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[before_listing id=475 images= youtube=null] We have 3 acres with our house and are interested in meeting like minded people who would like to go off the grid.

I am Algonquin First Nation and was raised in the caucasian world because of my father. In the past five years I have reconnected with my heritage and have chosen to live off grid. I am a retired Purchasing Manager and my husband works in Logistics.

We must respect Mother Earth and treat one another with respect as well. Humanity has taken a bad turn and things are only going to get worse. The year 2012 is supposed to be a very active solar cycle and we can end up with another Carrington Event which would take down the failing grid structure.

Due to the Economic crisis & increase in siesmic and Solar activity it is best to get off the grid now and have peace of mind, body and soul. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning with the birds singing and becoming one with Nature once again, as humanity should be..

If interested please contact me.
Chi’Miigwetch, (Thank you very much in Algonquin)[landbuddy_listing id=475 youtube=null]

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23 Responses to “Looking for like minded people to live off Grid”

  1. Samantha Lebell

    Chi’Miigwetch I would love to confirm you and learn from you. I hope you’re doing well on your land?

  2. WANDA


  3. Robert

    Our family event off grid as of November-2013 and it is working out great. We run all the conveniences of a modern home except central air. I am in Muskoka north of Toronto, Ontario and even with a really tough winter all went well. We are totally off grid using BAE batteries for back up. We can recommend LIM Solar of Bradford, ON but NOT Muskoka Renewable Energy. To the mainstream this is still a new industry so go with the recommendation of friends and those you know that have dealt with a reputable firm rather than trying yo find your own contractor. Feel free to contact me. robw@vianet.ca

  4. Phill

    A locale where mountains meet the water is my ideal off-the-grid place to return to nature. A clean source of water, a spring being preferable, is most important.

  5. keely

    HELP US PLEASE hi i am a mother of two looking to give my children a healthy fighting chance for the future we believe in community a parents ability to teach there on children and those of others . my current problem is money we have none i am a willing able to work 27 year old i have canned grown garden to sustain us through a winter .our dream is to live in harmony with mother earth and work hard and enjoy life more thank you please contact us at ilovemynest@yahoo.ca

  6. Henry

    My message was to anyone willing to help me out. ESP the person who posted this thread…back to basics. Again my email is hsantana1884@yahoo.com

  7. Henry

    Hello I too want to reconnect with nature and I no longer want to live in an ego based society. I’m willing to help in anyway. If anyone is willing to take in a highly motivated energetic team oriented person I’m the guy for the job. I can go into more detail about myself just hit me up. If I can go help you in anyway Angela and live with you guys I would highly appreciate it. All I have to offer is the love in my heart and willingness to live for others and all living creatures. My email is hsantana1884@yahoo.com

  8. lana

    TIRED!!! looking for like minded people to travel on a no-cost budget and learn survival, building and farming skills that will helps us live off the grid. I am still young and want to learn now. I am happy people here know about the lies of the gov. my fb: lanna phoenix rising

  9. Loretta

    Live in NYC and am looking to live off the grid in a place where the mountains meet the ocean. It must be affordable because I am caring for my elderly mother and would like to have the free time and peace of mind to cherish this special time we have left together.

    Off the grid communities would work best for me. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Peace to all.

  10. lenard fisher

    I have been wanting to get away from populated texas since my parents died. I have lived in the bush of alaska and canada. I have many skills from carpentry to gardening. If anyone is interested please contack me. I am 67 years old but in superb shape.

  11. campbell33

    Hi Angela I strongly agree with what your saying im very interested in finding a place and community of like minded people. Im a 26yr old male living in southern ontario. looking to relocate to the north, If you could please email me it would be great ccampbell16@hotmail.com

  12. Fred

    I’ve done hydro and am putting in solar…. for most solar is the way to go now…. especially since panels can be had for less than a dollar a watt. I’m in NH , VT, Ma tri-state area…. If your a
    DIY type ….. you can get a system for about 1/4 the price of that commercial solar installer.
    I wish to help others and network…. hydrorescue@yahoo.com

  13. Mike

    hi angela. im like minded also. just sold a modern electric house and am going to build off grid on the shores of gitchi gumee. im building small, and well insulated. i have not made up mind if modern construction build or straw bale yet. i would like in floor heat because i have solar water panels already, i will proably make coils around a wood heater to collect additional heat and possibly have it run by heat convection hopefully.
    cabin will have a 12/12 pitch loft with one side facing south for solar water/ electric panels mounting. sip panels would be best for roof but they are so expensive, i will have to build my own and am studying ways now to keep ventilation space and moisture problems from affecting insulation. i will have drilled well running 20 amp reg pump connected to 250 g water holding tank. when i need water i will have to fire up generator but it will also top charge battery bank. toilet will be fancy compost inside and outhouse bucket(nice days) for compost pile. gray water tank will water garden.
    i have looked at many forms of alternative constuctions.yurts,hogans,strawbale,stawslip,log,cord wood,rammed earth, shipping containers,solar,wind,geothermal.(i was a journeyman carpenter specializing in weatherization research and heating, my bro is a master electrican who has done a few solar projects) other projects im hopeing to include are raised garden beds, hot tub, if i have extra hot water, passive solar windows and thermal mass heat sinks.
    so if you want to throw ideas around im game.
    ogishkimanasi. the kingfisher (ojib)

  14. Angela

    Hello Denise & Stacie
    Where are you looking at locating Canada or United States?? I have also researched the safe zones and am very up to date on the FEMA camps and all of the corruption being fed to us by our governments. We must all stick together and support one another. We cannot trust in our governments anymore and therefore getting off grid as soon as possible is advisable. I look forward to your replies.
    Miigwetch, (Thanks in Algonquin)

  15. Denise

    Between government plans with NWO and critical weather conditions increasing and threat of Solar Storm… I’m research Safe Zones to live off the Grid, or in a community with electric and water hook up for my RV.. Looking for Area away from Nuclear Reactors, FEMA camps, Fault Lines, and Gov’t Bunkers.
    Could use some advise.. Family of (2) who Trust in the Lord.

  16. Stacie

    I have been wanting to go off grid with my family, growing our own food, well, solar heat, rainwater systems and need all the advise I can get, single mother with a child. I am willing to make all the sacrifices to do it. Also interested in finding small community/communal living situation with these conditions. Any advise you can give would be great. I really admire what your doing and want desperately to do it too.

  17. Solomon Ego

    I thank this community. You have great ideas that can change this world for the better. I live in Moi’sbridge in Kenya but work in Sudan and South Sudan. I was born and brought up in a farm and for sure off grid is my next move. I’m a husband and a father of three, a son of 12, and two daughters of 10 and 3. Blessings to you all, Solomon

  18. Doreen

    We live in Arizona on 2.6 acres and want to get of grid but don’t have lots of money to do whatever is required to do so. If you could please give us advise we would greatly appreciate it.

  19. abbiegrrl

    Hi, Nessy, it sounds like you are perfectly set to have a great journey back into LIVING the life. What a steal on the land, too!! : ) My husband and I are eager to begin our journey off-grid. We have 2 boys: 11 & 18, and just picking up info on homesteading & making the move to (freedom) Blessings!

  20. Valentin

    Hey ! How is the climate up there ?

  21. Nessy

    We researched for 3 yrs what area to live in. Finally decided on Aroostock Co. Maine. 60 acres in 2010 for 25k. Self reliance living off grid and saving money is our motive. We wanted low populated area. We wanted land to farm, timber to utilize and an area to raise a few animals. The properties I searched had a working well and septic. The property we bought was once a potato farm. To our delight we found an abandoned apple orchard on it! There’s an old 14×70 trailer, that’s now renovated for storage and housing us while we build. I’m an organic gardener who keeps honey bees. My husband is a custom woodworker. Along for this merry adventure of bowing out of the rat race and living off grid is my 21 yr old son and his 21 yr old girlfriend. Both of them are looking forward to this alternative living. Especially since they decided to wait before going $10,000’s into debt for college. Establishing a homestead is their first course of study. Once the main house is built by all four of us. Then we start building the second home for them. When it comes to prepping, I’ve been prepping all my life. Canning, freezing, drying, gardening. That’s just how life was growing up on the farm. I’ve been doing this all my life. Now I get to unplug. The opportunity to continue this life style with my son and one day his family is a prayer answered. Feel free to tap my brain if I can help I will. The secret plan is to create a Village without the beast! May Peace Be The Journey!

  22. Angela

    Thanks for your email. Our contact email is as follows:
    We look forward to corresponding with you and your wife. My name is Angela and my Husbands name is David. We have one child who is now grown and 27 years old with three sons age 8, 3 & 3 months. I am trying to get my son more converted to living in harmony with Mother Earth but it has been a slow process with him. :-& But eventually he will soon realise that this will be the way of our future.
    I look forward to your reply.

  23. Solarridge

    I live in Ottawa and have believing off the grid with my wife and two kids since 2007. Would be happy to speak with you and share our experiences and lessons with you. Send me an email! Cheers…