[before_listing id=431 images= youtube=null] I ve been looking into offgrid life for a while now, and I am thinking about making the move soon. I am looking to make the move with other people, and im very open to the location and variables. I would like to move to an off grid community and have other around. I love many different genres of music, including dubstep, rap(mostly underground, trance, techno, metal……I enjoy playing guitar, drums, drawing,tattooing, and doing “research with” hallucinogens.I guess you could call me an atheist as I dont believe in any orginized religions , or god, as 1 being. I do enjoy stuying buddhism tho. contact: facebook.com/kardo.korindt, odrak024@yahoo.com[landbuddy_listing id=431 youtube=null]

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