[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hello, my name is David. i would love to find a group of individuals and couples that would like to move to a secure off grid location with my self and a few other. I have extensive knowledge in survival, eco construction, furniture building, along with a degree in electronics.
i am looking to find 20 to 30 acers on a river or lake. somewhere out in the middle of nowhere.
in a heavy wooded area. Just my preference is to be in the woods and not the desert sorry..lol
i am interested in farming and living completely off the land. if this is something your looking to do. then why take on all the task by yourself? lets work together to accomplish our dreams.
p.s. i can be reache any time at David@evirtuallearningcenter.com[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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28 Responses to “Looking for others”

  1. Ellie Norton

    Please contact me I have an off grid property !

  2. Liberty

    was wondering if you ever got a off grid group set up and if so is there room for 1 more.

  3. Lisa

    Hello David, I see your initial posting is over a year old. I am wondering if you have been successful in your wish to live off grid? I am looking to join an off grid group. Please reply to above email. Thanks!

  4. ElizabethB

    My husband and I live in MN and are looking for an off grid friendly way of life with like minded folks. Southern MN would be best. Looks like some other folks here have things going on which we are interested. email me with details.

  5. James W. Beveridge

    I’m a semi retired carpenter and would be interested in living in a selfsustaining Agri-Eco system Community. I grew up in rural MN and know alot about Gardening, hunting, fishing, salvaging building materials and smoking meats. I have a degree in Aquaculture and very mechanical.
    I would like to here more about youre plans, south of Mankato MN and Winona MN are good areas.
    James W. Beveridge

  6. Inthiscage

    Any luck finding land?

  7. ellen

    Live in MN. Looking for a Simple Life away from the Rat Race. Barber by trade. Have kids 19 to 8.

  8. Michelle

    I am 41 :)

  9. Michelle

    I live in Louisiana currently. I have a 11 year old son… I am a machinist and draftsman. Son hunts. We are good with animals…..

  10. K.P.

    My husband and I along with another couple have found several spots as far as land is concerned. We all have money for that. We are planning to start a self sustaining homestead. We will eventually be 100% municipal utility free with solar & wind as primary energy sources. We intend to grow our own produce and raise our own chickens and livestock. If you are interested, please contact me.

  11. erick

    Hi Dave,My girl and i,both 38,are looking to a self sustaining community,we have no kids,not the world for it.But we are hard working people and kind.We realize that our dead end jobs mean only paycheck to paycheck survival in a concrete world where the fruits of our labor are enjoyed by others.We are looking to change that very soon.We are looking for long term,sustainable future in a colony,that works together,for one another,for the greater good of those around us,with the same understanding.We want to tune back into nature and good people.When we camp on our vacation times,we dread going home because we know there is a different way to do things.I have 10 years of carpentry skill and work for the borough i live in now (6 years).I hold a cdl with endorsements with heavy equipment operator certified training.I grew up on a farm until 22,loved the hard work and self gratification. Looking to live that life again

  12. Jacobs

    Hey, I’m very interested in joining a small community where we can all work together. I have many ideas how this could be possible using solar power and alike. I’m 27 years old. Live in Quincy, Ma. I am a union Ironworker/ certified welder. I am married to my lovely wife, 25. We both have full time jobs, own a house and everything. But we don’t like the life we live. We are looking to purchase some land and start our own little community or help others out with theirs. I have a lot saved up, well a lot to me. I am currently looking for land and people, anyone, who has the same interests that we do. You are more than welcome to come stay on the land or buy your own right next to me so we can help each other out. I have a lot of skills, mostly construction and engineering. Very creative, I’m sure we could make anything work.
    If you are interested please email me. I’m open to any discussion about this. My wife and I are 100% serious about this. We want to move and live a more simpler life. Our plan is to take my annuity money, sell my house and car and take all the money and buy some land and go from there. Our goal is to move less than a year. If sooner the better.
    Thanks everyone.

  13. nicoal

    Hi we are a family of 7. We just started homeschooling are children , my husband is a computer engineer, I a sahm. We are a laid back family that really wants to buy land and live off the grid. We ideally would love to meet other families who would like to live off the land. Grow gardens, raise live stock ,sew clothing ,can food . We are nonsmokers, nonreligious, but respect others beliefs as long as they are not pushed on us.just looking for fun happy families not afraid of some work. Willing to consider getting land any where.I grew up on a farm, my husband is a out doors man fishing ,hunting, I am learning to can and sew, I majored in child development and am homeschooling.

  14. Evirtuallearningcenter

    Hello “whatever” i tried to respond to your comment via email but it did not go through..but i think we can all relate to what your saying.

  15. Whatever


  16. Evirtuallearningcenter

    hi Bethany. thanks for the comment. i sent you a reply to your email with a response.

  17. Bethany

    I am also looking for a group to go off the grid. I live in Alaska and have since I was 6. I know the land pretty well and I do well with gardens. Anyone interested in starting a grid in Alaska?

  18. Evirtuallearningcenter

    hello shane thanks for the reply . I sent you a email. i agree with you 100% whats the point of going off grid if you got to spend a fortune to do it. kinda defeats the purpose.

  19. shane

    me and my wife are 30 with 3 kids 2 girls one boy and are looking for a small eco typ village …somthing longterm ..and not alout of money….

  20. Evirtuallearningcenter

    hey carly thanks for the comment. i sent you a response via email. hope to hear from you soon

  21. carly

    Love the idea, I like my privatcy but would be interested in a small group to help with gardening, building and other sustainable related chores. I currently live in Colorado but would consider relocating to the right place.

  22. evirtuallearningcenter

    Hello Chris yes some one has already emailed me about the community thanks.

  23. chris

    have you heard of intentional communities?

  24. Evirtuallearningcenter

    i am very open to the state as long as it meets all of my needs. i am in the process of searching for land right now.

  25. david

    i am open to state..i am in the process of searching for land at the moment.

  26. Community Valley

    Where are willing to be? Any particular state?