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[before_listing id=0 images= youtube=null] I am going to live off-the-grid in the wilderness at a undisclosed location with my family(I don’t want to leave the exact whereabouts on here for fear of government interference)

We will have no power, no plumbing, no conveniences of any kind. All that we will have is what the waters, forests, and earth can provide naturally. Of course, we will have tools that will help with our endeavors, and we will have other things like canoes, tents, etc, But nothing major like a boat with a motor or an ATV. If you wish to join us then all you would need is your own tools. But, we do not want religious fanatics such as Jehovah’s witness or any other crazy religious group that wants to join us and save our souls and other such garbage. We are spiritual people with good morals and values. Also, we don’t have strange pagan beliefs or practice any crazy, out of this world rituals and such.

Anyways, back to our main topic. Why now? My reason for choosing an off-the-grid life is simple, I wish to get away not from society but from the system. We spend our lives working and working until we are sick, dying, or just plain worn out, and for what? So that we can achieve the so called “Dream of being rich and free” or “The jackpot of financial freedom?” So that our children can do the same once they’re of age? Or, so we can look forward to a pension and to spend the remainder of our days either wasting away in an old age home or in our own home? What would we look forward to? Another game of bridge or cards or even just spending time with other elders that are waiting for death as well? Even if our children visited us regularly, what then after?

Others will say that you can look forward to doing the things that you couldn’t when you were working, and that you can travel and go sightseeing when you retire, but how can one enjoy it when your body is old, tired, sore, and just plain worn out? If you think that you can and you will, then I say good for you and wish you well. As for the rest of us? We are all starting to realize many things about the system and are asking ourselves: why can’t one enjoy a life that is worry-free, and that is more abundant with time and freedom for us and our families? There has to be a way. There is, but you have to give up two things that is very prominent and is also dominating your life. What is it? Two words: Money and Convenience.

However, be forewarned that there will also be no hospitals in the wilderness, and that you have to be very careful when treading in it for if you obtain a serious wound, break a bone, or even get ill, you might not make it. I have plans to move soon and it will definitely be before or at the beginning of the summer. What do you think? How does this sound to you?[landbuddy_listing id=0 youtube=null]

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