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[before_listing id=414 images= youtube=null] Looking for any leads for Off-Grid Settlements that may exist…any knowledge of a group of people who are building a settlement of off-grid cabins/shacks/shanties … nothing high end but middle to low end as to cost and expenditures??? There must be some groups who’ve pooled resources and land and in a coop type mindset have or are planning on banding together with solar, wind. micro-hydro, roofwater catchment, composting toilets. I’d like to find any such groups out there. Chowan seems to be trying to establish something of this sort in northern nevada. I further guess this would be most successful in the southwest for the sunpower…maybe viable elsewhere…if they can do it in England (to a degree) I guess it could be done mostly anywhere in the USA?? I may be wrong here. Any contacts, websites would be appreciated as I’m finding very little beyond this website and one other. And the number of people on these sites is still very low. thx. Dust[landbuddy_listing id=414 youtube=null]

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11 Responses to “Looking for Off-Grid Settlements”

  1. Ginger Baril

    Hello, I have wanted to live off grid for as long as I can remember. I have a lot to offer and would greatly appreciate your consideration
    please contact me by email or phone #713-732-0055

  2. ssmcivilian

    The problem with buying land and starting an off-the-grid community is that the government will know where you are and, believe me, will stop you when you become a threat to it. I have a plan and it involves not telling the government anything, but it will be a life without electricity and convenience.

  3. Ken

    Hello, We are currently looking for an OTG community to help with and live on. We were looking into purchasing a piece of land in the NM area around the Sandia Mountain range but would rather help with a project already started that we can help grow and strive. Me and my spouse have numerous skills in many areas and would like to know if anyone out there has a community and is looking for families to help with the work for room and bored. We do have funds to purchase a piece of property that is joining a current community or use the money to help with farming and solar resources.
    If you know of a currenty community in the SW area that is looking for families to help with growth please Contact me at kennethfinnell at gmail

  4. lexi63

    I am looking to put together a “commune” for the year 2013- i am looking for 4-5 groups ( 1 5 pr group ) to go in on a piece of pasture/wood/stream land in Virgina ( Blue Ridge Mountains) , say 75 acres . i have horses ( 4) . So we can get more land if each of us has $50,000 then we can all have a section of land and do things on our seperate piece of land & also do community things together ( build solar power , share animal care , chores, have a community store a community , a community barn perhaps ) etc… So if anyone has any interst in something like this and has a little cash – I have several possible gorgeous tracts picked out & I will be ready in January 2013, lets find at least 3 others or more with similiar cash $25,000 – $50,000 for each group . looking for all interested parties to get in touch with me .

  5. Ana Rios

    My husband would love to live off-grid and is anxious to live outside the big cities. I have a bit of hesitation, only because I have always been a city girl and don’t really know if I could actually get use to living that way. My husband is an excellent carpenter and has a green thumb and is very hard working, so, I know that survival is not an issue. I would love to get some tips on how you got started. Hoping to hear from you. Thank you.

  6. centralpafarm

    I have a small 6 acre farm amongst large amish and mennonite farms with the 2000 foot appalachian mountains behind me across my trout stream running thru my farm. I have a creek, spring, well and trout stream, so there is always gonna be plenty of water and Pennsylvania is number 2 for states with water “flowing” above ground year round. We get plenty of summer rains too. Also all the gas fracking is 4 counties north of me so my water will always be clean and our farms here are mostly all in conservation / preservation. I bought this last yr with a 10 yr mortgage. I have 9 yrs left. I would love to have another single person who wants to help me finish this place. I want to build a wellhouse, smokehouse, carriagehouse and covered bridge. I have much of the materials stacked behind my old 1820’s home which i have rebuilt. I have the rootcellar and storage and fireplace in basement as well as a all wood heated home. I have 1/2 acre of cleared land which i had a 1/4 acre garden this yr and canned and stored many many things for winter. Now its up to finding a serious soul who wants to work hard and finish this place so we can get down to living off-grid. My electric bills run about 14.00 a month plus phone which has dsl. So now its up to you to see my site and make a decision to contact me and start a conversation. Oh it is rustic here since i have no indoor plumbing except a spring in basement. https://directory.ic.org/22661/Central_Pa_Mountain_farm___for_Hip_open_minded_people

    PS: I have lived in many communes around the usa since a teen in the 60’s and know all about living off-grid.

  7. Jason

    You can go off grid almost immediately and then find your “perfect” spot by using a vanabode.

  8. Diane

    Hello, My Name is Diane, I facilitate the NM Prepare Group, and we have land, and are now looking at installing a well. We are looking at developing a sacred community that will survive and THRIVE living off grid, all 33 initial homesites will be contructed or earth bag construction, adobe, straw bale or earthships, affordability is about how much sweat equity and talent you can help with. I can be contacted thru nmprepare at gmaildotcom.
    We meet every Tuesday eveing to discuss Preparedness and planing our off grid community, We are located in Albuquerque, the off grid community is about one hour outside this area.

  9. Veggiegirl

    Look for ecovillages some are off grid or close to.

  10. Danika

    I know of one, forming. Looking for more like minded individuals to create a solid base community off the grid. Land already exists, along with horses, farming, etc. In Canada.
    E-mail me if you want to talk about these sort of subjects, always looking to make connections. :)
    dfth (at) live dot com

  11. Steven K.

    Hello Dust,
    glad to finally read about someone else searching,or trying to create, just what i’ve been thinking of. I’m in southern nevada and I haven’t had any luck finding any communities in this area. Well, not affordable ones lets say. But I’m sure there are lots of forums and such I haven’t found. Anyways Personally I’m looking towards northern arizona for my homest hUead, but thats for later. Perhaps this is something yet to be organized, especially givin that here in the
    southwest the recession has hit hard all over. Anywho I’m interested in the possibility of such
    a venture, best way to contact is email.
    sincerely, Steven