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I am looking for any and all information about how to live off grid and completely independent from current society.

Specifically looking for local resources for surviving in the wilderness.

I want to have a home where I can live self-sufficiently so I can concentrate on living my life.

I have zero experience and little money so any help would be much appreciated.

I am always looking for people to talk to and bounce my ideas off of so feel free to get in touch with me.
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3 Responses to “Looking For Information/Local Resources”

  1. David


    Email me and we can talk. Been thinking of going to Slab City and wouldn’t mind another along to help out. (

  2. Moloch

    Interesting thoughts.
    And to clear things up, I don’t want to get away from people and live like a hermit, I just want to have a place I can get away to and not have to worry about bills and owing people money.
    Thanks for the link.

  3. Chris Roberts

    You can always make a underground house .Make a water well.Life suck wife out others make sure to make friends with people .Before you leave us little Sun God Moloch.

    If u go please never take for the poor .And always give to the poor and oppressed if it is in your means.