[before_listing id=359 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/7c43f9cfa874c841fa46049ca7f0b476.jpg youtube=null] My husband I are ready to escape. Want to live off the land with like-minded folks and families. Don’t have experience but eager and excited to learn. We want the best life for our son and we don’t think capitalism is what he needs. Anyone around here that has any land prospects or ideas. We are ready to go.[landbuddy_listing id=359 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/7c43f9cfa874c841fa46049ca7f0b476.jpg youtube=null]

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5 Responses to “Looking for other to start a new community”

  1. Stacia

    I am becoming more and more interested myself. I have some acreage in north Alabama, was raised on a farm and teach science, so I have lots of knowledge and skills. I just know living with others can be difficult at times and am not sure how the interpersonal dynamics would work.

  2. Island Life

    Here is a current site where you can get away from the oppressive federal government as well as have a little more freedom:


  3. WestTexasLawrence

    Out here in West Texas there is LOTS of land
    available for $100-$300 per acre. It is abandoned
    farm land. Some has water wells that need a pump run in them. People abandoned this land because the cost raising water to the surface for flood irrigation got so high they went bankrupt.
    Small scale farming in enclosed gardens is still possible to do profitably here. Plenty of sunlight year around…so you can go totally off grid and be self sufficient energy wise. There are no woods, no groves of trees unless you grow them on your land, and there are no neighbors for miles. This IS the northern Sonoran desert and
    living AIN’T easy…but, you CAN make an oasis
    garden farm off grid here if you’ve a mind to.
    No state income tax. No building inspectors.
    Nobody to come on your land and TELL you what you can or can’t do. No government owned
    BLM land….this is Texas….all privately owned land. Lots of Mennonites have moved in and bought much of the abandoned farms. They are good people…leave everyone alone.

    IF you have the will and tenacity to make a go of
    it here, contact ol’ Lawrence: lawrencerayburn@yahoo.com

    Otherwise, don’t bother.

  4. Brandon

    Are you still looking for like-minded people to join you?

  5. Jim Nations

    We are also interested and ready to move off the grid. We are off now, but not in the place we want to be. The location we most desire is in the Kimberly, Oregon area. There you may grow almost anything, yet it is wilderness. Does this sound good to you?