[before_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/3be7ac606be5a68ecf19d91140eb8c2f.jpg youtube=null] My fiance and I are highly interested in living in an off-grid group or community. We are 19 & 22 years of age. We are both current college students, though seeing the direction this nation is being led, we have very little hope or trust in the government and the possibilities of a career when we graduate so we are looking to join a community “off the grid”. We are spiritually driven, open minded and incredibly loving people. [landbuddy_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/3be7ac606be5a68ecf19d91140eb8c2f.jpg youtube=null]

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  1. Dovely

    Did you ever find your place? I was checking the posts to find others in NC. I’m located 26 miles north of Greensboro. I have a 1/2 acre urban farm with goats, chickens, ducks, bunnies and a 30′ x 32′ greenhouse. It’s amazing how much one can produce on a half acre.

  2. Delvin

    I love the outdoors very much. I would love to join a community here in the US that would have me. I have experience in landscaping. I would work doing many other chores as well not afraid of work. Society is making it hard to survive its sad. Please email im looking for a new life and as well new friends who love and want to serve God and Jesus Christ. A place with no drama. Being with people were we can work together. My email tolsondelvin@yahoo.com. thanks kindly

  3. Chris

    Hey guys,
    I am a 21 year old ex-navy engineer and I am looking to join/create a self sustainable community in Ardeche, France.
    I chose the location for its beauty and isolation, I hope there are some people here who will join me on the path of enlightenment and freedom. Don’t be fooled by the military service, I am an extremely loving person and strive my hardest to make people happy :) I enjoy bush-craft and creating stuff, I no longer want to work for the oppressor of my fellow humans, Life means so much more! Please feel free to email me! Or add me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/englishchrisk

    Lots of love ^_^


  4. Michael

    I just want to leave this corrupted society. I want to go off the gird! Please someone tell me a place where I can start up!? Can I join one already started up? Please email me if anyone has any information. Teenprosk8er48044@gmail.com

  5. Jesse

    what are we waiting for?

  6. Tina

    My name is Tina and lately……Ive been getting depressed about how society expects one to be. Ive wanted to go off grid for a while, but have some responsibilities i.e. livestock and a car payment. Now I’m pretty crafty and don’t shy at hard work or a few bruises. But I haven’t been able to find work (excluding odd jobs) for over 6 months, I’m getting desperate and I may have to sell off my animals. I dot want to. Id rather sell my car first. Is there anyone out there who can help me find a way out of this rat race? ~Tina

  7. Aidas

    Hello. I love idea, off living free from all this slavery. I would like to join off grid community. I have been raised in a village, i know how to take care of animals and plants, also i have finished electrical engineering. I live in Uk now. Im 27 now. Love is the answer!!!! :)

  8. Joshua

    Hello I have been working toward off grid living. I am 34 single male, I am honest and most of all I am very kind hearted. I lived the government based life all my life. I am not happy living this way. And I grew up off of generator and no tv or phone. I want to live like this again, but without the generator. I have my first own home its an RV I have solar already, just enough for coffee or a light. Please help me get off the grid. I am very hands on. I do all my own repairs . I would like to find someone that has land. And I could live on it in exchange I will walk it to keep out trespassers and I could maintain the road… Please help me help my mother earth!!!!

  9. Jonathan

    would like to take a tour of the community. very interested in off the grid living.

  10. Alex

    Hey, i would love to leave the city and start a new life somewhere healthy and simple, it would be awsome!

  11. New Dawn Project

    Check us out, happy people. Would love to hear from ya! New Dawn Project in New Mexico. newdawnnm@gmail.com Peace!

  12. Tami Ellithorpe

    I am not off the grid yet, but hope to be eventually. I have a 10 acre farm in VA. Email me at treotr@yahoo.com if you would like more information

  13. Feonixis

    Hey, I find your story interesting considering me and my fiance are basically in the same situation! We’re 18 and 22, in college, and really interested in self-sustained living. We’re looking for like minded people with the hope of support and guidance in our endeavor.