I live on 14,000 sq metre finca in Mallorca. I grow all my own food (Except potatoes and rice). I have a huerta, olive groves, fruit trees , soft fruit and rear animals. I have solar panels and my own water source.

Looking to meet up with like minded people to share resources and ideas

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4 Responses to “Looking for like minded people i Mallorca”

  1. Roberto

    HI, I am also looking to connect with more like minded people. I am Italian and currently travel in my Campervan through Europe. Send me an email, would love to chat, sralfarano@gmail.com

  2. Kenneth

    Hey I’m interested, I am homeless but I don’t do drugs, I just don’t know how to deal with assholes and stress so I am desperately needing help, if I could live on someone’s property and off grid with them I am a good worker please contact me kennethlawrence74@gmail.com

  3. gregorb

    hi im interested email me and we can chat. gregbraniff1987@outlook.com.

  4. Gregor

    hi im interested email me my brother gregbraniff1987@otlook.com