[before_listing id=302 images= youtube=null] Hello everyone, I am earthkeyper the once past owner of Pathways in Clifton of Cincinnati, a spiritual based store. I am now on the off the grid quest and trying to bring people together for the same purpose. Currently we are looking for land and have already started acquiring materials to build an eco friendly existence. I am very open to new ideals and have background and knowledge in Art, Carpentry, Organic Gardens, Alternative Architectural Design, and many other talents geared towards off the grid living. I believe that Love is Respect, Respect yourself, Respect Each other,and Respect the Earth. So if this seems to fit you please contact me at earthkeyper@yahoo.com
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6 Responses to “Looking for land”

  1. Greg

    Looking for cheap mountain land. To buy with creek on it. Between 7000 to 20,000. With owner financing optional. Looking for rural terrain.
    Please send property pictures so I may view the terrain.

  2. Tam

    I am also looking to go off the grid in the future. I was raised in the country, and trained by the military. I would like to find a like minded community in the Ohio-WV area to fulfill this dream.

  3. Jim Kiser

    I have army training , and sufficient gear for field surgery . I was not a medic, but i have set my oun broken bones twice. And done self dentistry 3 times. I have put stitches in my friends hunting dogs several times. i know how to filter water for drinking. I know how to build structures to stay out of the weather. I can process game. And thats just a few things I can bring to the community. Which is what I am looking to join. A self sustaining community off the grid. But I am convinced I cant do it alone. Everyone has to sleep sometime. I come very well equiped , body armor and other esentials needed to keep out the bad guys. And yes, I am concerned about Dec,21.2012 That is why I am looking for a small group to join . I may be 46 years of age . But I have a great deal of knowledge to share.

  4. jim

    i am retired. was a electric contractor for 7 years
    and a maintenance supervisor. i have been looking to a small very remote place ,with fertile and gently rolling / some hilly but not the side of a mountain land . it should have a year round stream for power mostly wooded (heat). ps. i am a christian, wife also. contact me @ frownface@msn.com

  5. dennis mcqueen

    i would love to live off the grid me and my wife have been talking about it for quite a while im not sure how this thing works but im a truck driver and my wifes a nurse ready to sell everything but some tools and my rv and take my 5 kids and get away from the goverment we currently live in greensburg in and we have also been wanting to build our new cob house for along time im a handyman and know how to build feel free to contact us at denniswmcqueen@gmail.com

  6. cody

    That’s exactly what im looking to do.. considering just going to a national forest and hoping its big enough to get lost in.. leaning towards sequoia