[before_listing id=0 images= youtube=null] My husband and I are in the process of acquiring land upon which we’d like to build an off-grid, passive solar home (probably an Earthship). We’d also love to build a community of like-minded people, who value living in harmony with our natural environment. We are looking for suitable land in the foothills east of Sacramento, CA, as this is close to our jobs and family. We are looking for any helpful advice, guidance, resources, funding options, architects/builders with Earthship experience, and permaculture specialists. [landbuddy_listing id=0 youtube=null]

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11 Responses to “Looking for land to build an Earthship”

  1. Linda

    I am in the Sac area too and am wondering if you or anyone that has responded to you has gotten anything together in this area or in the foothills. The foothills are looking better and better to me all of the time. I am an edible garden designer who uses a lot of permaculture practices and also I create gardens using a food forest platform. For the person who was inquiring about how drought would affect this type of living, well now that they’ve passed the no water collection laws, it affects it in a huge way. This being another reason for me wanting to get off the grid.

  2. Carisa L

    I am a Sac native and eventually want to go off grid just wanted to put out there that some of the counties in the foothills and valley do not allow composting toilets. I learned from a land owner wanting to make his placer county property off grid

  3. Asia Wilcox

    I live in Sacramento and I have similar dreams, and while they are years from fruition I am willing to offer woman power when you begin clearing land and constructing. The experience is payment enough for me.

  4. Macy Webster Ramirez

    I too am seeking land in Austin, texas to build on! sadly i don’t have the finances to buy it, but am looking for free land or others to join me in this quest. good luck! Also Joann thank you for the information about the chronic illnesses; i myself am quite sensitive to such things and have wondered what health risks are related to using cob/recycled goods. thanks!

  5. Eliza Kieding

    hoping to build one day too..

  6. Derek

    I live in NorCal, and was wondering if anyone knew about how the low rainfall here would affect the off grid water collection. Since you can only use the water from rain/snow, would that be a problem compared to living in a wetter climate?

  7. Mike

    1 comment w/re: to “Earthship Syndrome” as a biochemist: http://earthship.com/offgassing
    Note that the study referenced has no connection or conflict of interest with Earthship Biotecture.

    My wife and I have just returned from staying in the Euro Earthship, where it was -10 degrees F outside while 70 degrees inside, and am planning to build one in Northern CA near Lake Shasta.

    My greatest concern with your plan is that the Sacramento area, 2nd only to the gulf coast, is a major flood risk. Hopefully, the foothills you are referring to are at such an elevation as to avoid this concern.

    I look fwd to seeing your dream become reality.

    Be well.

  8. Yari

    Interested in the same things! willing to put in woman and man power and whatever resources my fiance and I have.

  9. Christy

    If you’re doing passive solar, you should definitely check out hybrid solar generators at http://www.mopollc.com. Should you need to use them, they run quietly off battery stored energy. It’s an amazing generator designed by a PV solar industry veteran, with similar units deployed to Japan last year after the tsunami.

  10. Heather

    Hi are you building a commne Im intested in participatting and my husband know how to install solar panneling.I would like to build an earthdome or a house of that nature. Im currently a collge student in Sacramento. Im also a good gardener. My husbad used to help build pools for a living. Im looking to get back to a more natural way of living so please respond.

  11. joannhopes

    Hi, Since you used the word “earthship” I feel compelled to offer my two cents. My sister lives off-grid near the Taos, NM Earthship community. She recently told me that there is a new illness called Taos Earthship Syndrome or Earthship Syndrome. She said almost every family in the earthship community have at least one chronically ill person and they are connecting it to the used tires and used rubber items used to build an earthship. I encourage you to do extensive research pertaining to each material you plan to use in building and operating your off-grid home. I also wish you the very best. I hope to build an off-grid home someday.