a healthy one.
    I am very passionate about living in harmony with nature. I am passionate about clean air, water and soil and good food to eat. I have been searching for land in N/W US states like ID, CA, WA, OR, MT, CO, WY. The place I call home will be off grid and somewhere where there is clean water, air and good soil to grow healthy foods and where folks can come together as a community to support each other. I believe the Earth is at a crossroads and we need to choose the path towards a kinder, respectful, and healthier connection with ourselves, others and our planet so we can all survive. It is ironic how most people are taught to trust entities such as governments/corporations/utilities without a definitive face, but we find it difficult to trust neighbors, friends, relatives, strangers we may meet face-to-face on a daily basis. We need to return to simplicity and band together as one people to overcome challenges presented by these faceless entities to make a positive statement and become independent of these large controlling entities and become stronger as a self- sufficient community of persons. Health and being a steward of the Earth to live in harmony is very important to me. I want to be part of the solution not the problem. It is not about competition but about cooperation! Looking for anyone who shares this goal to offer talents, support and knowledge. I am ready to make a commitment, let’s talk and share ideas so we can all move forward with this vision. I would love to hear from you.


  30. Grace


    I have been reseraching off grid for over ten years now and with little responsibilities, I can focus on this goal. I am ready to start, have truck and trailer to park and begin to build sustainable off grid..looking for land N/W area with clean water, air, stream to create eco community with like-minds.


  31. Kendra

    Have you considered Costa Rica? Google Finca Bellavista. It’s a fabulous treehouse community. Great video. Good luck!

  32. John

    Hey I tried emailing you but there was an error with bikechuck67@gmail.com, I would like to talk to you please email me

  33. Diane

    I forgot to add, I’m a 43 yr old white female. No drugs/alcohol.

  34. Diane

    I’m looking to go off grid as well. Possibly as soon as Sept/Oct. Just waiting to get the youngest off to college. I’ve been looking at the area of Missouri/Kentucky… I noticed George’s comment, are you renting, selling parcel?? How would that work. Would love some more info. My e-mail is dlr68@ymail.com. Don’t really want to go further than OK, UT, TX. Thanks.

  35. Gator

    Hey Chuck, i tried to shoot you an email today, but google says your email doesnt exist. Whats up with that?

  36. Kristie

    Hey Chuck,
    Going off grid is something I have always wanted to do and I have been looking for people to join me. I tried to e-mail you but it did not work. Let me know if you want to talk more.

  37. George

    I am an X Michiganander and live in Rual Central Missouri, I have some land and have axcess to more. I am very interested in living off grid.
    Land is wooded, close to Lake of the Ozarks.
    No zoning or building permits required in area.
    I do not want any drug heads or heavy drinkers.

  38. TxGirl

    BACKGROUND: I recently inherited a lake lot at Lake of the Pines in east Texas. It was originally purchased from a developer about 40 years ago by my grandparents. So I called Marion County, TX to get some information on it. Turns out, there are HUNDREDS of these lake lots at Lake of the Pines which are uninhabited and virtually deserted. Problem: you have to own TWO of these small lots to even be able to put in a septic tank and erect a structure. So the owners of these $300 tax-valued lots, unable to use them, simply quit paying the taxes on the lots (about $5 a year). Many owners haven’t paid taxes on them in years. And they can’t sell them because one lot is useless since you need two for a septic tank. The county won’t foreclose on the lots because the cost of legal proceedings is more than the value of the lots, which are wildly overgrown and, I am told, resemble the scenery from the movie, “Deliverance.”
    IDEA: Seems to me that this is a perfect situation for “not afraid of a little hard work” preppers who are looking for a bug-out location near a water source, and for a cheap price. I would be willing to bet that many of the current property owners would part with their titles for little to nothing. Tax office could easily find two or more adjoining lots with unpaid taxes for you. Even if you want enough land for a compound, it’s probably a cheap purchase. Make the purchase of one contingent on purchase of the other. I don’t know anything about how or if utilities are brought to the properties, as I have not visited the area. Might be a strictly off-grid scenario. But if you are looking for a primary bug out location or an alternate location, it might be worth it to check this area out.