I have experience in farming, fishing and tracking, I also have a small amount of experience in forestry. I’m looking for other like minded people to acquire some land and set up a self sustainable community. The kind of people I’m looking for wouldn’t necessarily need experience in things that would help living off grid, as long as you’re willing to work hard

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29 Responses to “Looking for others with interest in setting up small off grid community”

  1. Frank Pons

    Also Interested

  2. Lisa

    I am interested to know if you have been successful in your wish to live off grid. If so, please forward information as to where you are located and the nature of your community. I am seeking live simply and naturally.

  3. R.E.D.

    R.E.D. Ranch is a remote and isolated, rustic retreat area for retired professionals in need of solitude. Ex-military and L.E.O.’s are welcome.

    We have 7+ heavily treed, acres located in a secluded, quiet and rural setting.

    Bring your hard sided shelter/RV/travel trailer, for a long visit or your tent for a few days in warm months.

    No Illegal Drugs!
    No Drunks!
    No Felons!
    No Thieves!

    We own the land free and clear and we pay the taxes.
    Numerous lots and parcel sizes for sale in surrounding area, for as little as $1,500 for 2+ acres, if you’re interested in purchasing your own land. We are not realtors.
    Our land is NOT for sale.

    Monetary contributions are not required and we cannot support you.

    We accept those who can support themselves and have viable skill sets for contributing to an off grid, self sufficient, lifestyle.

    We are willing to share the land, if you are willing to share labor, or what ever you can contribute.

    Call or text…

    Let’s get acquainted and see if we can work together.

  4. Angel

    I’m 19 male, I’m athletic I’m a rock climber and a swimmer at the time I’m a life guard I don’t how long until I get laid off my job has been letting a lot of people go and I feel I might be next, I really want to be a part of a community like this I’ve always wanted too I can really be a big help with anything so if anyone decides to form a community or anything and are looking for members I’m available acolantuono94@gmail.com

  5. Lauren

    Hi Craig!

    I’m a 23yr old artist/art teacher/administrator for a community center currently living in the Canadian Maritimes. I am interested in forming or joining a community! I’m a very open and positive girl with an old soul! I have great contacts being friends who have built earthships and an electrician willing to do free solar setup. I myself am a hard worker, smart thinker, artist and designer(I feel creativity and beauty bring a lot to the table as far as enjoyable community life) and have experience teaching/caring for children, if there is/are plans for a school or center. I also have a deep knowledge of food and nutrition and practice fermenting and other means of food preservation and am a fantastic cook. I love animals. I knit, and am handy with building. I’m proactive and great at promoting and fundraising. I have had issues with my health lately, and know that finding a happy and healthy sustainable community would give me the opportunity to heal from chemical sensitivities and autoimmune issues from modern north american life. I have a lot to offer and want to help others create and sustain a healthy way of life, and get the opportunity to heal myself. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers !!!

  6. amy

    I have land in northwest wi. I am looking to share it with hardworking, non-drug using folks. I am living tipi life and run a small retreat biz so there is a possibility for a small income if you desire to help with the business. I am here with my two young kids so homeschooling families definitely encourage some contact! Idea of this shared land is to focus on hunter/gatherer and low tech agriculture and simply housing. Please feel free to email:
    Needing the help to keep the dream a live…

  7. Tai

    hey can you send more info about the place and the project its really intresting…tai-fu@hotmail.it

  8. ashley

    look am good with hunting fishing farming computers and much more i like to go back to how i was raised in the country am 40 year old wife and there kids.

  9. terrene k pinto jr

    email is terrenepinto@yahoo.com

  10. terrene k pinto jr

    i would like to join a community. i am a strong hard worker and i know i can make a great asset

  11. tj

    i am interensted in forming a community

  12. Randy

    Where do you plan on doing this? Construction for 30 years. Dont know it all but I can figure it out. Got all the tools generator, so send me som e information and I will get back to you.

  13. jason

    Hi, I’m in Southern California, single dad with two teen boys, strong and able to do manual work. we are interested in living off the grid as we have been looking for land to build on.

  14. cpbrous

    Hey, I’m Chris and I am very interested. I’m 30, hard working, responsible, considerate,and I love to learn and do projects. I’ve been searching for some land for a while, looking to make the move. I’d love to talk more. I’m already off grid traveling in a camper van. Looking to park it and start building. Email me @ cpbrous@gmail.com

  15. christopher ayarza

    I am a carpenter/ mason/ welder/ equipment operator/ water treatment tech I can fix almost anything and I’m good for heavy labor for now until I get old. I’m 35 with a family and a shooter.

  16. Phil

    I have been working towards this goal myself for some time and have several people interested in working towards a sustainable community. i would love the opportunity to get involved or share ideas if nothing else.
    Kind regards
    correct email is offthegridplan@gmail.com i typed it wrong in to the box above.

  17. shanon

    I am also interested…please please email me your time is greatly appreciated! Thank you… Peace!

  18. Leigh

    I am very interested in forming a small off the grid community. I have a lot of experience in gardening, hunting and fishing as well as natural healing. My husband is a great inventor. He is studying solar energy. We both want to get back to the origins of life and co-creation. Please contact me to discuss further.

  19. christine

    Very interested. Send me an e-mail chrisstg22@gmail.com

  20. pete and cathy

    Hi we are very interested and have been looking for ways to live off grid for a while, but found it to be very hard to do in the uk, i am multi skilled and work well in any team, please get back to me cheers pete.

  21. jhetcel23

    Hello, I have the same interest you do. Please send me a email at jhetcel23@gmail.com

  22. Bob

    Hi, I am a contractor, commercial refrigeration and have been in the building industry most of my life. I have numerous abilities that would be helpful.

  23. Tania

    Where and when were you thinking of doing this? I am interested, but would not be available until next year if that works for you please contact me.

    Good luck in your search.


  24. Tracy

    Hi I am interested in forming a community. Hope to hear from you.

  25. Dana

    Most definitely interested in what you are doing…plz email me with more information. Namaste

  26. David Workman

    I am interested please send more info thank David

  27. chris

    Send me more info if you can please.very interested

  28. norcalll

    Send me a private message. Thanks