[before_listing images= youtube=null] hi,currently we live in elnira,ny. we r looking for land within bout an hour n half from sayre,pa. hoping for 3 acres or more,must have fresh water. prefer near gamelands away from those natural gas wells.mostly open but with some trees or woods. doesnt have to b much ,just a start with septic n well.
if someone has the homestead but aren’t currently raising much let me know. b glad to help fire your place up. also we r nterested in meeting like-minded ppl to get to know,toss ideas with,etc. if we had enuf for a small community that would work nicely. more ppl means more land ,ideas,help with chores,etc. if shtf than we would b safer as well.
i’d really like to get some gardens planted this spring n start raising a cpl pigs,chickens,etc also.as well as get a winter supply of wood stacked.
lots of ppl here seem to b farther away or havent got a place to start yet. if there was enuf of us working together we could afford a better place for sure. i am very skilled in mibile homes but we could build cabins as well. lerts talk ideas.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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