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I am looking at 74.73 ha land with a waterfall in Tasmania the price is $200,000 but I need to get a loan so I want to share it to get help paying off the loan once it is paid off the land will be free to the ones helped me pay the loan off

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8 Responses to “looking for land buddies”

  1. Kelli

    Am 45, looking for someone to live off grid and share life.

    • brokenscarecrow

      hello howl r u,my name is dale i have always wanted to live off the grid and just b left alonei am very versed in wilderness survival.i would love to talk more,be safe and peace

  2. parallexmike

    OK I just set you an e-mail its kind’a long sorry.

  3. parallexmike

    Something to consider
    Get four people to pay 55,000 and you help them with citizenship as a skilled migrant.
    For instance you can hire the skilled worker to raise your chickens or other livestock.
    You can hire a Permaculture enthusiast to help you with your farming.
    And I’m sure you can even hire a fitness professional to teach classes for your workers to keep them in shape.
    I could keep going and sure you get the point.
    Each one of these people will pay 55,000 to help you to be for the land and build a small community
    I’m sure if you want more than just four people you can bring the price down and have six or seven.
    The Permaculture farm can be run with just two people.
    Let me know what you think

  4. C

    What is your email address?