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[before_listing id=414 images= youtube=null] Looking for any leads for Off-Grid Settlements that may exist…any knowledge of a group of people who are building a settlement of off-grid cabins/shacks/shanties … nothing high end but middle to low end as to cost and expenditures??? There must be some groups who’ve pooled resources and land and in a coop type mindset have or are planning on banding together with solar, wind. micro-hydro, roofwater catchment, composting toilets. I’d like to find any such groups out there. Chowan seems to be trying to establish something of this sort in northern nevada. I further guess this would be most successful in the southwest for the sunpower…maybe viable elsewhere…if they can do it in England (to a degree) I guess it could be done mostly anywhere in the USA?? I may be wrong here. Any contacts, websites would be appreciated as I’m finding very little beyond this website and one other. And the number of people on these sites is still very low. thx. Dust[landbuddy_listing id=414 youtube=null]

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