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I’m a 45 year old man, who’s had quite a great time travelling for 20 years.  I’m a chef by trade, and have recently returned to Canada after running my own business in New Zealand.  I am constantly disillusioned with modern living, and really want to find a simpler (But not afraid of hard work)  life.  I’m pretty handy, and have built a few commercial properties up. There’s not much I can’t do if I put my mind to it.

I’m single, so would be nice to meet a like minded woman to share the journey with.  Having said that, if there are any men out there who are also like minded and know that going this on your own would be pretty tough, and want to start a community together potentially, then that would be great too.

If I had some money  or land right now, I’d be very keen to start today.  But I don’t.  But I will.  Maybe you do? I’ve done a basic budget plan.  It would be easier and quicker to split these costs with someone. Anyhow, I have big dreams, and willing to work hard.  Anything is possible.

Feel free to email me.  a_lazic@hotmail.com  instagram is al.lazic

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One Response to “Looking for like minded people to share journey and cost”

  1. Jeffery

    I am a man that has Mechanic back ground a long with some carpentry. I have a small food stock pile and a means to defend. I have martial arts in my background s well am a hard worker. I am wanting to have a female compnion thatis also with the same mind. I have good leader ship qualities that can help get projects done I have also 10 hens and 3 roosters that will help too supply money and food. I now recieve Social security in which will always keep some thing coming in when things are needed or just plain slow. I have most all mechanics tools to take care of those specific problems that could arrive. I am a pretty good hunter, and a damm good shot when it is needed. I am not a radical, I just believe in living safely.