[before_listing images= youtube=null] looking to go off grid and get out the rat race, I want out the corporate system and I want out of slavery, I want like minded people who would like to buy into the purchase of a large woodland/forest, produce are own food and power, keep our selves entertained, enjoy cooking, growing, building, walking, nature ect.
A real community that stands as one, especially when the Agents of authority start to interfere, hopefully we will be well hidden and well out of reach of these horrid people, we will live in tree houses, yurts, ti-pees, hobbit homes ect free from governance and free from rules, we will produce our own power, make stuff, educate our selves, read books, play board games, sit round fires with live music, enjoy the fruits of nature and be at one with the earth, I am sick to death of all mod cons and I am sick to death of the corporate arse holes getting richer off the backs of the working class-I do not want to live no more in a slavery system, looking for people with skills that will be useful and looking for people who can put funds in to the purchasing of the land that will be held in trust, please email me, I am 35 year old male in England, and I am prepared to move to where ever, life without money to me is heaven!.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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