Looking for a way to stop living in your car? Tired of watching that stimulus check and your unemployment money slowly disappear without getting you any closer to a better life? 

Worried about the supply chain? Or maybe the virus? Or maybe you are tired of being worried that your car will be broken into and you are out of ideas on where you can park safely.

Wherever you are, we are looking for 10 or more individuals to start an off grid community. The start will be rough, so patience and realistic optimism is key. 

Ideally individuals will have five thousand or more to help the group  buy land. The more the better. (Land you can’t get kicked off of or told to park “somewhere” down the road.) They must also be open-minded, in somewhat good health, be willing to work, non-prejudiced, and be able to get along with EVERYONE. 

I’m addressing this to many of the newly homeless who would like a place to live, but also to any individuals who may just want to be a part of this and have a place to bug out to someday without having to wait for a total failure of the continuity of government, as so many of the alternatives out there make you do.

Land has yet to be chosen and will depend on how many folks we find. (I personally would love it if there were quite a few!) Land for this project will preferably be within a hundred mile radius of Olive Branch MS (near Memphis). Land will contain or boarder a permanent source of water (Easily done in this area. If you are from some places out West, you may be surprised at how green everything is here.)

Of course, if you or someone you know would like to donate land near or in this area, we would certainly like to talk to you.

If seriously interested, or you would like to help in some way, please feel free to contact us. Thanks.


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9 Responses to “Looking for others to help build a community”

  1. Eli

    We have nearly identical plans except for the location. We’re trying to choose between a mountainus area in either NC and VA… I like the soil there, perfect for”rammed earth construction”. PLEASE Look up Rammed Earth Housing, it will help in your cost, protection and success. rooftopventures37@gmail.com I’ll help if I can.

  2. Draven

    This is what I have been wanting to do for quite some time! It would be a dream come true to find a community like the one described above! I have plenty of outdoorsy skills. I’m definitely not afraid of hard work and I love the idea of working together to build a sustainable community and living off-grid!

    • Homestead2021

      Well, shoot us an email after you take a look.

    • wlfprincess

      i am a 42 year old woman ready to do something else . i have skills that would be usefull off grid , as i have a veterinary degree and hands on medical experience with all animals.and they seem to like me too. im hoping to find someplace to go within the next couple of weeks. have you had any luck or met anyone to put me in contact with?

  3. Bloo

    I’m tired of living in California..I’m tired of being alone..I’m tired of broken dreams and promises..I’m tired of my dogs having nowhere to run…I’m tired of not having a garden…OFF GRID is all I want. I camped for 5 months once. Best time of my LIFE!

    • Homestead2021

      Well send us a message and lets see what we can do!
      (Also feel free to check out IC.org)

  4. Dovely

    I’m wondering how you chose the area you did? I’m doing research for a paper I’m writing on the things one should or might want to consider in choosing where they buy land. thanks

    • Homestead2021

      The soil differs so much in the region that we will have to wait until we find a place we are considering to make a decision on it. Most if the current IC communities are on Dickson soils I think.
      The main challenge in the region is to not have standing water so often that it causes a problem (hear that you Western folks?)

  5. Gen Agustsson

    i have received non-stimulus check for 10 years now. to ask why get suspended from the land that was once off grid? stop the governments plus its not the governments business but our own!