[before_listing id=351 images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/90ab5d44342dc5f034d860832cfd9ac9.jpg youtube=null] Hello there!
Is anyone interested in grouping together to buy some woodland? We’re in Edinburgh, but would move!
I’m looking to find somewhere to live off grid, in a yurt or other temporary dwelling however most plots are too large for just me and my boyfriend, and too expensive!

Is anyone interested in buying a big plot as a group then dividing it out, so we can all use it for whatever we like, camping, woodland crafts, living, playing etc.

Let me know if you’re interested!
Becky and Kester
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5 Responses to “Looking for other off grid fanciers to buy land with!”

  1. Michael E. Long

    Hi. I wish you the best in your venture. I believe that your idea and vision is the way of the future. I know however, that it’ll make years to transend. The key at this time is finding a country or state that will allow what you want to do, ZONING WISE. Forget about ownership, it’ll always be the way. However, if we are smart, it’ll be CO-OP land ownership in the future. People living together, working together, with common interests, creating a smaller carbon footprint, AND HOPEFULLY, doing that without tons of government regulation.

    Brilliant idea Becky, Kester. Wish you the best with your vision and dream for the future. If we could “pretend into existence” everyone would do it. It takes a lot of $ and hard work. Put together a group that does it, and you’ll have created something worthwhile. Best of luck to you. Michael E. Long

  2. Marc

    Dear Beck and Kester, I just this moment came upon this site for the very first time. May I apologize for what seems to me to be some rather cold to indifferent responses to your sincere query. Sadly, my wife and I haven’t the means ($$$) to even entertain the premise of going over there. I was rather surprised by the tone of the responses and wanted to say that I so want to wish you well. I spent time on an Indian reservation and what one person wrote is something of an extension of what the native American belief was once. I do agree with the rather idealized concept, but in our day and time it is rather unrealistic to think that noone can have a property right ownership. That worked a bit easier in the nomadic notion of some of the early land grazing pioneers and native Americans, however trying to impose a notion however rational that you cannot own land is completely out-of-touch. Were it not, I would ask someone to simply drive through whatever state you may find yourself in, find a scenic spot and notice the fresh stream and wooded area and simply decide this may be a nice place to live. Pitch tent or better still, start chopping trees on that land and see how long you are there before the proverbial ‘long intruding arm of the law impedes your progress. Or, in the wrong place, until someone who dang certain does believe in ownership comes up waving a gun in your face. One can obviously subscribe to whatever ethereal view we may, but we live in a real world, and squatting is still a crime in about every civilized country I know of. Were I able to afford such, I and my wife would deepen our interest in such a venture. Feel free to contact me! All the best. Now I suppose watch the long timers on this site jump all over me for trying to impose sensitivity and reason into the scenario. OFFENSE TO ANY POSTER UNINTENDED!

  3. Fooch

    You two are a bit removed from reality. There are laws put in place that you must abide by to set up a domicile. Until those laws are changed, that’s the way it is. Go ahead, set up your things somewhere and then see what happens when law enforcement or the law takes care of that. If you want to go into nature with a back pack and live the rest of your life that way, then go for it. But your response to this persons thread is asinine. Furthermore, I hope you are a foreigner Spongebob, because the way in which you throw out the word idiot with all your misspelled words makes you look like one.

  4. Stella

    Small plots of land going for 20,000euros in the Canary Islands, on a well-designed permaculture farm (share some basic common facilities, very fertile, animal systems in place, lots of biodiversity, climate ideal for fast production, etc.), all moneys goes to improving infrastructure & creating Foundation that will hold the land in perpetuity (to ensure will never be used for anything but permaculture purposes).

    Totally agree about absurdity of people ‘owning’ land, but we need transition structures to legally ‘liberate’ land again – this is one of them.

    Check out http://www.8thlife.org: we’re looking for people who are not naive about the work involved in living off grid tho: seriously skilled or hard-working food-growers, techno-freaks, animal-raisers, eco-builders (pref. with waste materials) wanted. we have space for a primitive pottery artist, and generally passionate, intelligent & hardworking idealists, preferably with permaculture training.

    otally agree about absu

  5. Spongebob

    I wish you great success with your goal and going off grid. I want to how ever say this, please. I do not truly believe, that buying land , makes you or me or us the landowner. You feel what I have in mind? Also the Idea of buying land is sick to me and not natural, implanted in us. Just please think, how do you want to buy Nature? This is not possible. Going step higher, even the Government does not own land. It is pretending it is owning , by implanting artificially borders and law , but Nature is much more , then some power hungry people consuming nature. I think if Earth has seen enough of our idiotic approach , then it will wipe us out like parasites , and no shelter off grid will help no one. Sorry I have no solution , except just wanted to say . Also what I see we still need to learn allot more , then having the need to going off grid. Going off grid is great Idea, but buying land in order to do this is just not the way in my personal opinion, think what you want. …… You eating out of 2 bowls, that way and you need to eat out of one. Do not mix. You want separate from this system, so go and do it, the right way. Or do more prep and City life and think about if just going off grid is really going off grid. No offense please. Thank you for reading. Ahoi !