[before_listing images= youtube=null] looking to go off grid and get out the rat race, I want out the corporate system and I want out of slavery, I want like minded people who would like to buy into the purchase of a large woodland/forest, produce are own food and power, keep our selves entertained, enjoy cooking, growing, building, walking, nature ect.
A real community that stands as one, especially when the Agents of authority start to interfere, hopefully we will be well hidden and well out of reach of these horrid people, we will live in tree houses, yurts, ti-pees, hobbit homes ect free from governance and free from rules, we will produce our own power, make stuff, educate our selves, read books, play board games, sit round fires with live music, enjoy the fruits of nature and be at one with the earth, I am sick to death of all mod cons and I am sick to death of the corporate arse holes getting richer off the backs of the working class-I do not want to live no more in a slavery system, looking for people with skills that will be useful and looking for people who can put funds in to the purchasing of the land that will be held in trust, please email me, I am 35 year old male in England, and I am prepared to move to where ever, life without money to me is heaven!.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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61 Responses to “looking for like minded people to start eco-village in forest/woodland”

  1. Jane

    Did you manage to get your space, I would be interested into buying into that. You can text me on 079099 78583

  2. Ben Bartlett

    Hey, I have no idea if this is still going or if your still interested, but thought I may as well reply. I’m an 18 year old male currently travelling and am in England at the moment. If you have had any progress with this I would love to join!

  3. Kendra

    I’m a little late to this but I’m here now. I am interested in doing this in northern California. Land is cheap mild winters nice summers. I want a community away from the conformation, pressure and hierarchy and brain washing of the modern world. I can bring home or un schooling to the community to help raise our kids through hands on experience of every day life. Willing to learn anything to help out. Let’s provide a better environment for our children guys!!! Just likeminded people wanting to create a happy little village . Imagine a place where your children can be safe. They didn’t ask to be brought into the chaos we have created for ourselves and continue to follow and contribute to mindlessly.

  4. Jon

    I have been thinking of this most of my life. I’ve always been too poor to buy any land. I’ve just realised crowd funding would be the way forward. I need to learn the silks we lost but I’m willing and able. I’m 31 and living in North East UK but happy to relocate. If anyone needs help setting up a community please email me!


  5. Andrea

    Hi, I am very interested in this. I’m of the same mind set and have been looking for woodland to purchase in Scotland for some time. if the idea is still in progress let me know thanks.

  6. Beesrcul

    Guess we all kinda have the same mindset… I’m 26 from Portugal. Been thinking of going off-grid scince I was very young, but now my mind is set to face it (yey, I just got a fulljar of courage!). I’m looking for peacefull, kind people to live with. I don’t mind going abroad, even thopugh Portugal is a fantastic country (good water, soil and weather). Can anyone help? The search is getting me very frustrated, and I cannot do this by myself (I can, but it will be safer and happier with others). I know basic agriculture, and am very good at anything I put my interest in.

    Anyone with a solution?


  7. Wade

    Hey. I am for sure interested. I’m 22 and finding that I dont fit with the system. I am in America but willing to move. plastergoat@gmail.com

  8. Tiffany

    We recently reached out to a lot of the people here on this thread but as you can see not everyone included their email addresses so we could only reach out to those we could contact directly. We recently created a Forum Community that we would like to offer to members here a means of helping them organize groups that want to start their own community and discussing topics with other people with the same interests and ideas for insight, advice, entertainment, social activity, learning, etc. Everyone is welcome to the community and is welcome to express their ideas freely. We’re hoping that people interested in starting their own communities will find it useful for communicating and finding others. Even if you already have a community and would like to come and chat about your own community, please feel free to join us. I would like to see everyone there and here what progress has been made in your lives since this post was originally posted.

  9. Zephyr(Mike)

    I am a skilled bushcrafter.I have skills in farming, surviving, thriving in the woods. Building natural homes. I have forever dreamed of living in the forest with like minded people. Im willing to lay down money for land, stock u on food, etc. I am in New Hampshire as of now. I have a few people already into this idea. I hope to get this done within a 5 year time frame. I am almost 18 so I will be on my own soon. I will only be working to gain money and go live off the grid anyways. If anybody is in a group like this, or still reading this forum then please send me an email. Mbarela98@yahoo.com.

  10. Časlav

    Hey, im highly interested in your idea, can you email me for some additional info?

  11. Matt Vaughan

    Are you still looking for people to join the community ? If so i would like to join, my skill are joinery and farming on a small scale. you can email me mattewvaughan@gmail.com

  12. Craig Robinson

    Hi If this is something that has got off the ground or you are still looking to start can you let me know?



  13. AJ

    Im in! From Houston Texas ready to get off the grid. How do i begin and where can i go? If there is a group please let me know or a village already set up and looking for good people. Let me know…… a.j.root4@gmail.com

  14. Will

    I’m all for this, it’s nice to see people who think the same as me! Email me on boreychad@hotmail.co.uk

  15. Phelan adahy

    My email is phelandavis@yahoo.com just let me know

  16. Phelan adahy

    I have dreamed of becoming a naturalist who lives far away from civilization wher no other human can be found . I am about to go to wilderness college in Washington state and then after I graduate I plan on going into the wild and becoming one with nature. Living of the grid and Becoming apart of the trees and the animals the fish all connected and helping eachother to survive and live on this beautiful planet . Ever since I can remember I have hated the ways of modern day society . I find it very silly when girls are worrying about ther makeup and ther nails and hair when it’s not natural at all and actually useless In the real wild life . Humans have strayed so far from surving and they just live wasting ther short time on earth and mostly spending it on pointless life . They go to school and learn pointless stuff that they never are going to use unless that’s ther passion and then they get a job that they will do just for money and then by house and keep working and going home and doing the same thing over and over . I have planed on living and surving until I found my meal then I will trully have time to find things that will benefit my knowledge in the world . Not going to work everyday but surving everyday . Once the food is found and the water is gatherd I have time to be myself and write books and draw and paint and study animals and catch fish and truly live . That’s so more interesting than today’s life. I have been searching for people who will become apart of my life or family and become tribe or clan and live in remote part of Washington state . I have felt like an animal in a cage in today’s society . I’m truly so diffrent from any of my friends who are more worried about parties and jobs and girls and pointless stuff that wouldn’t benefit me in my journey of life . I started hunting as young boy and have gotten really good with my recurve bow . I fish a lot and I love to be outside . But hearing cars and seeing technology bothers me it has helped in some ways but hurt in other ways . I have gained a lot of intrest in Native American way of life they seem to have found life way better than today’s society . I ask for ideahs and Intrest in my dream and it doesn’t matter if I don’t find anyone because I will do it by myself . Let me know what you think

  17. Zephyr

    I am plnning on leaving society by the age of 20. I am 16. Fed up with this fake world. I want to start a village in forests of canada or mountains in sweden. Somewhere with a rich history and well hidden. I will be making goo money in marketing next year when I graduate so I am open to helping pay for land or supplies. Hobbit Homes would be cool to live. I am experience in bushcrraft, welding, agriculture, and many other outdoor skills. Why waste our lives this way? If anyone has real plans, not dreams that will never make it to reality, email me mbarela98@yahoo.com
    I cannot go on unless I can live with like-minded people.

  18. sharon


    I’m 26 years old living in Birminghanm, UK. Would like to live in nature and live a peaceful solitude life. Have a bit of savings. contact me 07944688776. S

  19. Alaur

    I live in Toronto Canada and I would like to meet peoples like me , to go off-grid
    for that I am going to need money, that I will have it in year few thousand dollaR
    so I would like to prepare my self for it and if you feel the same way please let me know email me; alaur123@gmail.com
    please don’t hesitate to email me even if you do not have money or what-ever
    I’m looking for friends to build together off-grid house or in underground house for our self and anyone can join for free. for me any country fine.

  20. Stephen Desmond

    We (my wife and I) are looking to purchase property and start a group. I would like to find some like minded couples or individuals to share the expense. We have been looking in West Virginia (low taxes, some areas have no building codes/are unrestricted) but are open to other sustainable locations. Our goal is to become a small sustainable off grid community. Size will depend on investors, though I do not want it to be over 10 households. If we end up with three thats fine too. We will not be holding a mortgage on a piece of land. The purchase will be made outright so you will need to be able to come up with funds to be a part of this. I am thinking if we can find 5 households to share a 50 acre parcel at $1000/acre that would be $10,000 each. I have seen properties both above and below this. If this is something you are interested in and is realistically within your reach please contact me. Stephen vettius001@gmail.com Timeframe is spring of 2015. There may be some other options (say if we only find three households) and still have a reasonable homestead.

  21. Mark

    Hi guys
    Just wondered if this idea got underway yet, just split from long term relationship, been on survival courses for few years now, I am selling up and gonna go walkabout for few years. This idea sounds great

  22. Nick M

    Really refreshing to read these comments and to know there are other people who share my dreams and are truely about making them manifest. My name is Nick, I live in south florida but am pretty much ready to relocate anywhere that’ll be in synch with my desire to pursue on this spiritual journey I’ve embarked on gradually over the years. I just graduated hs and I’m registered for college and work. But being that I’m 18 and this is a very transformative period in my life, I want to; make a desicion that I wont regret later on in life whether it is a success or not, get deeper into the flow of life and aware of the hidden truths in nature, and hopefully be apart of a group or community that can feed off eachothers creativity and positive energy so that we can find utopia within ourselves and maybe create a reality mirroring that utopia in our community…and nothing, to me seems as fulfilling to this as an off-grid community. I was born to a middle class Haitian family and just the past 18 years of my life have been dictated by parents and systems and rules that i feel interfere with my spiritual journey, I just want to live and help others. So hit me up, I’m in.

  23. Karl price

    I’ve bought a lot of kit as I’m going to be my house i rent this sunday quitting my job going to travel around the uk Forest to forest trying to find the best location to live as freely as I can forage all my food wish me luck my email is karlprice32@gmail.com if u want to join me

  24. Lee Allen

    Hi, I’m Lee, I’m 24 and it is my dream to get away from the so called ‘evolution’ of the human race into just mindless, robotic slaves. I would love to live for myself and those around me with the same outlook on life being about living, not just pointlessly existing. I would move anywhere and am willing to learn and work hard to contribute. Please contact me at leeallen01@hotmail.co.uk

  25. Kedo

    Is there anyone here from France interested in starting an eco-village or have already started one, please hit me up here nosedo@hotmail.fr


  26. Robert D

    you do not know me but I was reading last years posts that you had and I just bought a 10acres in the bush in south river ontario canada and I’m looking for likeminded people from the world to come together and start a life long adventure .I have a couple living on the property and I will be starting my sandbag/earthship/timber in a month.I will be asking people to rent off me as we can not do a trust in canada as the laws for liability insurance will not let people do that .so I will be the land owner and I will rent one acre pc of the property to pay for the backhoe and all the tools and to help me regain my life savings to fit this opertunity for a better life.I ask $300 canadian for rent /per month,month to month renting is that at any time you do not want to stay you are able to go with not a care of a lease or set time .for this I will let you do anything you want to on the 1 acre .the property is in a unorganized and unincorperated township on a dead end road,we are 10km from a village to get all supplies you want and 50 km from north bay a big city,so if you know of people in your group of friends please let them know
    we are trying to do the same things in Canada,my name is Bob Duchesne and my email is robduchesne@live.ca
    thank you for you time.
    p.s. we are doing permaculture ,and off the grid living simple.windmills and solar with batterys

  27. Beverley

    Looking for like minded people who want to build a Eco home. Buy land together, live a simple happy life! I live in Derbyshire

  28. Rebecca

    Hi, I am Rebecca. I agree with everything you wrote in that article. Ever since I was young I have been envious of people living in previous centuries for they were free from the sick modernity we have now. I always loved nature and am so sad that people are no longer carring nor simply looking at it. I love cooking, gardening, reading, walking in the forest, I don’t share the craze for phones and technology people around me seem to have. I am 20 and ready to travel anywhere (I live in France) if it is to leave the society I am englued in and start a fresher life with people who share those ideas. Please contact me~

  29. andy mayzak

    hi my name is andy and im 17 years old. i will be graduating highschool in 2 months and have no where to go. im not college material and i do not want to join the military like my parents have insisted… ive been dreaming of doing something like this for over a year now! i really want to enjoy life outside of mainstream society! i want to meet new people and create a Eco society with mother nature not against her! please email me any info please i have money after working for 2 years saved up to help with the start up. please please email me at froggerm3@gmail.com thankyou!

  30. Tarsem Lalli

    Hello all,
    I hope this finds you well, I am based in UK London and have been thinking of living off the land and making an eco village for some time in UK. I am interested in growing fresh food, have animals, have peaceful as well as spiritual people. All welcome regardless of race, colour or religion. I would love to have a few horse there too. I really want to get this off the ground if there are like minded people who can contribute with man power, research and ofcourse all would need to contribute towards cost please email me and lets get this started. tarsem.lalli@gmail.com

    Kind regards

  31. Hopeful Dreamer

    I to tire of being an industrialized slave contact me at ezekialham77@gmail.com

  32. Shayan Farzadpour

    Hey guys i am so down to do this. I am located in Southern California and i am so ready to coexist with the earth and all her animals! I am 20 years old and currently learning to hunt and and i have some experience in construction as well. I have a spiritual background and i feel that we are all connected by a universal energy and this energy is given to us only to be given back at some point. Lets totally do this guys!!! farzadpourshayan@yahoo.com

  33. Shayan

    Hey guys i am so down to do this! We are all connected to the earth and living things around us and i feel we need to coexist with them as well. So that being said lets get this project going!! 661.310.6910

  34. Claire25Windmills

    I’m up for this, and have some savings to put into a common pot to buy land. Email me clairemorris22 at gmail dot com and let’s get connected and hatch a plan. (Do you use skype? – mine’s clairemorris22)

  35. Samparry

    Hey guys. I am mad keen to get involved in this….so what’s the plan on attack!!!? =) samuelraymondoparry@gmail.com

  36. Chris Breeze

    Still waiting if people what to do this let me know I’m up for it now what to make the move so you can find me on facebook,Google +,or just,Email me cmbreeze84 @gmail.com and let talk, meet up,Skype, just let’s get the ball going!

  37. Chris Breeze

    Hi I’m Chris I’m from Manchester but have bin living in Oslo for 6 year always how bin into being out side and living off the land if there is still on going plan I would love to know.i can get some funding and can bring in basic skills like hunting,fishing, house building,framing, wild foods,etc.

  38. Gianni

    Hello everyone I am writing from Italy in the south, live in a beautiful hill country between the sea and the mountains, I would like to achieve an eco-village, there is’ someone who would like to share this project let me know ….

  39. Phil

    someone want to tell me why we are not making this jump while we still can?
    I posted to this site over a week ago, no response.
    yes, Elizabeth is right we need to Skype with one another. building off grid is what most of you want to do in a remote location so we grow all we need raise livestock, capture energy, collect our water you know the rest, we also need to be able to defend our homes and land. when the collapse of the nation takes place those can’t will kill for what they need. so we need to be prepared for this as well.
    our homes need to blend in at not be visible from above. I could go over many items that as a group we need to plan for.
    We can hold boot camps or training camps
    we train folks on things from a simple fire and primitive shelter to solar energy and a self sufficient homes. people are signing for survival training camps at the highest rate ever. we can offset our cost.
    if you want to set your self free and defend it and protect you family from those that will try take it,
    then email me. if you just want to dream about something for years don’t email me.
    or oldschool101@hushmail.com

  40. Elizabeth Hernandez

    You guys all read my mind! I’m 22 years old and my boyfriend and I have been dying to live off the grid! Maybe we could all arrange a chat session and throw around ideas? Please email me!!! Elliehernandez2009@gmail.com

  41. vinesh

    first of all have you guys found some community, if not then why the hell are you taking months to comment. it is so rare to find like minded people, if you can stay on facebook or twitter all day why not here. sorry for being rude, that was not anger but desperation. i’ve been longing for people who have their eyes open and when i find them its either they are already living off grid so i am not able to contact them or they just disappear. if at all u find a group and start living in the wild don go completely off grid because there are people all over the world with your similar thoughts dying to meet people like you and to die and be born as a new person. if anyone is still out there contact me at vinesh.praveen@gmail.com.

  42. Joe

    Hi I’m Joe, 21(22 in March) living in London. Ive been looking for something like this for ages and would be up for joining or helping start an Eco village. I’m tired of the city live, rude people and pointless bills. I want to live off the land. If anyone wants to give me advice on what to do now or a place to join and do this please email me at Joseph.Falica@live.com.
    Please anyone feel free to email me about this.

  43. ela

    Hi! I’m a mother of 2 and i’ve embraced eco living. i am very good in organic grow your own sowing and raw “cooking”. i can’t stand the idea of being a slave,nor my kids and feel ready to go off grid. please contact me via marsse83@hotmail.com.

  44. Max

    Hi All,

    I’m working on a project of sustainable eco-village in Ireland. The land plots will be bought using crowdfunding method. If you’re interested contact me via ‘u k e r e s t @ g m a i l . c o m’ for more info.

  45. Beverley


    I am a single parent in Derbyshire who would like to build my own low impact forever home and live a sustainable lifestyle. Looking to join groups who want the same thing

  46. Jon

    Like all of you have already said, it would be great to go off-grid and live a more fulfilling, natural life in the company (and a community) of other like minded people. This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long while. I’m a practical guy and can turn my hand to most things. I would love to hear more on this opportunity.

  47. VeganKitchen

    As far back as I can remember always wanted to live off the grid, subconsciously I have been moving to a more minimal life style.

    Would love to be part of a community were I could exchange skills/work for food shelter, and although I thinks its a cliche now (leave the rat race behind).

    Although im located in the North East of England would not mind relocating anywhere there is a realistic possibility of this.

  48. kelandu

    I am in too. I could sell my council house and out towards this. I am studying herbalism and i am trying to grow my own food. I am sick of the rat race and the fighting to keep my house, it does not work for me any more. let me know if you are still up for this, because I am )

  49. leon

    Hey Halogen I am Maltese (eu) ,I am in !
    do not leave me down here .


  50. matt

    Im in my late teens and im wondering if this little project to live in the lake district has been taken any further because im sick of my current lifestyle its the same thing day in day out, i want to be with nature! Its all ive been thinking about for three years! Id love to live in a small tribe like village in the woods!

  51. Big Ben

    Everything you described has been on my mind for a long time now. I’m just so happy to have found others who clearly hold this close to their hearts as well. I’d love to hear more and get involved, I can do a lot of the things required to set up an off grid home.

  52. ythan harcourt

    you have described my dream im interested in this very interested, please be in touch i would love to do this with you

  53. Kim Barnes

    Kim Barnes { 03.30.13 at 12:40 am }

    I am living off the grid through the summer months on a private Island in Ontario. with solar wind turbines and have done it all my self and have found out so much trying to always improve what im doing using a propane fridge 1970s still working I had a friend of mine tell me that his friend is using a electric lg fridge he said if you run the generator until the fridge makes ice that at that point it draws very little power then run it off a inverter and he swears he has no problems with it any one have any experience with this ?also from what im seeing is the solar controllers have a long way to go to me this is the biggest problem .your controller has a high set point depending on what type of battery your using most over charging a cures after 13.8 and when the suns at peak instead of filling your battery’s it trips the breaker and then wants to dump this isnt right so i have a idea instead of sending it into dump it would turn on a 30 watt light bulb at that point allows it to stop dumping and continues charging.The controller gives you a false reading and how you know this is during full sun the controller says its full but once the sun goes down you will see a realistic reading so any of you thats has more experience that me I would love to pick your branes I have built a wind turbine with a gm altenator but you have to replace the stator and rotor with a liberty style and added a 11 blades .if your trying to get enough power to get it to 12volts it has to spin at 3800rpms and that would take a fast blade and 40 mile winds to hit that with inproved rotor using rare eart magnets and the stator be wound with twice as much windings it will put out around 30 amps at 30 mile hour winds but to see winds at 30 mile a hour doest happen very often .solars is best but on windy nights it will help you well there is my input any one that has been doing this for a while again I would love to hear from you but so far 5 years using my system I have all the power I need from april through 1st week of October 500 watts of solar panels 10 agm battery’s 125 amps each run in series a 3000 watt syn wave inverter all run to the breaker box 2 master breakers one for the solar and one for the generator .there is a awesome inverter out there called the outback that works with out switching and also automaticly recharges your battery’s if the battery’s get low by starting the generator about 1800 hope this helps some of you also I hope some one that’s has more experience than me to pick your brain kim

  54. Jo-

    Hey Kids- I’m In!!! And I’ll go anywhere. I’ve been trying to make this leap for the last 11 months and have been looking into some intentional communities in California….but I’m ready to see someplace new.

  55. Joe blackledge

    There a plenty of quarter acre/half acre with is over a kilometre squared plots of land near locks the sea or rivers for around 40 thousand if 20 or more could get a few thousand each together we could do it. Keep chickens grow vegetables fish in the sea or river I’d live in a tent for all I care anything to be free from the rat race.

  56. Joe blackledge

    I get this completely have been looking at doing something like this for a while. I have long felt the need to free myself of the stresses of modern society that we have been indoctrinated into believing in. What really matters is feeling fulfilled and enjoying life to the full, not working 50 hours a week to pay tax to a government I hate and and feed evil corporations with what money I have left. The human race is being commercially farmed and i want to go free range. I live in the northwest of England have experience in cooking, growing vegetables, keeping animals and am pretty useful at whatever I put my hand to. I could get a few grand together pretty quick if this was going somewhere. Please get back to me if you have any ideas or plans . Cheers.

  57. Melissa

    I can relate to everything you said above, could you please email me so we could share info on our plan to go off grid? Where in England are you based? I have funds, have done a lot of research and am in ‘preppin mode’ right now, i.e. I’m living as simply as possible in order to gradually remove myself ever more from the system of slavery. This is not just the corporate world, it’s what you eat, how you take care for your health, what you abstain from. It’s been difficult, particularly as I’ve cut off my family and some friends but they do not understand and in fact now view me as a weirdo who’s undergoing a crisis. I do however understand their mentality as it was once my own. On the plus, the strength from sticking to convictions that go against a life no longer embraced has been a great prep for the life I look forward to embracing with others who feel the same way. Hopefully hear from you soon!

  58. New Village

    I want to do this too. We can make groups who can spend $1,000 and groups who can spend $5,000 per person to spend on supplies to get started.

  59. Cornfed

    Hey guys, I’ve been looking into this sort of idea for a while now and have come by some good leads to get started. There is a new group starting called Common Ground, they have a web site you might want to check out. It looks like a good way to get started without having to purchase land, as they own two large lots in two different locations. https://commongroundcollective.webs.com/

  60. Mario ibarra

    Contact me, we are doing this exactly.

  61. Thomas

    Hey Halo would you be willing to move to the US?