[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hi :] I am a 27 year old male, college educated in civil engineering and art looking for land for use in the following Mission Statement: I will build a comfortable independently sovereign lifestyle free from corporate, religious, and political authorities. I will dedicate my time toward happiness and truth by cultural de-conditioning through personal, philosophical, and artistic development.

The land I am looking for is a single acre on a slight slope facing south for a very small off-the-grid residence. No existing utilities necessary, although access is a plus. Must be part of a healthy freshwater aquifer for well drilling. I am currently designing a steel frame earth-ship type of home that uses passive solar heating, and passive geothermal cooling, and a combination of outdoor/indoor living spaces so a temperate climate is preferred, which is why I am focusing on the central California area around where I currently live, although a region is not set in stone for me. I have spoken with conventional real estate agents and none are familiar with the concerns of off-the-grid land purchases, or what I need to know about county zoning, subdividing, as well as building code applications. This is where I feel stuck, because there is not industry for these concerns I cannot study any specific standard practice, so I am eager to hear advice and stories from people who have completed similar projects! I am in contact with county representatives but the process of gathering information is going slowly.

I am an open-hearted minimalist, and a free thinking artist. I honestly believe that building toward this visionary lifestyle will best exemplify the tenants of love, respect, and mutuality that we all give into and take from the human experience :] If you have advice, or know how I can better achieve these goals, please let me know![landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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4 Responses to “Looking for Land :]”

  1. Rhea

    I’m looking to move off the grid.. Would love to build a natural house.. Im great at farming, building and hunting and fishing… My father would also love to move off the grid.. And after i get my land situated with a house id love to bring my kids too.. I just need a free piece of wooded land with freshwater access.. I’m willing to work out some bargaining for trade of land or will help land owner with work. Any clues where I could locate this?

  2. Txebb

    Actually living in a state with either less or no building codes would be your best bet in my opinion. Here in Texas, it’s a joy to erect structures without having to worry about some government diktats. As long as it’s outside of city limits only septic is regulated, anything else is clear. So you might want to check into other locations and not deal with trying to fight a highly regulated system. There are more than enough horror stories about people who are victims of such systems.

    Good luck.

  3. Deb

    ground available on south slopeing hill. area requires 4acre minimum. great climate hills all around, ground is classed ru4. in arizona southeast foothills. if interested send e mail ill get some pics.

  4. Chris and Anne ,Andrew and Tiffany

    we are a farming Intentional community forming in Virgina, we already have two families looking for more and to increase our land, with another twenty acres as soon as we have more members, .intentions of living of the grid and maintain self sustainability is our groups major goals we also raise our own food . we already have 9 acres with fresh water streams and wells, – we raise Alpaca’s and free range chickens as well as Goats., just down the lane and around the corners is a friends who have there own place with fresh water ponds and raise geese, apples and their own gardens.