Many people come to this site with a dream – They want to cast off this consumerist world and live off the grid.

Some achieve it.

Anyone can use the LandBuddy facility on this site to introduce themselves and talk about what they are looking for. Then others can find them and groups can form so people help each other, pool skills and resources.

There are no typical postings – everyone is different – Here, by way of an example, is a recent message from someone calling himself HardHead:-

“I am new to this website, but by no stretch of the imagination new to the concepts of living off the grid as some call it, self-sufficiency as others conclude, and to tell the truth, I really do not know why I decided to speak up.

Nevertheless, in my time I have met many either attempting to pull away from the mainstream and others living what I refer to as a life filled with dualities, some have cursed my views and way of life while others get a dreamy look in the eyes.

Granted there are all sorts of techno-jarnigan that describes this relatively young and on the rise way of life and living, and now having several homes under my belt, some think living has to be just a line or bar above caveman, when in reality, and if one uses the common sense God gave them, one’s own unusual accommodations as well as the materials used to construct it can make for some pretty spectacular living spaces, and lucrative as well, with my last small fully functional farm selling for nearly $200,000, as the fellow saw it and just could not live without it.

I guess one thing I try to pass along to those looking for “The Free Life”, is by no stretch of the imagination is living free, but it can be extremely cheap and still deliver the many comforts that all home owners seek.

While maybe some sort of rudimentary latrine was required at first as well as water delivery system, once my digs were completed, running water, lights, sewer system, and even internet and telephone.

Currently I live not to far from Houston, just northeast to be exact, my monthly living expenses for a family of four runs about $200 per month, $89 of this is the land note, but civilization is slowly encroaching upon me and it is time to find more suitable location to exist.
So I guess it could be said that I come in search of unrestricted property, and if you know of some, give me a shout.

Looking for no more than five acres, and I am also in search of PRODUCTIVE conversation with like minded people, as me nor anyone in my family is one of those doomsdayers or full out para-military survivalist, just folks that are a plain as the dirt we work.

So there it is, do with or take from it what you will.”

Thanks HardHead – We look forward to hearing more – Please note – you need to register on the site, choose a username and click on the validation email, before you can post on LandBuddy – this is to protect the community.

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2 Responses to “Looking for Land”

  1. Ray (USMC, RET.)

    Hello, the wife and I are looking for some land in the pacific northwest. looking to be OFF Grid with 5-10 acres. I am not very computer savy . kids are all grown and we would like to start-a-new, by getting out of town as soon as we can. I do have a steady income,

    I would appreciate any and ALL help in this matter. if you hear of anyone having land for sale, or know of any other sites that would get me to the places I need and of course I would like it as cheap as possible.
    not out of the running would be a community, provided that you are far enough away from others to do as we please .
    If you have any info for me at all please contact me via e-mail ( ) thanks you for your time..


  2. Bill Richard

    I’m interested in helping people get out of the cities and onto their own places. I’m willing to talk and perhaps we can make a deal that works for both of us. I find and buy small rural places of up to 5 acres, then turn them to folks who want out of the rat race. I’ll work with you to make it happen. email me at to talk.