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[before_listing id=0 images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/5e5de3e3028dfc0b3a39deb7b4890cbb.jpg youtube=null] Heres the Deal, i’m doing this with or without help no later than 12 months from now.

I’m 44 year old white male, soon to be single again, so i figure best time to do what ive been dreaming off for 20 years. i have found a website that has cheap land for sale, from some lot sizes to larger acreages, cheap not being that cheap but very doable, i want to buy at least 5 acres and i can get it just about anywhere i want for less than $4,000 with very low down and low monthly payments. i can do this by myself, but what fun is that, id rather go in with at least one other person, or even 3 or 4, the more people the bigger the land we can buy the cheaper on everyone it is. we split the cost equally between whoeever goes in, im sure we will need to get a lawyer to make it all legal and whatever. but i would love to do this with a few people or a small group. if you do contact me please only serious people. i figure as far as where we buy, we do it on vote or coin toss pin the tail lol whatever.

about me. im 44 and a master carpenter, i know how to build cheap but nice. i have all tools and an old beat up truck that runs great, i have children but none that would be with me. i will be divorced before this takes place. this is something i am very serious about, im a hard working man, and when i start something i give everything i have to it. i am an avid camper, hiker, and bicyclist, i am very laid back very easy to get along with and i dont let alot bother me.

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is what id like to find in a partner or partners, is male or female doesnt matter to me, im not looking for a mate. someone who is as serious as i am about this, and with some sort of knowledge about alternative energy, growing food, water conservation, food storage, basically someone with any kind of knowledge would be good, you dont have to know anything, thats why al gore invented the internet, (sarcasm) lol. i dont care what race, color, creed, religion, or whatever you want to believe in, i dont drugs of any kind, and i only drink rarely, i dont want to be in a deal with a drunk or a drug addict, of you smoke a little weed i dont care, as long as its not the most important thing to you in you life.

so if you think this is something you like to do, then email and lets talk, we can exchange numbers then, i dont know if this site will let me leave an email on here so im going to write it, just take out the spaces i put in,

bike chuck67 at gmail dot com

so doent hesitate lets chat about it and go from there, im thinking as for location, kind of south west or west, missouri, nevada, idaho, arizona, new mexico, someplace with a temperment climate, and im not talking desert parts of sw states, but im open to anywhere, i am not tied to any place.

ok thats enough for now, lets talk thanks[landbuddy_listing id=0 images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/5e5de3e3028dfc0b3a39deb7b4890cbb.jpg youtube=null]

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