[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hello.  We’re a family of 5 (2 teenagers and grandmothe plus us, 35). We’ve been off grid for over a year now on 27 acres.  1/2 wood and 1/2 pasture.  We raise sheep and chickens.   It’s still a small operation.  We love simple living and a back to basics approach.

When we moved here we only had a RV on basically virgin ground.  Now we have a 1250 sqft house (mostly finished), rainwater collection, septic, some running water, wood heat and solar power. We only have 4 solar panels now,  so we are fairly conservative but we do have wifi.  There is no AC, grey water recycling is a daily requirement, no refrigeration, we have mostly hand farm equipment, a wash basin for bathing and usually go to bed fairly early. We’re hard working people. (Trying not to sugar coat. )

We build mostly out of recycled materials.  We are extreamly interested in organic growing and eco friendly solutions.  We love anything we can make with materials on hand. We’re also interested in alternative building techniques such as cordwood, earthbag and glass bottle construction. Projects we are working on soon are a mud oven, outdoor bathing area, curtain drains, solar awning, front porch, root cellar, orchard, beer or wine making, gardens and adding wind power.  Eventually I want to have time to build a rough cabin in the woods for a getaway spot. 

My husband works during the week but on the weekends turns into MacGyver. ;) (We’ve been together 15 years.) He is an electrician and HVAC jouneyman.  We are nonreligeous, open minded, positive thinking, goal oriented people.  We love a small bonfire with a few friends and a few beers. 

I stay home and work here.    We’re interested in someone to come stay and help for room/board.  For example setting up the garden, gardening, canning, building fences, harvesting rocks, cutting firewood and any other work here that needs done.  We have a small camper or a room in the house.  Maybe someone wanting to try it out for awhile and if we all get along a permenant situation. If anyone thinks this sounds like a good fit I’d love to talk it over.   chanidax@gmail.com

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12 Responses to “Looking for off grid help”

  1. adamwest

    Hi. I’m interested in your proposition. I spent a couple years with friends in PA practicing and learning many of the things you’ve written about in your post. I have a background in construction and like I mentioned before do have some intensive gardening experience. Please get back to me if help has not been found. Thanks.

  2. ron

    hi there i’m ron. mid 40’s, single, a very good carpenter and handyman, can fix or build almost anything. I’ve drifted across the u.s. in the last 10 years but like ur area of the country. i’m in Ft. Wayne In. right now but will be ready to move on again. I have a back pack and some tools and no extra baggage. I love a camp fire and some beers ! Shoot me an email. Ron

  3. raelove81

    Wanda we are a family of 5. I would love to get in touch with you it sound like you are on a good start. We have very little income however I have my very own Macgyver husband. We have a popup camper that is packed and ready to go. We both garden and can. I want to build an earthship (My dream) I love glass bottles. If you are still looking please get in touch. raelove81@yahoo.com. We want to do wind power and solar hot water.

  4. brad

    Hi I cant come and help as I am in the same boat as you are, needing help. I can show you a few things I’ve done to make life more bearable. Contact me via email if you like Brad importland@yahoo.ca

  5. catseye

    This sounds like a perfect fit for me! I would absolutely love to discuss further details with you. I am a 21 year old female who is tired of the things society requires of me and offers nothing of interest in return. I have many skills, I grew up on a chicken and pig farm in Liberty, Maine. I can take care of most livestock, any type of gardening, cut wood, I am an above average cook, hunt and fish, and many artistic skills as well. Please let me know if this is still available. My email is photosbycatseye@gmail.com! Wish you all the best.

  6. terry

    hey i would like to do this. im a retire marine and would love to live off grid

  7. Stephanie

    Are you still looking for help? I’m interested in a temporary situation possibly. I would love to talk it over with you. Thanks. I’m not super strong for cutting wood but I can set up the garden, garden, canning/preserve food, build fences, harvest rocks and any other work here that needs done.

  8. Danny

    Hey Wanda, Sounds great but iam not really ready yet. id kinda like to have my own stuff when i GO off grid. iam working at walmart-part time so its taking me awhile.lookin for a strong van for now.picking up gear as i go.Going to retire early next feb.Then ill make my move.keep in touch. ya never know.Danny

  9. Sierra Miles

    I would like resource information about building a URT or a Tepee; I will be divorcing and selling my home but working at Cornell University in the Ithaca area. I can buy a piece of land here (once I sell my home) quite affordabley. Do you know of any local resources? I currently live in Horseheads, NY 28 south of Ithaca NY. Thanks.

  10. Wanda

    Thanks for the heads up though.

  11. Wanda

    Actually we’re about 400 miles away. Closer to the Wabash Zone in fact. The USGS recently issued a fact sheet reiterating the estimate of a 10% chance of a New Madrid earthquake of magnitude comparable to those of 1811–1812 within the next 50 years, and a greater chance (25-40%)of a magnitude 6.0 earthquake in the same time frame.
    I prepare as needed but I don’t intend to loose sleep over things I can’t control.

  12. ALROD

    Hey, Do you know that you guys are almost on top of the New Madrid fault line? You might want to do some research on the subject..