[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hello.  We’re a family of 5 (2 teenagers and grandmothe plus us, 35). We’ve been off grid for over a year now on 27 acres.  1/2 wood and 1/2 pasture.  We raise sheep and chickens.   It’s still a small operation.  We love simple living and a back to basics approach.

When we moved here we only had a RV on basically virgin ground.  Now we have a 1250 sqft house (mostly finished), rainwater collection, septic, some running water, wood heat and solar power. We only have 4 solar panels now,  so we are fairly conservative but we do have wifi.  There is no AC, grey water recycling is a daily requirement, no refrigeration, we have mostly hand farm equipment, a wash basin for bathing and usually go to bed fairly early. We’re hard working people. (Trying not to sugar coat. )

We build mostly out of recycled materials.  We are extreamly interested in organic growing and eco friendly solutions.  We love anything we can make with materials on hand. We’re also interested in alternative building techniques such as cordwood, earthbag and glass bottle construction. Projects we are working on soon are a mud oven, outdoor bathing area, curtain drains, solar awning, front porch, root cellar, orchard, beer or wine making, gardens and adding wind power.  Eventually I want to have time to build a rough cabin in the woods for a getaway spot. 

My husband works during the week but on the weekends turns into MacGyver. ;) (We’ve been together 15 years.) He is an electrician and HVAC jouneyman.  We are nonreligeous, open minded, positive thinking, goal oriented people.  We love a small bonfire with a few friends and a few beers. 

I stay home and work here.    We’re interested in someone to come stay and help for room/board.  For example setting up the garden, gardening, canning, building fences, harvesting rocks, cutting firewood and any other work here that needs done.  We have a small camper or a room in the house.  Maybe someone wanting to try it out for awhile and if we all get along a permenant situation. If anyone thinks this sounds like a good fit I’d love to talk it over.   chanidax@gmail.com

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