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[before_listing id=0 images= youtube=null] I am going to live off-the-grid in the wilderness at a undisclosed location with my family(I don’t want to leave the exact whereabouts on here for fear of government interference)

We will have no power, no plumbing, no conveniences of any kind. All that we will have is what the waters, forests, and earth can provide naturally. Of course, we will have tools that will help with our endeavors, and we will have other things like canoes, tents, etc, But nothing major like a boat with a motor or an ATV. If you wish to join us then all you would need is your own tools. But, we do not want religious fanatics such as Jehovah’s witness or any other crazy religious group that wants to join us and save our souls and other such garbage. We are spiritual people with good morals and values. Also, we don’t have strange pagan beliefs or practice any crazy, out of this world rituals and such.

Anyways, back to our main topic. Why now? My reason for choosing an off-the-grid life is simple, I wish to get away not from society but from the system. We spend our lives working and working until we are sick, dying, or just plain worn out, and for what? So that we can achieve the so called “Dream of being rich and free” or “The jackpot of financial freedom?” So that our children can do the same once they’re of age? Or, so we can look forward to a pension and to spend the remainder of our days either wasting away in an old age home or in our own home? What would we look forward to? Another game of bridge or cards or even just spending time with other elders that are waiting for death as well? Even if our children visited us regularly, what then after?

Others will say that you can look forward to doing the things that you couldn’t when you were working, and that you can travel and go sightseeing when you retire, but how can one enjoy it when your body is old, tired, sore, and just plain worn out? If you think that you can and you will, then I say good for you and wish you well. As for the rest of us? We are all starting to realize many things about the system and are asking ourselves: why can’t one enjoy a life that is worry-free, and that is more abundant with time and freedom for us and our families? There has to be a way. There is, but you have to give up two things that is very prominent and is also dominating your life. What is it? Two words: Money and Convenience.

However, be forewarned that there will also be no hospitals in the wilderness, and that you have to be very careful when treading in it for if you obtain a serious wound, break a bone, or even get ill, you might not make it. I have plans to move soon and it will definitely be before or at the beginning of the summer. What do you think? How does this sound to you?[landbuddy_listing id=0 youtube=null]

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30 Responses to “Looking for others who want to go off grid”

  1. Dan

    My family and I. Including my young daughter. are leaving. It just doesn’t seem natural to live, work, or take the easy way out. So we have decided to live away from this all. I am a very able bodied man, 35 and a beautiful and strong woman with young child. Our families live lives that are happy and good, but unrealized. We need mostly information. Like tools and realistic plans for removal from society. Sorry everyone gets so caught up in the personal religious stuff here. Its not about that.
    I like what the Namaste person said.

  2. Michael (Doc)

    I admire what you are doing and I wish you all the best. I am having a hard time finding locations that are 1) free of charge and 2)that will enable me to have internet access to run my web store for solar products designed for camping/hiking. I am leaving this month for a spot in Washington, deep in the mountains. Plan to spend at least this summer there and then either stay longer or find a new location. It’s just me and my Bella (you say dog, I say best friend). I would love to hear back from you regarding any difficulties you have experienced on your adventure and receive any wisdom that you can impart to me. Kudos to you all. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Also, anyone else reading this, I would love to hear from you as well. docdenny@ymail.com or admin@sunchargedhippied.com. Not a religious person, but definitely a spiritual one, looking to escape the darkness of my life and walk in the light with nature as my love, my serenity, my deity. Peace and be good.

  3. Dom

    I too am planing on doing this if anyone would like to join me let me know im just going to get a few things together find a big forsest walk into it and figer it out from thier looking for people that wuld likt to do the same plz noone with small childrin well bc its could end veary bad and i dont whant that on my conches anyway email me at dolsen85@gmail.com

  4. John

    My email address didn’t appear. Here it is:

  5. John

    If you haven’t left yet, count me in.

  6. Maylynn

    I am also attempting to make plans similar to yours, and mostly for the same reasons. I want to live in a cardless & paperless world. Also I want to teach my children how to survive, and the true meaning of living. Here is my email: may_gone4ever@hotmail.com

  7. familyready

    Have you considered having some power but from natural, free sources like solar or wind? We’re a family interested in going off grid but do want to keep some technology in our lives…

  8. downtoearth

    Sounds like what my husband and I are looking for. We are a mature couple married 34yrs and are looking for a place to live off the grid in exchange for hard work and place to live in a peaceful setting away from the rat race. Have learned many skills through the years. We have just started looking the past couple of months and are wanting to relocate soon. Please contact us with more info.

  9. ssmcivilian

    The location for the off-the-grid area is in Canada, Ontario. If anyone lives in Ontario and would like to come and join us please let me know right asap. I estimate that we will be going to the location by the end of October. If you have money save it for travel and supplies. contact me for info on what kind of supplies and tools that you will need.

  10. NorthWoodsOn

    Hi again please take our email and comments off and I am hoping this is for real. will you get back to us and let us know.

  11. NorthWoodsOn

    Lets do it! A family here.

  12. Michael

    I too am very interested. I have 11 years law enforcement/para military training. Please email me with any info.

  13. ej

    hi, I just wanna know if this offer is still available. I can’t take the state anymore. the consumer life with no essence of life but materialism. I’m an artist/musician, very spiritual but not those crazy Jesus or pagan stuff. I’m all about learning the universe. I’m sure you know what I mean. I’m pretty smart, innovative, creative and can learn anything that’s needed for the community. I want to live with like minded individuals like you guys. I’m 23, male

  14. zach

    hi i am very interested. ive applied for internships for this kind of life style before with no such luck. please email me for more details. am ready to hit the trail anytime.

  15. Dan

    I am with you guys and and strong lived in the mountans in CO for 3 months with nothing! and loved every min of it would love to do it for the rest of my life with good people Tera lets talk
    you all can reach me here
    I am wanting to be as free as one can be of the GOV.
    Iam a veteran someone who has a place get a hold of me

  16. brandon

    I’m 26 years old, I am about to leave the military. I have proved to myself that I can make it in their little race, but the cost is to much, so I am selling all that I own… which is next to nothing except all this useless crap in my apartment that I have accumulated and some survival gear I have been aqcuiring in anticipation to exit the rat race. I tend to be perpetually upbeat, and I’m strong and healthy! I’m always up for a challenge! Casimirswalk@hotmail.com

  17. TARA

    I’m interested! Please contact me! I’ve been looking for folks like you…searching and searching this stupid internet…and here you are! I was so convinced I was the only one obesessing about OTG living, I was getting myself prepared to do it alone. One way or another, before this year has ended…I’ll be Off Grid. Please contact me with more info. Thank you!

  18. Miki Duncan

    Wow, seems like a very noble endeavor. I’m interested and would like to talk to you about it sometime

  19. Cornfed

    I have the same dream…Where are you and have you land yet? Lets talk. I say its time to stop thinking about it and just do it!

  20. JohnB

    Actually, I and my girlfriend are also considering this — we’re not specifically religious — I was raised on a Native Reservation in the NE, and have 8 years of military survival training, to include a wide range of terrains, and a rounded set of scavenger and food gathering / producing skills — My girlfriend is very into herbs (legal type for natural medicines) and growing, but can also field dress game, fish, and gather as well —-we’d be interested in joining the community and contributing our skill set as well — among other things, I have practice hunting with primitive tools and have done low tech construction, which can help with shelters.

  21. Nikki

    I’m interested. would like to discuss further

  22. Nina

    hey myself and some others have been heavily considering moving off the grid, not even considering anymore, we’re serious. We’re looking for other people who are trying to do the same and who could also advise us where to start and how to begin collecting resources. We currently live in the inner city, but we have no connections or baggage to our material surroundings, we are very young, spiritual, open minded and constantly studying. We have intermediate knowledge on medical and survival procedures, of course living in the inner city we dont have the hands on training, but we’re ready to learn and work. We’re all more than able and willing to perform in any hard labor necessary, we have women that can cook and garden, who can all around provide the nurturing of the community, we also have strong men that can work and build shelters, who have experience in labor work. We don’t want to give out too much info right away, but you can feel free to contact us for more in depth conversation. Namaste.

  23. ssmcivilian

    -Update- I will be extending the time to when I, along with others, will be leaving to the undisclosed location. Some have informed me that they need a little more time to prepare and get things in order before they are ready to move ahead with this collaborative off-the-grid plan. The new date is set to be around this August to early October.

  24. Megan

    Sounds interesting, tired of the rat race, and I am a nurse. At the present I am responsible for a failing family member. I would be most interested to chat about your endeavor once my responsibility ends.

  25. Dave

    I agree with the above ALROD53, and no room for religion. After all how can we evolve if we all believe the same things. We cant, and the bottle kneck theory will prove the end of human kind, except for those that seek the green woods for refudge and shelter. All otheres will perish in their religious thoughts. After all before there was a Christ, Alla, or Budda, there was religion that swaed the elite, to controll the people of chiefdoms and groups. Today governemnt uses religion to control the people. I want to join this group, and have all my own stuff, and bring forward bushcraft skills, nursing skills, trapping and tracking, as well as carpentry trade. I own two small business where im at, and want FREEDOM from religion, and debt notes.

  26. ALROD53

    Yes, Civilian and Danny I agree I live in the deep woods and I dont have the squirrels and racoons knocking on my door trying to save me either like I did when I lived in town. Also no room here for bible verses either. God gave us his only Son means Sun light because it is the giver of all life. Bible is a story to control people and sounds like Bandana and Robin are proof of how controlled they really are picking on some poor fellows dream… Remember just because everybody is doing it wrong, doesn’t make it right… Sorry had to say it… ALROD53

  27. Danny Haszard

    God bless your all your green endeavors.
    Jehovah’s Witnesses are the fanatics.
    Look here,this dude blogs about living deep in the woods (like me) and the apocalyptic watchtowerites can’t leave it alone.
    FMI dannyhaszard(com)

  28. Robin Morgan

    Luke 21:28 “But as these things start to occur, raise yourselves erect and lift your heads up, because your deliverance is getting near.”
    This is what we will be doing when God decides to destroy the evil on earth.

  29. Bandana

    “we do not want religious fanatics such as Jehovah’s witness ”
    Who is the fanatic ? Sounds like you bubba