[before_listing images= youtube=null] I am a father and husband who is looking to get off the grid in the Puget Sound area. I have been looking on the Olympic Peninsula and out to Lewis County in Washington.

I am eager to get started ASAP. If the price is right, I can buy the land now.

The plan is to buy the land, put up a temporary shelter while I build the permanent shelter.

I would love some help when things start working together for the build.

I’d also be eager to help others who are building.

– Steve[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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4 Responses to “Looking for land and community”

  1. Dan

    We are looking at 68 acres for our village, if you want to talk more about going in on that with us please get in contact with me. The land is in Lewis county and we are currently in Puyallup. Would love to set up a meeting

  2. Wingless

    Hello, my name is Aaron.

    I live in Jacksonville, FL and have since ’97. I lived in Whidbey Island naval housing twice in my childhood and have longed for the beautiful, misty and rugged terrain of the pacific northwest ever since. I am an artistic, philosophical dreamer with a wise head on my shoulders and know with certainty after working the gamut of warehouse, office, retail and construction jobs that I have not only the skills and ability, but the knowhow and determination to be of great help in your endeavours.

    I’m currently working a government job in medicare and it’s sucking the life out of me at the age of 26. I have a house I rent and an amazingly beautiful girlfriend full of the spoils I’ve obtained in this world of superficial materialism. We hate every morning we have to wake up and pay our dues to a corrupt and fallen society. We want to live the way we want to and to relish in the joys and freedoms of living free and human. The 9-5 isn’t good enough anymore.

    We want to wake up every morning knowing that if we do nothing, we will die. We want to know that our actions matter and determine the way our lives will go. I want to plant and raise crops, fish, build a home constantly; make art, music, and write about my experiences. I want to live life as man was meant to live, free of the confines of arbitrary money based on nothing. I want to be a man.

    I grew up living on the grid, but my spirit never accepted it in all my years thus far. I’ve always wanted out, to be a better being. To use my skills not in the pursuit of money, but in the pursuit of life and expression.

    I want to taste the fruit of my labor.

    Email me if you think this able-bodied fool is worth putting to work and keeping company for the long haul. Email me if you want someone to swap ideas with and to succeed both on and off the grid. Because I have tenacity to make the world bend to my will if given the right avenues.

    Aaron in Jax, FL

  3. Marie

    Steve; Mark,
    I am new to this site, just stumbled on it.
    I wish to remain anonymous relating to the property and the area described below.

    There is a parcel, a bit under 10 acres, on private gravel road [a cul-d-sac]; nearest tiny City is about 5 miles from the property.
    Owning it may be a hardship for the current owner. The owner of this property may be very glad to sell it–If legally arranged, he may be willing to sell it as RTO or such.
    It’s been hard-won over decades, finally paid off.
    This year is the 1st time the taxes have apparently not been paid.
    The current owner has been said to not want anything to do with it, as he’d been coerced by family, into ownership against his wishes.
    It would be a shame to let the County take it–they’d gain far too much power by invading that neighborhood.

    The property alone may be valued at about $74K
    There are some items on it; family seems unable or unwilling to come fetch them.
    These items may or not be part of the sale–in addition to the property cost:
    ==a 5th wheel trailer,
    ==a wrought iron vintage Victorian pavilion,
    ==a fiberglass greenhouse.
    ==2 reinforced concrete slabs: one is about 13’x17′, the other is about 13′ x 16′, used fiber-reinforced concrete, with perimeter rebars, deeper footing at perimeters.

    It’s in Grays Harbor County WA.
    Other owners along that private road are into Organic Permaculture.
    Most lots have had permitted buildings, but a few have no-permit structures in the limits that County allows.
    There are no religion promoters on that road.
    No permitted livable structures are on this place.
    No well, no services there, yet.
    Just the land.

    Multiple elevations to the long-skinny lot.
    It’s about 200’+ above sea level at the road.
    It’s basically clay-silt–very little sandstone.
    Plenty seep springs perk thru the area.
    County mandates at this time, engineered septics that have pumps, use power, cost about $15K–unless you use approved composting toilets, which allows about 50%

    decrease in leach field size/cost.
    It -might- be possible to get permit for a “siphon system” that is basically a gravity system without power.
    With judicious tree cutting on the front, there’s plenty solar access and place for a home nearer the little road, and there’s a potential spring that one could cultivate, as long as

    you didn’t tell County [they mandate wells]. The back half has less mature trees. Fir, alder, mostly.

    ==Costco,Tumwater, is about 25 miles away.
    ==Providence hospital, Olympia, is about 35 miles away.
    ==Centralia Hospital is about 25 miles away [but avoid using that one!]
    ==A new tiny hospital just got built in Elma, about 20 miles away.
    ==A -V.A.- CBOC [VA Out-patient Clinic] is in Chehalis, about 30 miles away–otherwise, VA hospital is at American Lake or Seattle.
    ==PUD is at the road, but none ore forced to hook into that; you can however, generate your own power, and sell excess back to PUD.
    PUD Power outages happen, especially in winter, but not for long.
    ==Phone lines are accessible at the road: Qwest/CenturyLink is the service out there.
    ==Cell phone service may be spotty unless you get a signal booster.
    ==CenturyLink offers DSL as a stand-alone service, via phone line, only it’s slowest offering–about 1.5 megs. You can use VOIP phone via internet, drastically cheaper than

    CenturyLinks’ landline.
    ==The area can be cut off for a few days during a winter flood.
    ==County maintains the County roads; residents along the private road are supposed to work together to maintain their gravel road.
    ==Wild animals exist there: a few black bears, deer, elk, plenty small game. Lots of rodents.
    Learn to live with them all synergistically and they leave you alone, and welcome you as brothers.
    ==There are numerous food plants indigenous to region like nettles, berries, etc.
    ==Closest Grocery Stores are at Rochester, about 10 miles, or Elma, about 20 miles–or limited groceries from local tiny quicky-store, about 5 miles.

    I would like to see this property owned by friendly people willing to help others; basically law abiding, avoids harming others, are sensible, educated, compassionate, unswayed

    by gossip, willing to work together without over-lording others; sane, even-tempered, reasonable and rational.
    How you make money to pay your bills, and pay for this property, is your business, as long as it does no harm, and helps keep the area clean and healthy.

    A few people on that road have historically behaved rather badly towards certain others.
    A couple owners seem to believe they have more rights than others, or, live in their sob stories as excuses for bad behavior, and using their sob stories to get what they want, at other’s expense.
    As with any location, there are good people who behave badly.
    Plenty others are wonderful.

    As long as you present a good working plan to County and get permits, they will let you do what you plan as presented to County Planning.
    County’s focus is on A] money, and B] being easily able to sell properties to mainstream American owners–so it might be a hard sell to get permits for alternative buildings–though not nearly as hard as in Thurston, Lewis and other Counties.
    County lacks their own Engineer, so generally knee-jerk answer is “no”, unless you have engineered plans they can grok.
    County wants a septic first, then well, to start.
    One owner lived in an RV while they built a manufactured home, all by County rules.
    Yet, across the road, the entire place was developed a bit at a time, out-of-pocket, no permits at all–just allowed the assessor to come in and assess value on everything after-the-fact.

    IF you feel you are such, and are interested in this, please contact me at chimonger at gmail dot com

  4. mark wolford

    To whom it may concern

    My name is Mark Wolford , I am a single man of 44 years and I live in the center of Seattle . At this time my house that I rent has been sold and I am currently looking for a new place to live.
    I am a master carpenter and an accomplished musician and I hope to capitalize on those skills. I am contacting people on the internet to network with like minded people.
    I also wanted to write this manifesto so people knew exactly what I was looking for .Unfortunately I do not have a defined set of parameters to give people an idea of what I want. Basically my wish list is determined by my finances . Either I can buy land and build a portable house or I could build the portable house and rent to own some land.
    At this point I want to build a portable house on a trailer as seen on Tiny house . com. The first question I get is where am I going to park it. That is where this manifesto comes in. At this point I have enough to build my trailer and continue to save until I have to move. After building the trailer a perfect world would include buying land with no septic and I do not know if I want to be completely off the grid or if the local building codes even permit alternative housing.
    I could live with power making strides to become self sufficient , from the research I have done it is not so easy or inexpensive, I can prepare for that as time goes on.
    I am healthy, but I do have a medical condition that needs to be managed. I do not report income so that i can receive medical , but that means that a bank will not give me a loan. It appears that the people I will be contacting are not dismayed that I have not plugged into the financial debt slavery matrix. I have visions of a community of like minded people to live around , however I do not take community building lightly . It takes 3 years to form a working community with people . In my time in the city I have done active community building with the International order of Odd Fellows and church and p patch (urban gardens). It is a skill that I admire in other people and have to work on it myself .
    After the invention of research on the internet , I became enlightened , disgusted and helpless all over a course of ten years , but my resolve to counter act all the confusion is to love one another. I feel empowered and inspired when I do this . I help homeless kids at the place where I go to church and it is not easy , but it is the decision i have made to contribute to humanities time on earth.
    If you are a person that is part of an off grid community or just have land please contact me so I can find out where these places are and what they are like , I may come visit. It seems to be a toss up of having a home or property , in a perfect world I would be able to pay for both. I am aware that both are not cheap so I do not expect a free ride. At this point I feel comfortable saying that I have 20 grand to play with.
    On a personal note I believe that I would be a person that would be an asset to a community with my 20+ years in the carpentry trade. I would also describe myself as a music historian that has studied and been educating myself on Americana music. I am a professional drummer, I can play all great music that was invented in america, blues , country, polka, jazz, . I will keep my drumset and a guitar , but if somebody contacts me soon enough then I can bring my B-3 with a leslie to my new location , but due to space constraints have made mental preparations to sell it . I am currently dedicated to wasting as much time petting and walking with my dog as I can while I am on planet earth.