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Dear readers, 

To give you an idea of my mind state il paste a article that sums it all up so i dont have to explain myself. If you think you know what im talking about scroll down :)


The world is completely and utterly fucked.

There’s war, hunger and inequality everywhere. Even in the most wealthy parts of the world, terrorists are still blowing up random innocent people. The government lies to you.

People behaving like mindless robots, trapped in this 9-5 rat race that makes you crazy, tired as fuck and goes against your very nature.  And to cope with that they ruin their bodies with junkfood and numb their minds watching stuff on television that they like to talk more about than their own life.

The whole world is going crazy and I’m not even insane enough to think I’m not a part of it.

The big guys care so much about money that they’re willing to fuck each other over in the process of getting rich. We are plundering the planet’s resources at an alarming fast pace. But we’re so addicted to our own luxury lifestyle that we’re not even willing to do something as simple as give up meat -or buying clothes that were not made by slaves- to help fix it.

As individuals we are fucking powerless against the big institutions or the “sheeple mentality” of those who don’t care about it. And even if you care, good luck changing the world on your own. Every time you just as much as fart, you’re contributing to climate change. (I’m not even kidding! Your farts contain methane, which is definitely a contributing factor. Though unless you’re an exceptionally prolific farter, your methane production will probably not outweigh that of the dairy industry 😉 )

We idolize people who are famous for no apparent reason other than already being famous. Rappers stopped articulating their syllables somewhere in 2010. And this generation of boy bands is nowhere near as awesome as the backstreet boys were (but of course, back then I thought they sucked ass because they weren’t metal).

We’re trying so hard to be politically correct that it’s starting to get even more offensive than the very things they’re protesting against

Everything about the society we live in sickens me. I’m going to find an alternative way to make some money, buy a piece of land far away from all this and start some kind of community with people who don’t suck (unless they suck in a pleasurable way). I think I’ll call it “PEOPLEWHODON’TSUCK-VILLE”. But if you can come up with a catchier name, be my guest. Also, if you happen to own an island that would be a good spot to start it, call me.

This is whats on my mind half of the time…



If this is whats on your mind aswell congratiolations your not a robot! ;) and i would like to meet you. 

Im 22 and i find it hard to make friends in this society since everybody of my age is obsessed with social media,likes and selfies…

I have a different view on life and how i want to live it. I dont wanna work 9-5 -> come home ->  watch tv -> sleep work, repeat… Complain about politics and have the same convo with everybody about my job and money.

I am very basic. all i need is water some food and a roof above my head. All i ask is to life with like minded people in nature being self sufficient and happy. No money game but living of favours, kindness and nature. As humans are supposed to.


Thats my dream but how realistic is it. Lets find out! I would like to meet people maybe on a discord server (google discord) so we can exchange ideas and keep in contact. We can meet up and go out on a bushcraft and talk about the ideas etc. 

I am from the netherlands but anyone is welcome to join my discord channel and have a chat with everybody in it. Exhange idea’s, dreams and plans. Though if your from de netherlands it would be nice to meet up.

If interested you can join the discord server by: https://discord.gg/NkUwsNK

Or send me a mail on dalass11@outlook.com

Bless and have a nice day.

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