[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hi all, I’m Journey along with my husband Stone and our two little ones. For the past 6 years we’ve tried to buckle down and save so that we could live our self-sufficient dream. But, life happens, government happens and we haven’t been able to get ahead. We want to stop contributing to this society and it’s games. Along this path however, we’ve obtained many skills and studied all aspects off living off-grid. We’ve been lucky enough to get as far as moving out of the usual housing into our Rv. Currently we’re travelling around the U.S. for Stones work.
We’ve known that we wanted to live with other earth-minded people for a very long time now. We’re hoping to find a community with other kids so our girls can have a healthy social life as well. So, we’re putting our “feelers” out here to see if there are any co-ops already started or people looking to start that would like a couple hard working down-to-earth people. We are all physically fit and in perfect health. We are vegans mostly Raw and are spiritually in-tuned. Stone is a green electrician (AC/DC, solar power, generators), he has knowledge and experience with all types of construction, gray water/filtration systems, composting, organic gardening, growing a variety of gourmet mushrooms (organically), overall very mechanically minded. I on the other hand also love gardening naturally, composting, sewing, crocheting making our own detergents and cleaners, canning veggies, cooking but I prefer preparing raw meals and I love building anything and generally working hard. We both have been studying permaculture, at home herbal remedies, Raw food, and spiritually.

Currently we’re headed to Wisconsin for work, but we are willing to go pretty much anywhere when we find the right people/place. Our dream is to live and share love harmoniously with nature and good people. We want to teach our children love, compassion, how to live peacefully within nature and how to live life purposefully.
Looking forward to communicating with you all, Sending lots of love, Namaste[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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