[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hi all, I’m Journey along with my husband Stone and our two little ones. For the past 6 years we’ve tried to buckle down and save so that we could live our self-sufficient dream. But, life happens, government happens and we haven’t been able to get ahead. We want to stop contributing to this society and it’s games. Along this path however, we’ve obtained many skills and studied all aspects off living off-grid. We’ve been lucky enough to get as far as moving out of the usual housing into our Rv. Currently we’re travelling around the U.S. for Stones work.
We’ve known that we wanted to live with other earth-minded people for a very long time now. We’re hoping to find a community with other kids so our girls can have a healthy social life as well. So, we’re putting our “feelers” out here to see if there are any co-ops already started or people looking to start that would like a couple hard working down-to-earth people. We are all physically fit and in perfect health. We are vegans mostly Raw and are spiritually in-tuned. Stone is a green electrician (AC/DC, solar power, generators), he has knowledge and experience with all types of construction, gray water/filtration systems, composting, organic gardening, growing a variety of gourmet mushrooms (organically), overall very mechanically minded. I on the other hand also love gardening naturally, composting, sewing, crocheting making our own detergents and cleaners, canning veggies, cooking but I prefer preparing raw meals and I love building anything and generally working hard. We both have been studying permaculture, at home herbal remedies, Raw food, and spiritually.

Currently we’re headed to Wisconsin for work, but we are willing to go pretty much anywhere when we find the right people/place. Our dream is to live and share love harmoniously with nature and good people. We want to teach our children love, compassion, how to live peacefully within nature and how to live life purposefully.
Looking forward to communicating with you all, Sending lots of love, Namaste[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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8 Responses to “Looking for Home :)”

  1. Renee

    I love this site! I’m seeking to find likeminded
    individuals 50 + to live in a off grid community.

    If that starts off with a RV trailer and building from there, I’m open. Would consider North & South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.

    Also it would nice to have a single man who’s likeminded living OTG like myself.

    I live in Sacramento CA at the present time, but I plan on being out of California no later than December 1, 2014. Email is suvluvtodrive at aol dot com. Looking for land with nearby creeks, lake or a river and a place to grow a garden.

  2. amy

    Please contact :) I have land and I am willing to share it. Single mama raising two kids tipi style in northern wi. Looking to create a hunter/gatherer low tech agriculture clan. Needing hardworking non drug using folks to keep the dream moving forward, to share and grow! Potential for a small income with my tipi retreat business. send an email to tipiretreats@gmail.com and you could check out my website at

  3. Kyrie

    Wondering where you have settled, if you have yet and what your current plans are. Please email me with an update and if you have found others to join in your community. I’m very interested in this lifestyle as well!

  4. Journey

    Hi, I realized I didn’t put my contact information, my email address is peacecanoe@yahoo.com. Drop me a line anytime, thanks :)

  5. butterflymama212

    Hi Journey!
    My names Vanessa and I’m starting a community off the grid with my boyfriend and son, along with 5 other people who are interested (so far). We share the exact same views on a lot of things. I think our ideas and desires about living off the grid and the type of community are one in the same. We are very earth based people who feel more at home in nature than in a neighborhood. I was desperately to raise my son away from the societal expectations and government corruption. I want to teach him what really matters in life and expose him to all the harmony and beauty our earth has to offer. I would love other kids around so, like you said, they can have a healthy social life. I want to go back to the ways of the old and bring out all of our inner hippies! :-) If you have any interest in joining in with us, take a look at my post on here for more info >>> https://www.off-grid.net/2013/07/17/want-to-build-off-grid-community/ or email me at butterflymama212@gmail.com

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  6. Journey

    Thank you so much barb! I admire you for your strength and will to do what feels right and by yourself, wow. I can only imagine what a great life your making for yourself and your son. I know my family and I will make it, being free from the system and living naturally is what puts the fire and drive into myself and stones souls. I send you all the love and light I can to help you on your path. Thank you again for leading the way barb :)

  7. Barb

    Hi Journey,
    I am a single mom living in Nova Scotia, Canada with my 13 year old son. Six years ago I bought 55 acres and have been working hard to create an off-grid life on a small budget. It’s coming together, but has very little appeal and makes no sense to the friends I have who do not understand the concept of voluntary simplicity. It’s been a lonely undertaking here I’m sorry to say.
    Nonetheless, I just wanted to say that I admire your vision and believe that the two of you with all your skills will be able to do remarkable things!
    Sending positive thoughts!

  8. kate427

    Hi I’m Kathryn. My friend Ben and I have been educating ourselves on self sustainable living and have intentions on moving forward with our dream. We particularly like cob homes, theyre beautiful. We recently visited Northern Arkansas, ozark are. And knew this would be a wonderful place. I saw an ad posted for already off the grid land for sale in that area but it was posted awhile back. Saw your ad and wanted to get in touch. We currently live in St Louis, MO. We are wanting to live with nature and spirit driven and be an inspiration to others, maybe house a healing center, camp for kids. Reminding others how wonderful it truly is to be connected so intentionally with nature. We are hoping to connect with like minded people on this journey and move forward. My email is Kathrynclark08@gmail, Thanks! Much Love!