WHO WE ARE LOOKING FOR: We are looking for other like-minded couples (free-thinking Libertarian or Moderates) to join our off-grid community.

ABOUT THE LOCATION: Our ideal site is located in a small rural county on 28 acres in Florida on a large lake. This will be a PRIVATE community with a gated entrance only for community members. We believe we have the most ideal location picked out although it is not purchased yet (and may be sold before we purchase it.) The off-grid development will have a maximum of 48 homes. Once the lots are full, we will not grow any larger. The roads are already in, and paved. All sites are surveyed and have hook ups. The solar panels farm location is cleared and level.

This community is NOT for those without money, or those that want to live in an RV, haul their own water, cook over a fire, or live without electricity. This community is for those that want to be self sufficient using wells / rain water, solar power, solar hot water, electric car (or car free!), golf carts, and yet still have instant pots, clothes dryers, and air conditioning. It is for those that don’t want to receive a power bill, water bill, sewer bill, cable bill, or pay vehicle tax, property tax, or income tax (sorry… you *may* still owe Federal Income Tax). Unlike other communities, to live here, you should be independently wealthy, an entrepreneur, or be able to work for your employer from home. Kids are welcome if they are home schooled. We envision community gardens, farming areas, a shooting range, a community center with a community dining area, pool & fitness center, walking paths, and a playground for the kids. Only those who are looking for a community like this should contact us to let us know they are interested.

We would like to build the homes as a community project. New members can help build the home they will live in while staying with an existing member. Homes will be super energy efficient, hurricane proof, with tornado shelters. Homes will be between 800 sq ft. and 1500 sq ft. We will build a solar farm that will harness enough energy to power all the homes. We will collect rain water and filter it for drinking, toilets and showering. Toilets will flush to an already permitted on-site treatment plant (required by Florida) but showers, sinks, & laundry will go to gray-water tanks for irrigation and to extend the life of the treatment plant.

There will be a governing council. Council seats are available only to those who contribute a minimum financial investment. (If you are not on the council, you still have a voice – just not a decision making vote.) The community will have a set of rules that everyone will be expected to follow. You will be provided the rules before you decide to buy into the community. (All rules are for the peaceful enjoyment of the property for everyone in the community.) No one will own their home, or land… you will instead own a share of the non-profit business which will own the community (ie. all the homes, the land, animals, crops, improvements, etc.)


We are a married couple in our 40’s. We’re empty-nesters looking for a secluded life away from all the mask wearing sheeple who just do whatever the government tells them to do… without question. We feel like we’re alone in our mindset, but we know there must be others that are fed up with the status quo, and wish they could move somewhere BETTER… somewhere free. We will have to downsize to make this transition, but we’re looking forward to living a more sustainable life, reducing our carbon footprint, and sharing our ideal life with others who want the same thing but just don’t know where to find it!

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2 Responses to “Looking for Libertarian couples for off-grid community in Florida”

  1. Sinder Brock

    Hello my husband and I are interested in this type of community . Where is it ? And can we get more info?

  2. Nic

    Hello, I saw this post and think it is awesome what you are doing. I am sure you have found community members by now as I am writing to you in 2021, but I was wondering – how does one undergo making such a community? Did you have certain resources you read or referred to in the process of building this? I am very much interested in building self-sufficiency on a smaller scale for my family in the coming future. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thank you.