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[before_listing id=475 images= youtube=null] We have 3 acres with our house and are interested in meeting like minded people who would like to go off the grid.

I am Algonquin First Nation and was raised in the caucasian world because of my father. In the past five years I have reconnected with my heritage and have chosen to live off grid. I am a retired Purchasing Manager and my husband works in Logistics.

We must respect Mother Earth and treat one another with respect as well. Humanity has taken a bad turn and things are only going to get worse. The year 2012 is supposed to be a very active solar cycle and we can end up with another Carrington Event which would take down the failing grid structure.

Due to the Economic crisis & increase in siesmic and Solar activity it is best to get off the grid now and have peace of mind, body and soul. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning with the birds singing and becoming one with Nature once again, as humanity should be..

If interested please contact me.
Chi’Miigwetch, (Thank you very much in Algonquin)[landbuddy_listing id=475 youtube=null]

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