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Hi we are a family of 7. We just started homeschooling are children , my husband is a computer engineer, I a sahm. We are a laid back family that really wants to buy land and live off the grid. We ideally would love to meet other families who would like to live off the land. Grow gardens, raise live stock ,sew clothing ,can food . We are nonsmokers, nonreligious, but respect others beliefs as long as they are not pushed on us.just looking for fun happy families not afraid of some work. Willing to consider getting land any where.I grew up on a farm, my husband is a out doors man fishing ,hunting, I am learning to can and sew, I majored in child development and am homeschooling.
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8 Responses to “looking for like minded people”

  1. Shane

    Hey there! We are a homeschooling family in Port Charlotte. From your comments above, it sounds like we have much in common. There are four of us in our family. If you would like to get together and meet one another let me know. My email is:

  2. Patricia

    Hi Nicoal,

    Tonight after dinner I got it in my head to google “live off the grid with like minded people” and this is the page I found. I was so excited!

    We are a family of 3, and still hoping to grow our family. Our daughter is nearly 7 and we are homeschooling her. We too are laid back, non-smokers and non-religious, and my husband also works in IT. He grew up camping and doing all things outdoors. I did not, but I crave it so intensely!

    Since getting pregnant 7 years ago, I’ve been smitten with the idea of living off the land, off the grid, in harmony with nature and homesteading. Admittedly, my homesteading skills aren’t the best, but my desire to learn is great, so that helps. In addition to the things you’ve listed, I’ve also taken a great interest in natural and alternative health, and I love the idea of making my own herbal remedies and tinctures and healing potions. I find it all very exciting. If you’re interested in talking, please do email me at I look forward to hearing from you!

  3. Kathleen Sedita

    Hi, this sounds very interesting! I’m actually casting for a new documentary style series for the Bravo network & would love to cast a family that either has been living off of the grid or is making the transition into it. They must have kids. Please email me for details & visit our website for more info! kathleen(at)punchedinthehead(dot)com


  4. ekepono

    hey Nicoal:

    I have 2.5 acres not far from you now. Off exit 164, about 4-5 miles from 75. I have worked on clearing for past 1.5 year, with goal of off grid aquaponics system. Some unplanned life events have redirected my time, energy and $ off this for now, so If you are interested in that area let me know.

  5. mike

    would love to fall off grid but dont know how to do this pref with joining a community or like minded ppl im thinking off doing it myself and i think with the skills i have and being a good hard worker think would be better joining a community that is thinking the same as i am

  6. Jacobs

    Hey just wondering if there’s more room and land for sale In this community. My wife and I are looking to buy land and live in a small work together kind of community.
    We have a lot to offer. Just looking for like mind people so we can live a different life style. Any comments will be helpful. Thanks

  7. The Clarks

    We’re a family of 7 that are about to move offgrid. We’ve been homeschooling for the past 6 years and have been raising goats and chickens for the past year. We’re going to a community that’s going to sell us an acre. There’s room for another family to go as well, there’s no children there right now and we’re wanting other kids for our kids to be around. If interested email

  8. jerry uhler

    i lived off grid many years
    my 3 kids are home school
    ithaca ny large home school area
    but its cold
    its easy to heat
    hard to cool
    move north