[before_listing id=276 images= youtube=null] We are a married couple; wife is 57 and husband is 58. We are very active and not afraid of hard work or jumping in and getting things accomplished. We are looking for like minded couples (probably 2 couples to start) or single adults who are not tied to a city-lifestyle; who would like to share living on acreage and doing organic gardening and other enjoyable projects. We are looking for long-term people who are considerate, caring, open-minded, non-judgmental, free-thinking, no drugs, no alcohol, no smoking; who share a vision of a simple life-style, becoming self-sustainable and helping one another to achieve this goal.

We live in the Lassen foothills, Shasta County, Northern California.
We live off-grid on 40+ acres, approximately 15 miles out of town. Neighbors are few and far between. The surrounding area is comprised of thousands of acres of undeveloped land, peaceful and quiet, home to eagles, geese, ducks, wild turkey, deer, quail, birds, birds, birds, rabbits, and a myriad of other creatures.

We currently are using solar for electricity, propane for cooking and refrigerator, wood for heat, and generator for pumping well water. We would like to convert the well water to solar. In summer we run a solar cooler. We also have wireless internet and cell phone.

We would like to pool efforts with everyone sharing expenses and the workload so as to still have plenty of time to just enjoy life. We believe in everyone contributing their fair share and everyone reaping the rewards. We would like to have a garden large enough to supply all of our vegetables and maybe some to sell at local farmers markets; or if someone wanted to, there is plenty of room to keep expanding. We have a seasonal creek and a seasonal pond, however the ponds in this area can and have been made into year-round ponds by digging them down to 25 feet deep, which is just a matter of renting an excavator and doing it.

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Living arrangements would have to be discussed as we live in a small mobile which we converted into a 1 bedroom. We are open to all ideas and would like to meet others with the same vision.

Contact us for more information or to just toss ideas back and forth.

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