[before_listing images= youtube=null] My name is Jason, I am 42 and I own 100+ acre piece of land in St Lawrence Country NY. It’s on a river and is a mix of wetland (10%, Open Field 30% and Woodland 70%). It has a well and septic and that is it. I am looking for people who would like to set up an off the grid community.

A bit about me, I am a down to earth professional, grew up in Syracuse. Moved to London England 18 years ago and am looking for make a move back to the US. I have close friends in Lake Placid and Syracuse thus the reason for the area I choose to buy. I am by no means a survivalist but I do enjoy living in a community setting. I do have a bit of background / interest in Buddhism.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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12 Responses to “Looking for like minded individuals”

  1. trey

    hey jason my name is trey im from syracuse ny,I am aslo interested in going off grid ,i love nature and meditation and living off the land ,sounds like you have the right idea,please email me blingblong09@aol.com

  2. Jack of trade

    Hi Jason, I’m very much interested pls email me. F/47/pa

  3. kirk lee roberts

    Hi all,
    I dont know if i speak for all but as for me i am so fed up with what i see and hear on a daily basis.
    People with no real purpose other than to work in dead end jobs and then go shopping and be skint within days only to do the never ending cycle again again. This is not for me atleast.

    People in general do not care for any thing other than to gain what they can or take from others, again this is not for me,

    Noise is another thing, Society if you can call it this has become a very noisy place, You will know what i mean if you live in London on the outskirts .

    My plan would be simple –
    Go off grid – self reliant.
    Plans are already in place but would love to talk and hopefully meet up with like minded people, i hope there are many like me.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    All the best.

  4. LoveHiking

    Hi Everyone, thanks for all your messages. Feel free to drop me a line at the following address.


    Or drop you email on here and I will contact you.

    All the best

  5. LoveHiking

    Hi Ivan, Thanks for the earthships suggestion. What a great idea. I know the weather up there isnt to everyone’s taste :) but an earthship would work really well.

  6. Quentin


    21 year old male here. My 22 cousin tom are looking for the same thing. We have also studied Buddhism and believe in ‘the way of the world.’ We feel like we could benefit this off grid community by having a gathering every so often and reminding everyone to stay positive, and always carry about good energy. Also, two athletic and smart guys who are capable of virtually any work. Have plenty of technologies that are worth money. Pawning those we could have money for supplies and other things we could bring to the community. email if interested

  7. Cornfed

    Hey J, we’re in lower NYS and very interested. We live in a 30 ft RV and so are mobil to locate pretty much anywhere at any time. We’re also alreay totaly self sufficient, so getting started is that much more simple.. All sorts of tools and equipment to bring to the table. Email us, lets get this project off the ground:) Cheers! Tom & Marilyn tg2lynch@yahoo.com

  8. sarah

    I am 30. Female. Educated. Very capable and clever. Interested in your idea, and seeking similar environment. Let’s exchange more information about this via email.

  9. Ivan

    I like your idea your to far north to cold! Did you look at Earthships? I love that idea as well!

  10. Mitchell McCall

    My highest ideal is to live in harmony with nature, to design and build structures using sacred geometry in alignment with the cosmos in accordance with the unchanging laws of the Universe. I aspire to find others with similar ambitons to see the Vision through towards it’s manifestation with guidance from the Supreme Architect of All.

  11. Mitchell McCall