Hello. I have some acreage in West Texas and have a prepper group started. We have some small cabins already on the property. We have an outhouse, shooting range, gazebo, rain collection, chicken coup, rabbit coup, buried conex, showers, fruit trees, shallow well, etc. We have 2 or 3 spots open for anyone wanting to live offgrid and be a part of our group. Cabins are on solar. We do not want to run electricity on our land. Rules are simple. Don’t be a drug addict. Don’t be a thief, and respect those in the group. That’s it. Must be a nice person. We have lot’s of food sources ie: deer, wild hogs, duck, rabbits, quail, dove, etc. We are off the beaten path, but within 12 miles of the interstate with convenience stores. We are 1000 yards from a river. Most water is from rain water collection.

Please holler if your interested. Thanks.


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5 Responses to “Looking for other preppers to join prepper group with land”

  1. Christine M Chopko

    I would love to live like this and im looking to join up with others please email me.

    • WestTexasShepherd

      I’d email you if I had your email address. Leave it in a comment and I’ll give you a holler.

  2. Gen Agustsson

    how about not disconnect from nature?

  3. Matthew W

    Hi. I’m considering moving to West Texas to find some land myself for an off grid build. Currently I live in Bisbee, AZ and plan to make the move within a year. I’ll be looking around Terilingua and perhaps just beyond that area.

    Any suggestions you could offer up on the area down there? I’m an artist and I’m looking to get back into my art once I’m settled in my off grid home.


    • WestTexasShepherd

      There is lot’s of land for sale in Hudspeth County Texas, but none around me any more. I’m glad I got mine when I could. The land in Hudspeth county is at a pretty good price, but it is more desolate than my area. There are no rivers or water areas in Hudspeth, but there are beautiful mountains. You can google LandsofAmerica.com for Hudspeth land for sale. Good luck!